No interviews of Jim Harbaugh yet (officially)

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We’re nearly a week into the spinning of the coaching carousel, and there has been no word of any actual interview of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, none of the teams looking for coaches have reported to the league office an interview with Harbaugh. By rule, all interviews must be reported — whether the coach is currently working for another club or not.

As another source explained it, there are three possible explanations. First, Harbaugh is using chatter of potential NFL interest (the Raiders have been the team connected to him most prominently) to leverage a new deal with Michigan. There are indications that such conversations are currently happening. Second, he actually hasn’t interviewed with any NFL teams, yet. Third, he has interviewed but the interview happened “off the books.”

It’s also possible that Harbaugh, through his agents, wants to have a loose understanding as to what the compensation will be before he goes through the motions of interviewing for an NFL job.

Our guess is that Harbaugh currently is giving Michigan a chance to make him an offer that keeps him from soliciting other offers. At some point, however, he’ll need to look elsewhere for the bag that he may not get in Ann Arbor.

He could get it in the NFL. He went 44-19-1 in four years with the 49ers. The eight teams who are looking for coaches could do a lot worse. All of them have, or they wouldn’t currently be looking for a new coach.

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  1. He’s already met with Mark Davis “off the books”. This is the same procedure Davis conducted with Gruden while Del Rio was still on staff. I’d expect Harbaugh to be named HC shortly after the Raiders are eliminated from the playoffs.

  2. I hope he leaves. They made him take a pay cut. Time to make them pay, see how they like winning 3-4 games a season.

  3. Fourth, the Raiders will ask to interview him after their season is over.

  4. He’s 58. And he’s not leaving Michigan to “start from scratch”… again… in the the NFL.

  5. It’s no coincidence that Kaepernick’s record with Harbaugh is 25-14 and without him is 3-16. Imagine what Harbaugh could do if he wasn’t handicapped by the QB.

  6. I don’t get why people say he’s not an NFL caliber coach???? For crying out loud, the Giants alone gave Pat Schurmur, Ben McApoo and Joe Judge the keys to the Cadillac. Obviously Harbaugh would be sought after based on his coaching career with the Niners alone.

  7. A bit shocking there’s no report of Bears asking for an interview. McCaskey has been asking everyone else including the neighbor’s dog so why not Mr. Khaki Pants?

  8. The odds dictate that Harbaugh isn’t not going anywhere. He just hired a veteran coach away from Notre Dame and it is highly unlikely that an experienced coach would hire on to another program without assurances that either the head coach is going to stay or that he will become the next head coach and the latter is highly unlikely. Any perceived dalliances with the NFL are probably geared towards a new contract at Michigan with an average annual salary at least a dollar more than Tucker at MSU.

  9. This entire idea of Harbaugh to the NFL begs the question – does it appear Michigan is doing all it can to hang on to him? And if not, why not?

  10. He’s already signed with Miami. It was done on Monday, now is the smoke and mirrors, then quietly announced over the weekend.

  11. arealisticpackerfan says:
    January 14, 2022 at 10:07 am
    It’s no coincidence that Kaepernick’s record with Harbaugh is 25-14 and without him is 3-16. Imagine what Harbaugh could do if he wasn’t handicapped by the QB.

    Harbaugh voluntarily chose to play Kaep over Alex Smith. If he was handicapped he handicapped himself.

  12. Stephen Ross has already said publicly he has zero interest in hiring Harbaugh away from Michigan . For the many that post here who don’t know Ross is a Michigan grad who’s donated over $300M to the university . So he’s got a vested interest in Michigan which is the reason for the comment he’s not interested in hiring Harbaugh. He thinks it’s best for Michigan to keep Harbaugh around .

  13. Five year $150M to be our GM/HC. Do it Mara. Parcells said its better for the HC to buy the groceries and cook the meal or something like that. We’re at rock bottom. Give him the keys.

  14. 1) He isn’t leaving Michigan
    2) IF he does (which he’s not) he going to the Dolphins to be with Michigan Man Ross and Ross’ $$$.

    If he can take Krapernick to the SB then he can take Two Yard Tua too.

  15. He was a decent coach, but not a great one. He had the best roster in the league for three years, only got to one Super Bowl (which he should have won) and should have gotten to at least one, probably two, more. Some pretty questionable coaching decisions. Good at getting an organization going, but his act wears thin after a few years. (I’m a long-time 49ers fan.)

