Bengals end long playoff drought with 26-19 win over Raiders

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
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It took them 31 years, but the Bengals can once again call themselves winners of a playoff game.

Joe Burrow threw two touchdown passes in the first half and the Bengals defense held the Raiders to field goals in the second half of a 26-19 win. The Bengals last won a playoff game on January 6, 1991 when Boomer Esiason threw two touchdowns in a win over the Oilers.

Esiason once took the Bengals to a Super Bowl and Saturday’s playoff game likely gave some of the team’s fans dreams of another trip with Burrow and wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase leading the way. Chase had nine catches for 116 yards and three carries for 23 yards to continue his remarkable rookie season. Burrow was 24-of-34 for 244 yards in his postseason debut and tight end C.J. Uzomah chipped in with six catches for 63 yards and a touchdown.

The last of Uzomah’s catches came on a third down just before the two minute warning, but he was stopped short of a first down and that meant the Raiders would get the ball back one more time. Derek Carr found Josh Jacobs for 15 yards on first down and Bengals defensive end Khalid Kareem was flagged for roughing the passer to move the ball all the way to the Raiders’ 35-yard-line.

Defensive tackle B.J. Hill came up with a sack a couple of plays later, but Carr and tight end Darren Waller hooked up for a 23-yard gain to keep hopes alive. Another first down came on a completion to Zay Jones and the Raiders had three shots from the nine after spiking the ball with 29 seconds left. Safety Jessie Bates broke up one pass and Carr fired wide to Hunter Renfrow to set up a final fourth down chance. Linebacker Germaine Pratt intercepted Carr’s pass at the goal line to end the game.

The Raiders were playing from behind after Uzomah’s first quarter touchdown was followed up by a lost fumble by quarterback Derek Carr on a Trey Hendrickson sack. They fell further behind when Burrow hit Tyler Boyd for a touchdown on a play that should have been dead after an official erroneously blew his whistle. The play should have been run again, but referee Jerome Boger’s crew botched the call and no assistance came from New York to ensure proper application of the rules.

Las Vegas was able to drive the ball inside the red zone twice in the fourth quarter, but a penalty forced one field goal and Carr’s third-down pass went off defensive end Sam Hubbard‘s helmet for an incompletion led to another one.

Carr was 29-of-54 for 310 yards and a touchdown in his postseason debut. Josh Jacobs ran 13 times for 83 yards and caught three passes for 29 yards, but had other good gains wiped out by a series of costly penalties by the Raiders offense. Those miscues helped bring an end to their season and we’ll now wait to see what that means for interim head coach Rich Bisaccia’s future with the team.

The Bengals will be waiting to find out who and where they will be playing next weekend because their playoff journey will last at least one more week.

65 responses to “Bengals end long playoff drought with 26-19 win over Raiders

  1. I looked up the term “one-and-done” in the online dictionary. There was a picture of the Raiders.

  2. Good rally by raiders, but first half mistakes cost us. Lots of good pieces to build around. A lot of adversity was overcome. Bring the gang back and let’s go for it again!

  3. The Raiders are not far off from being a super bowl contender. Their defense is pretty good.

  4. GG Bengals Fans, i can only be so mad about the TD call after the whistle, not sure i even fully understand the rule. Rest of the penalties we had were self inflicted and despite that still had a chance to take it into OT with seconds remaining. We fell short but if the Raiders keep Carr theyre only a few pieces from having an unstoppable offense paired with a good defense.

  5. That was an incredible game. Surprised the Raiders couldn’t win on the final drive with the phantom roughing the passer on Cincy turned it into a 30 yard gain.

  6. Good game. Both Carr n Burrow balled. Carr let down by too many penalties making his performance even more impressive. Chase/Burrow amazing combo.

  7. So stupid to waste one of four chances at the end zone with a clock-ball.
    And the receiver needs to be in the end zone on 4th down. Grade school football.

  8. While I had no dog in the fight, the better team won in my opinion. But if I may be allowed to play Captain Obvious for a moment, the Bengals aren’t going far this season.
    Their downfall will be a mediocre and banged-up defense, combined with some occasionally very odd play calling.
    Cincinnati would appear to have a very nice future, however, as do the Raiders is they draft a little better and hang on to Rich Bisaccia. Under the circumstances, what that guy did with this team is nothing short of outstanding.

  9. The Raiders weren’t robbed! The Raiders have nothing to hang their heads about. Great season…especially considering the difficulties they dealt with. I hope the Raiders fans don’t tarnish it with whining over a whistle a half a second too early. Just like Bengals fans should enjoy this win and not worry about the horrible Roughing the Passer call.

  10. Carr just isn’t a franchise QB. But as a Chiefs fan, I hope the raiders keep him. I know he had some missing pieces, but even if he completes the last pass, it’s a turnover in downs. He missed open WR’s all night.

