Nick Bosa: Cowboys tackles are definitely beatable

NFL: JAN 09 49ers at Rams
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Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith was back to full practice participation on Thursday and that puts him on track to play against the 49ers on Sunday.

That prospect is not an overly daunting one for 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. Bosa said that Smith has been one of “the best tackles in the league for a long time” along with his Niners teammate Trent Williams, but he thinks that he and his teammates will be able to get past Smith and right tackle La'el Collins when the Cowboys want to pass this weekend.

“They are definitely beatable,” Bosa said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of “There’s tape on them getting beat and we’re trying to do the same but they’ve definitely been in and out of the lineup this year and the past years so just game plan is to make them work.”

The Cowboys allowed 33 sacks during the regular season while Bosa recorded 15.5 in a strong rebound from a 2020 torn ACL. If he’s right about the Cowboys tackles, he’ll have a good chance of adding to that total and helping the 49ers get a win in Dallas.

15 responses to “Nick Bosa: Cowboys tackles are definitely beatable

  1. I don’t see any point to him calling out the opponent right before a game. As their coach I would be mad. You should only talk up your opponents and then crush them.

  2. Bosa 2nd best edge in the league this year behind Watt. If it weren’t for Burrow he would be the CPOY

  3. I just don’t understand why players say things like this BEFORE a game is played. How does it help you? If anything, it motivated your opponent a little more.

  4. Conversely, Bosa is “definitely blockable”, as there is tape (e.g. 15 career games without a sack in 35 total games played) of him getting largely shut down too. That’s how football works. But just as Bosa is far from easy to shut down, it’s generally far from easy to beat the two Dallas tackles too. That’s what really matters.

  5. Biased much? Listening to this commentary, the Cowboys shouldn’t even bother showing up. They have no shot of beating the offensive juggernaut that is the 49’ers!

  6. Yes, the Cowboys would’ve taken it easy on the 49ers if only Nick Bosa didn’t make that comment. They weren’t really motivated to win, but they sure are now! Mike McCarthy has sent this quote to a Wi-Fi printer from his iPad Pro so he can plaster it up on that vaunted bulletin board.

  7. Bosa has good press conferences. He really gives no effs. He’s a straight shooter and quite funny actually. He saw the tape and commented on the tape. If that makes the Dallas tackles and the Cowboys as a team mad, good. The BS stops when the green flag drops

  8. Lawrence Taylor, Charles Haley talked craps about their opponents before and after the game, and they couldn’t do anything.

  9. Takes 3 guys to block Bosa. That’s why Armstead, Key and Ebukam show up at the sack buffet.

  10. Bosa brothers both first team all-mouth. Hopefully Nicky will join Joey on the couch after this week.

  11. Bulletin board material shouldn’t be the cause for motivation. Win or go home should be the only motivation for everyone.

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