  16. kneedragr says:
    I hope he leaves. They made him take a pay cut. Time to make them pay, see how they like winning 3-4 games a season.

    I’m no fan of Michigan, however the Wolverines were consistently posting far better than “3-4 (wins) a season” for decades before Jimmy Harbaugh came along, and will likely do so long after he’s gone.
    Harbaugh has underachieved at Michigan. Prior to this season he could never win the most important games, and worse – especially as far as alumni are concerned — couldn’t beat Ohio State (usually got blown out), and rarely bested Michigan State.
    In 2021 Harbaugh finally had one season in which his top players put it all together, some breaks wenttheir way, and Ohio State was clearly not as good as it’s ranking. But the Wolverines were exposed in the playoff, and many of this season’s top contributors are now gone.
    To even hint that Harbaugh was somehow been done wrong by Michigan and should punish the school by leaving is laughable. Considering the historical emphasis/obsession with footall in Ann Arbor he’s lucky they didn’t dump instead of asking for a pay cut, and likely would have if he weren’t a popular alumni.

  17. All of the NIL stuff and transfer rules have made the college game really messy. As a fan I can say I am less interested than before so I can imagine the headaches it creates for coaches. We used to be able to watch a player grow over 2, 3, 4 years. Now they all transfer to other schools. It really sucks for the non-power schools. A really good player at Colorado or Virginia will go to Bama or UGA rather than stick it out. It’s a shame.

  18. Let’s say the Raiders beat @ Cincinnati. Would not the first playoff win for the Raiders in almost 20 years not give Rich Bisaccia a boost up? He seems to know what he’s doing. And doing it with a ton of distractions and personnel issues (injuries, etc.). Or does he take the rap for Ruggs’ DUI murder? Or Hobbs DUI? Or the injuries. Seems like he’s brought continuity. Team needs better drafts.

  19. I doubt he leaves Michigan, and I don’t think $$ is going to change his mind. He already donated the incentive bonus he earned this year BACK to the Michigan program the year after they reduced his salary. I can’t stand Michigan football or Harbaugh, and I’d love to see him leave them high and dry, but I really don’t think he will. And the Miami owner (also Michigan alum) already specifically publicly said that he’s not hiring Harbaugh away from Michigan, right? I think he’d do well in several of current vacancies, but I suspect he’s leveraging potential interest into getting concessions for the program from Michigan. Same dance that Franklin has done at PSU multiple times already (although Franklin always makes sure to sweeten his own deal in the process).

  20. hicagopacker says:
    January 14, 2022 at 9:37 am
    He’s 58. And he’s not leaving Michigan to “start from scratch”… again… in the the NFL.
    You make it sound like he’s ancient.
    58 is fairly young for an NFL coach.

  21. I wonder if he’s tired of the recruiting thing and babysitting his players all year, which makes college more work than the NFL?

  22. Jim wants a raise from the University of Michigan… I’m guessing one similar to Coach Mel Tucker salary.

  23. Khaki Pants previously used 2 agents, 1 with Stanford & the other with NFL teams – at the same time – before he jumped over to San Francisco.

    “Unusual arrangement…” seems greazy indeed. That’s a tough spot to put the agent that is negotiating your college football contract & giving assurances to that community.

    Today, this looks like a leverage play to capitalize on recent success. However, that pattern is paired with his ability to mask his true intentions.

    So, we’ll see.

  24. Harbaugh is not going anywhere. Why would he? He already has his dream job. Unless Davis is going to pay $20 million a year, even then I still doubt it.

  25. When you take an NFL job most of the time the team that wants the new hire sucks.
    One place where the team doesn’t suck is the Raiders but another is Miami. Denver and Minnesota are two others.

    I still think the Bears are a contender given his history there.

  26. If he was only the coach for a short period he could take the Vikings with these same players and take them to a NFCCG in his first year. He’s done it before and he will probably do it again.

  27. Jim Harbaugh isn’t leaving Michigan. He loves Michigan and he’s not worried about money. Jim was asked about his contract at Michigan during the lead-up to the Georgia game and he said that he’d Coach the UofM Football team “for free.”

    He was serious, he said he’s honored to be there, loves it there, and would Coach there for free. That says a lot. When has Saban ever said that? When has Lincoln Riley ever said that? When has any high profile Coach ever said that? Never.

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