  11. Carr throwing into double coverage on the last play– you had more time what were you doing?

  12. So now do we have to hear raiders fans cry about the erroneous whistle call for the next 20 years just like tuck rule? 🙁

  13. Congrats to the Bengals and their fans.
    Now, I plan to avoid the rest of these comments like the plague, as I already know just what the cacophonous theme is going to be.

  14. When I saw who was going to officiate the game today, I lost hope. A Bogar-officiated game follows no logic or rules, it just meanders aimlessly from bad call to god awful call to “say what”? And he absolutely, positively did not disappoint. That was, without a doubt, the worst officiated playoff game I’ve seen. Both teams benefitted and both teams got royally screwed, but it wasn’t really the teams playing on the game that determined the winner, as is typical of Boger game. How in the living h*** does that idiot Boger continue to get paid to ref games in the NFL, much less draw playoff assignments. This is actually an important question. And if I was rooting for anyone in that game, it was the Bengals.

  15. Great win for the Bengals the refs had your back but my RAIDERS played a horrible game really and in the end penalties, dropped passes, Carr forcing the ball into double coverage, bad clock management, bad play calls, Congrats Bengals!!

  16. Bengals/Zac need to get a killer instinct.Depending on FG’s to win in the second half, while playing not to lose, is whats going to kill them. They have done that all season with a few exceptions. Score score score and score more. Let Joe ball, take shots ALL GAME. Glad they got the first one, but against a better team, I think they lose this one. GO Joe!

  17. Bengals were better than the Raiders from top to bottom surprised it was even close. Congrats on breaking the drought Cindy.

  18. God Leatherwood is awful, cost them 20 yards when Jacobs got to 1. Huge penalties by him

  19. 1 for 1 so far

    Tom Brady says:
    January 13, 2022 at 1:25 pm
    Bills crush Pats 37 – 6 (2 Jones picks)
    Bengals cruise 27 – 13

  20. Can’t believe I’m starting to like these guys a little.
    Good job Bengals. Rep the ACF North.

  21. I don’t care who won either way,a lots going to be talked about the whistle being blown and its a shame, mistakes get made, and someone was going to be on the short end of it no matter what was decided by the officials, but follow the rule book.

    For all those people saying “it should’t matter” as it was so fast, or “the outcome of the play wasn’t effected” because of it, you have given up the right to complain about ANY PI, holding, ball spot, ANYTHING ever again, The rules will never get more simple then, when the whistle blows the play is dead.

  22. The Bengals were gifted a TD, but this one’s on us. We had a chance, but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot with drive-killing penalties. I guess I should be happy that we made the playoffs at all against all odds. Hopefully, we can rebound next season.

  23. If the NFL wants to be in bed with betting then they better get officiating on point !

  24. chloe says:
    January 15, 2022 at 8:01 pm
    Like I said, it gets harder and harder to be a Raiders fan…

    Then don’t be.


  26. I feel the early whistle had no effect on the outcome. Yes, it was early but I think they still complete the pass for a touchdown.

  27. Bengals kick a field goal instead of TD on the inadvertent whistle, all Raiders have to do is kick a field goal to tie at the end. Game goes to overtime.

    Refs change games

  28. The NFL already put out a statement saying they were wrong with the whistle per Field Yates. So do we get to play the game over from that point on? Because it changed the whole game right?

  29. It was another exciting Raider game. The last 8 weeks have been very interesting, starting with the win in Dallas on Thanksgiving to the OT win over the Chargers to get into the playoffs, to this game coming down to the last game. With all the injuries and off the field incidents starting before the season began. The Raiders need another number one WR, improve on the OL and get a few more defensive players, keep the key pieces they currently have in place, stay healthy, and end all the drama, and they are playoff bound next year.

  30. And let the off season chest beating by Raider Nation that the Raiders will win next season’s SB begin! It happens every year.

  31. After all those years, I truly think Carr has finally reached the status of a decent second tier QB.

  32. That’s what the Raiders get for not taking a knee last week. Now maybe Derek can find time to go get his helmet head cut.

  33. Best Bengal QB since Greg Cook/// If he can avoid the tragedy that befell Greg, Cinncy may yet win a super bowl

  34. Good game. The Bengals are going to have to play better next week if they want to keep advancing. The Raiders played their hearts out, showed a lot of resiliency, and impressed me.

  35. With the Raiders losing, and currently the Pata being boatraced, all We needs is a mediocre Dallas loss tomorrow for a hell of a win for America.

  36. Derek Carr and his perm need to go elsewhere. The Raiders aren’t winning anything with him at QB.

  37. The Raiders had their chances, but couldn’t finish.

    Better to go one and done than to just be done like LA’s 2nd team.

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