Rams downplay Matthew Stafford’s lack of playoff success

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford entered the NFL in 2009. And he has never won a playoff game. That lack of postseason success looms over the Rams as a wild-card game at SoFi Stadium approaches.

Does Stafford need to prove he can win a playoff game?

“No,” coach Sean McVay role reporters on Thursday. “He has an established resume. That’s something that you want to be able to do, but he was instrumental in leading us to our first division title that we’ve had since 2018. That’s a big deal, but now it’s the next step. His body of work speaks for itself, and I don’t think you can just confine it into, ‘Oh, he hasn’t won a playoff game.'”

But he still hasn’t. Does Stafford feel pressure to do so?

“Every time I step on the field, I’m proving myself,” Stafford told reporters, “whether it’s a preseason game, a regular-season game, practice, a playoff game. I want to go out there and play well. This is just another opportunity to do that. This is a team game. There is no question. But at the same time, do I know that when the quarterback plays a good game, you got a better chance to win the game? Absolutely. So I’m always trying to go out there and play as good of football as I possibly can to help our team win. . . . If you step on the football field, and you don’t feel pressure to go out there and perform, then something’s wrong with you in my opinion. It’s positive pressure that I put on myself to go out there and help our team win.”

In L.A., Stafford has more help when it comes to helping his team win.

“We got all the pieces,” linebacker Von Miller told reporters on Thursday, “coaching wise, player wise, personnel wise, all over the facility. I think that’s for all of us. I don’t think it’s just for Matthew Stafford. I think it’s for all of us. [G.M. Les Snead has] assembled a Super Bowl team and we just want to go out there and play and get it done. We got a great team, we got a great opportunity. Like I said before, I just [have] been praying to God to prepare us for our opportunity whenever it presents itself.”

Still, Stafford has thrown eight interceptions in his last four games. He needs to avoid that in the single-elimination round.

“The standards that he has for himself and one of the things I love the most about this guy is, the first thing he’s going to do is take extreme ownership and accountability for the things he can do better,” McVay said. “There’s an occupational hazard on some of the turnovers. As a competitor, they certainly don’t all fall on him, but the answer is yes. I’m very pleased with him and [I’m] looking forward to playing clean ball in the in the postseason, trusting his teammates, playing the way that he’s capable of. And if he just plays within himself, I trust really good things will happen for this team.”

It starts with the Cardinals coming to town on Monday night. Win and advance. Lose, and end up one level short of where the Rams got last year with Jared Goff at quarterback.

23 responses to “Rams downplay Matthew Stafford’s lack of playoff success

  1. Stafford gonna Stafford.

    He is who he always was just because the helmet changed don’t mean the brain makes better decisions.

  2. Stafford took the LIONS to the Playoffs 3x

    He walked in the moon as far as I’m concerned.

  3. When you spend the majority of your career playing for the Detroit Lions…that should be a good enough reason for lack of success. Besides Calvin Johnson, Mathew Stafford had little to nothing else to help him his whole stint in Detroit. No stability from the ownership and the constant revolving doors with the head coaches and front office will kill a QB.

  4. Hey, the proof will now be in the playoff pudding — no more lack of resource excuses. By the looks of the last few weeks, I think we know the answer, but Stafford can put the issue to rest the next 3 -4 weeks.

  5. This is a great article! And to it’s point my buddy and I made the following bet back in August after considerable debate regarding Matthew Stafford’s ability or lack thereof.
    It’s been a wild ride following this bet along all season!

    The bet: Can Matthew Stafford win a playoff game this season.

    The payout: As we are both Lions fans; the loser must treat the other to the 2022 Lions Thanksgiving Day game, inclusive of travel, tickets and food & beverage.

    The Stafford Bowl

    In 2009 with the 1st overall pick the Detroit Lions would select Matthew Stafford forever changing the fate of the franchise.

    Little did the Lions know the most impactful moment of Stafford’s career would be after they traded him to the Los Angeles Rams.

    What the Lions organization couldn’t predict was that this selection would lead two longtime fans, who became friends 120.5 miles away from Motown in London, Ontario, to make one unbelievably Made in Detroit bet…..

    On the 1st ever MNF broadcast of NFL playoff football and under the light of the full moon, this Grandaddy of All bets takes centre stage.

    Home to Super Bowl LVI and the National Champion Georgia Bulldogs favourite son, come Monday night at SoFi, who will Matthew deliver a “free ride” down I95?

    Turkey Day 2022 will be epic either way, but someone’s gotta pay?

    Tune in 8:20pm EST on Monday night to find out!

  6. Our offensive line needs to step up and the defense needs to stop the run. Stafford has no problems in games where we can run the ball. Also, in that loss to the Niners, some very conservative play calling in the last two minutes cost us that game. Sony Michel hadn’t been able to do anything all game. 3 straight run plays didn’t accomplish much and didn’t get us a first down, but that’s what McVay always does at the end of a game.

  7. It’s so stupid to say “such and such can’t win a playoff game” when there’s 10 other players on the field with the QB and an entire side of the ball (defense) that they have zero influence on.

  8. Jared Goff has won 2 playoff games. Would anyone in the league rather have him this weekend?

  9. “He has an established resume. That’s something that you want to be able to do, but he was instrumental in leading us to our first division title that we’ve had since 2018. That’s a big deal, but now it’s the next step. His body of work speaks for itself, and I don’t think you can just confine it into, ‘Oh, he hasn’t won a playoff game.’”


    Let’s be honest Sean. The Rams backed into the division title when the Cards lost 4 of their last 5 games. Stafford’s averaging 2 INTs/Game over the last month, leads the league in INTS, and leads the league in pick 6s. Other than that, things are going great.

    He’s not quite Carson Wentz but the potential is there.

  10. Stafford is at his best when he is playing up-tempo, reacting and not thinking. If the Rams lose, one thing I know for certain is that it won’t be because of Stafford.

  11. What does Les Snead to to Stan Kroneke Tuesday morning when the Rams are one and done after mortgaging everything for a Super Bowl this year? “Sorry Stan?”

  12. Last time I checked football was a team sport. I wouldn’t say the defense did anyone any favors in the loss to the 49ers.

  13. Stafford isn’t perfect by any means and has his WTF moments. After watching about 12 Rams games this year, it seems like when he struggles McVay isn’t really playing to Stafford’s strengths. McVay seems like he gets into home run or bust mode.

    Also, the Rams don’t have a good 50/50 ball receiver for deep balls. That’s where a lot of these interception come from. Their receivers just kinda watch the corner react and go for the ball, rather than try and compete for the ball. See OBJ against SF.

  14. Didn’t Stafford start the year off hot, and he looked pretty good? I don’t know, I wouldn’t exactly count the Rams out.

  15. So many excuses for Stafford. He’s been in the league for a decade already. He needs a win this weekend.
    Baker Mayfield has a win in the playoffs. And hes with the Browns

  16. Stafford can bring his A game as long as the other players and coaches bring Thiers. No more empty back sets on 3rd and one. No dropped passes , no missed tackles like you had in the second half of the 49ers game. Some better O line protection and Stafford will win Mondays playoff game.

  17. Stafford went 2-5 against teams with a winning record but now he will beat playoff teams? When your coach says all he has to do is play within himself ? Well that’s been his problem the last five years and we saw that on the final interception last week when there was no hurry to chuck it deep. Can’t wait for kellys podcast tomorrow after yet another pick six when she calls out Obj for making Matthew look bad and that none of this three picks were his fault

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