Nick Caserio: No more clarity on Deshaun Watson situation

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The Texans made it through an entire season without playing, or trading, quarterback Deshaun Watson. As the 2022 offseason begins, Watson’s status once again moves to the front burner of NFL issues.

G.M. Nick Caserio was asked on Friday for an update as to Watson.

“I think there is going to be a number of things that we talk about during the offseason,” Caserio told reporters. “That particular situation, I don’t think there’s any more clarity today than there was here previously, but we’re going to work through it. Ultimately, we’re going to do what we feel is best for the organization.”

Of course they’re going to do what they feel is best for the organization. Whether they ultimately get the best possible outcome remains to be seen.

The Texans can, in theory, strike a deal now to be finalized on March 16. (Last year, the Rams and Lions did the Stafford-Goff deal on January 30.) That said, the offseason quarterback carousel can’t fully spin until the coaching carousel has finished spinning.

The identity and location of new coaches will make places more or less attracted to or attractive for Watson. Indeed, some think that, if the Texans hire Brian Flores, Watson may choose to stay.

That seems highly unlikely. The relationship between Watson and the Texans went off the rails last year after the Texans promised to involve Watson in the search for a new coach and G.M. and the team failed to consider either of the two coaches he suggested for interviews — Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and 49ers defensive coordinator (now Jets coach) Robert Saleh. Then came Watson’s off-field issues, which quite possibly prompted the Texans to decide to move on from Watson.

Watson ultimately has power over his destination, thanks to his no-trade clause. He’ll possibly have more clarity as to where he’d like to go once the new set of coaches is hired and introduced. Then, even though a trade can’t happen until March 16, the Texans and another team can strike a tentative deal.

Obviously, the off-field issues will continue to hover over the situation. And it will complicate the Texans’ effort to maximize their return for a guy they could have traded last season.

25 responses to “Nick Caserio: No more clarity on Deshaun Watson situation

  1. If I am Watson I try to get to the falcons. Dolphins have you facing Belicheck and the Bills four times a year. The Broncos have the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers. Brady’s on his way out at some point and no one else has a above average QB in the Division.

  2. Theres just no excuse for this to carry on… what a dysfunctional situation by the Texans.

  3. I believe the stumbling block is the 4 women who won’t settle. Any settlement certainly includes dropping criminal charges as well as getting some cash. If the 4 women won’t settle, they are either pushing for a lot more money or they want Watson to face criminal charges. Whether he is found guilty or not guilty, they can still file a civil suit against him. Until this matter is resolved I don’t see Watson going anywhere.

  4. najja6 says:

    If I am Watson I try to get to the falcons. Dolphins have you facing Belicheck and the Bills four times a year.


    You do know Tua is undefeated against Belichick. If Watson is an upgrade he should have even more success.

  5. The problem with a dysfunctional franchise is they don’t think they are. They were hoping to keep Watson until he injected his own dysfunction and the dysfunction in Miami resulted in a dysfunctional trifecta. Film at eleven…

  6. They’ll be paying a coach tens of millions for not coaching, and paying a QB tens of millions for not playing, but they’re doing what’s best for the organization. Ok. Got it. No wonder Deshaun Watson wanted out. He could see the craziness long before the rest of us.

  7. Alright computer GMs…What deal exactly should have been done? The BS deal leaked by Watson’s agent to Glazer that never actually existed? Cut him? Play him? The best and only answer was to always wait until after the case is settled or played out in court when the Texans can optimize their return and the team recieving Watson didn’t have the charges looming over their heads.

  8. If there was a criminal case he would already have been arrested and charged. No grand jury yet tells you this is more smoke than fire. Sounds like he acted inappropriately, but let’s see the actual facts before we tar and feather him

  9. The NFL will eventually make this all go away like they did for Big Ben’s accusers and many other nefarious examples.. Watson gets traded to either the Panthers or Dolphins before the league year starts. Book it Dano!!

  10. For all the people who are saying the deal should already be done, it would be foolish for any team to trade for Watson until the legal situation is resolved. Imagine if you gave up two number one draft picks, and then Watson is charged, and convicted and faces jail time. And in addition to the legal issues, Watson still faces discipline from the league, so how much availability will there be for Watson while he is in his prime? It is frustrating for Texans fans, and fans of teams that might like to trade for him like Denver, Miami or Cleveland, but there really is nothing to do but wait.

  11. redclaw1314 says:
    January 14, 2022 at 5:24 pm
    The league should step up and give some direction on any potential suspension.
    They have nothing to suspend him for until everything is settled.

  12. Dude is a sicko. Watson is the kind of guy who is just dying to be abducted by aliens. This franchise is a complete dumpster fire.

  13. The Texans seems to be run as incompetently as No. 10…

    So maybe after Boris resigns, McNair’ll hire him.

  14. The Texans should’ve cut Watson a long time ago. They’re just throwing away money and leaving a black cloud over the team.

  15. najja6 says:

    If I am Watson I try to get to the falcons. Dolphins have you facing Belicheck and the Bills four times a year.
    Really? Matt Ryan’s dead cap number for next season is $40 million. Now add Watson’s salary.

  16. Watson doesn’t want to pay the settlement amount that the handful of holdouts want him to pay, and it’ll drag out until he does. If he really wanted to play, he’d pay. When he pays, he’ll play.

  17. Watson isn’t going anywhere (except maybe the unemployment line if the Texans get smart enough to just cut him).

    The Texans weren’t any worse with him off the field then when he was on. His contract is WAAYYYYYYYYY out of whack for his ability to WIN important games. He is a legal and reputational hazard to whatever team he is on.

    So if you are a competent GM whose owner isn’t enamored with eye-candy you don’t even think of touching him unless he is a free agent who is available for a non-guaranteed league minimum “prove-to-me-you’ve-changed” contract.

    And if your the Texans and on the hook for his money you might as well just keep him, throw him in there and see if he has learned anything.

  18. He’s trying to settle with 18 women as a serial sex abuser. Guilty.

    Hopefully the remaining 4 victims do not cave and this goes to trial. This creepy monster must be stopped.

    These kinds of people have been proven to be patterned abusers a do not change.

    Arrest, try and convict.

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