Texans’ claim of “philosophical differences” with David Culley makes no sense

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The Texans, after four careful days of discussions and evaluation (sure, Jan), decided to fire coach David Culley. Later today, G.M. Nick Caserio will attempt to keep a straight face when explaining the supposed reasons for the decision.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Caserio said that he “came to this difficult but necessary decision after reviewing our football operation,” and that the team and Culley “had philosophical differences over the long-term direction and vision for our program moving forward.”

Philosophical differences? Baloney. Culley, whose ship finally came in after decades in coaching, was in no position to take a stand on anything. He’s the last guy who was going to draw a line in the sand, leveraging his (checks notes) four wins into a power play. He allowed himself to be micromanaged all year long. Why would he be saying other than “OK” regarding whatever Caserio wants to do?

We’ve seen flashes of self-serving spin that has been pushed by the team to employees of the media conglomerate the Texans partially own regarding the philosophical differences. We’re not even going to mention them here. It’s crap. It’s bunk.

They hired Culley to hold the job for a year, and then to fire him. They can’t even get the story straight as to how much he gets paid to walk away, with different reporters pushing different figures, ranging from one year to four years.

But, hey, at least they posted a heartfelt and genuine “thank you” to Culley on social media.

Yes, “thank you, Coach Culley.” Thank you, for playing along with our ruse to hire you only to fire you after a year, because we didn’t want to saddle a competent coach with a disastrous roster under the lingering shadow of Deshaun Watson‘s discontent.

Thank you, Coach Culley. Now please gather your personal effects and vacate the premises for good.

19 responses to “Texans’ claim of “philosophical differences” with David Culley makes no sense

  1. The philosophical differences between Culley and the Texans organization is that he actually showed signs of possibly being a competent football person and that sort of behavior / attitude isn’t going to fly in Houston.

  2. Maybe he isn’t “Christian” enough for ownership/GM? Isn’t that one of the criterion they openly discussed when they hired him? Geesh.

  3. Let’s not act like David Cully did a great job. That team was bad. I believe he was a 1 year placeholder all along. Once they get Deshaun out of town a real coach will come to Houston.

  4. Let’s save our tears for Coach Cully. I read that this 1-year gig — with the following 2 years guaranteed — walks away with $22 million. He will be fine.

  5. Why is this corporate behavior acceptable? Why is there no protection from arbitrary executive sabotage which displaces all cause and accountability onto persons like Culley?

  6. Trash organization, nobody wanted the job last year and Culley was the only person that checked all the boxes. They needed a fall guy, NOBODY wants the job this time either. This could be a total debacle.

  7. In my mid 60’s can someone anyone please give me $22 million for a year’s work. You may fire and disrespect all you want. I will just grab another cold one in my new home on the beach, with 5 big screens to watch the games on.

  8. mpcny says:
    January 14, 2022 at 11:28 am
    In my mid 60’s can someone anyone please give me $22 million for a year’s work. You may fire and disrespect all you want. I will just grab another cold one in my new home on the beach, with 5 big screens to watch the games on.

    For $22 mill, I’d stay for 2 seasons.

  9. This makes absolutely no sense. Does anyone think Culleys philosophy overall changed in a year? No chance. When he was hired, everone knew that he would only be there 1 or 2 years. This was expedited when Brian Flores was fired. To call it philosophical differences but say youre changing the “culture” in the building by giving a chaplain (Jack Easterby) a role in football when he has absolutely NO football experience- is hypocritical

  10. So after cully being fired. Mike Tomlin is the only black head coach in the nfl.
    Something is off here dont you think

  11. If Cully’s contract, was as good as Joe Judge, maybe he wouldn’t be quite that disappointed

  12. Caserio’s only NFL experience is with the Patriots. Why do teams keep thinking that anyone in the front office other than Belichick has anything to do with the success of that organization? His job in New England was to do what BB said and collect his rings. That’s a tough model to apply to a new team.

  13. I don’t think the line was a lie at all. Philosophically, Culley had a vision of the program growing…with head coach David Culley. Meanwhile, the rest of the organization has a vision of…someone else. Bingo, we’ve reconciled the quote and the logic!

  14. I have a grudging respect for people who buy tickets to Texan’s home games. They must really love the sport of football because I can’t see how anyone would feel good about rooting for the Texans.

  15. I think the key philosophical difference is that Caserio wanted to move on from Tim Kelly and Culley didn’t.

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