Bills dominate Patriots 47-17 to open playoff run

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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A split in the regular season meant that Saturday night’s game would determine the winner of the season series between the Bills and Patriots, but the Bills weren’t interested in keeping things interesting this time around.

The Bills scored touchdowns the first seven times they had the ball against a Patriots offense that had no clue how to stop a Bills attack led by quarterback Josh Allen. The result was a 47-17 Bills win that guarantees them at least one more playoff game.

Should the Chiefs win on Sunday night, Buffalo will be in Arrowhead Stadium. If the Steelers pull off an upset, the Bills will be back at home to face the Bengals.

The 47 points are the most that the Patriots have given up in any game since Bill Belichick became their head coach and the 30-point margin of victory is the second-biggest by any Patriots opponent during his time with the team. The Bills churned up 484 yards and got just about everybody involved in the fun, including backup offensive lineman Tommy Doyle.

Doyle caught Allen’s fifth touchdown pass of the night after reporting as eligible for a play on the one-yard-line. It came after tight end Dawson Knox went down just short of his third touchdown catch of the game and left Allen with 21 completions in 25 attempts for 308 yards on the night. Doyle was the ninth receiver to catch a pass from Allen.

Running back Devin Singletary added 16 carries for 81 yards and two touchdowns. Allen also ran for 66 yards as the Bills showed they could move the ball at will against the Patriots over the entire evening.

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones moved the team well on its opening drive, but he got picked off by Bills safety Micah Hyde in the end zone and the rest of the first half was tough sledding for the Patriots. The rookie wound up 24-of-38 for 232 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in his playoff debut. It wasn’t a sparkling performance, but he would have had to have been nearly perfect in order to keep up with what Buffalo was doing to the Patriots defense.

Figuring out a way to stop that kind of onslaught figures to be a big part of the Patriots offseason plans because it is clear that the Bills are the top dogs in the AFC East at the moment. Next weekend will provide more of an idea about where they rank in the AFC, but Saturday’s offensive performance was one that will be tough for any team to stop.

101 responses to “Bills dominate Patriots 47-17 to open playoff run

  1. Points I made before this season started:
    #1, Belichick was a garbage on offense.
    #2, his defense was a PAPER TIGER.
    #3, It was Brady’s system they tried to implement, a system that even Peyton and Rodgers couldn’t command.
    #4, the long Belichick stays, the more he will be exposed.
    Do Pats still have money to sign a great WR who is great at GETTING BEHIND DEFENDERS?

  2. There have been a lot of cool Pats fans on here this season. I’ve really enjoyed the banter, and your team certainly has nothing to prove. What the Bills did to the Pats tonight, your team has done countless times.

    This was the win that Bills fans needed. I don’t think many other fanbases know how long 20 years is to have something so one-sided. It needs something dramatic to flip the script.

    What a night.

  3. My team came out flat and got nothing going. The first interception took the wind out of their sales. For the rest of the game, the Pats looked like they would have rather been curled up in bed under a heating blanket than out on the field.

  4. That was extremely generous of the league to give Buffalo a tune up game before the actual playoffs start

  5. Worst thumping of a Belichick coached playoff team since the Ravens won 33-14 in 2009/10 …

  6. Pats defense allowed TD’s on all 7 drives before the kneel downs, and haven’t forced a punt in 8 straight quarters against the Bills. Time to clean house. Didn’t learn a ton about Mac tonight, as no quarterback in the history of the game could have overcome this team’s defensive performance. Hats off to the Bills, see you next year.

  7. Allen is gonna be a nightmare to handle for a long time. Great game Bills! Cheering for you the rest of the way.

    Win it all! It’s your time now.
    – Pats fan

  8. This defensive game plan by Belichick will be burned.
    McDermott really coached a great game.
    Really surprising to see Bill Belichick humiliated.

  9. As Patriots coach, BB is now 33-33 without Brady (’00, ’08. ’20, ’21) with one embarrassing playoff appearance.

    He has now lost to Buffalo more times in the last two years than Brady had in the previous 20.

    Brady. It was always Brady.

  10. Remember when the Patriots went on their 7 game winning streak and most people in this site was calling Mac Jones the next coming of Tom Brady. Winning in the playoffs is a lot different than beating the Giants, Jets and Carolina.

  11. Hey Agholor next time your QB throws you a dime for a TD in the end zone, maybe jump up and catch the ball. Just a thought.

  12. Damn! This is the first NFL game I’ve ever seen where “garbage time” started in the second quarter! Congrats, Pattie’s!

  13. Garbage time stats really. He did make some nice throws but he’s not ready to carry his team.

  14. 230 million guaranteed got the Pats 3 more wins in a season that had an extra game. Lost 4 of final 5.
    Not sure BK is doing that again.

  15. The rest of the league that the Pats put 50 on over the years are going to bed with a smile on their face.

  16. Sorry, forgot about the Browns being Browns for Belichick in the 1994/95 playoffs against Blitzburgh.

  17. Whupping. That must have felt pretty good Bills fans. Congratulations. I’ve got no trouble rooting for the Bills here on out. Pats headed in the right direction. See you next year.

  18. Odds are looking Good that the AFC may actually have an interesting team to Represent them in Super Bowl…. Bengals; Bills or Titans would make it exciting!
    out with the tired, old repeat and in with the new!

  19. Belichick might want to consider retiring. He’s facing years of frustration and more than likely will never win another SB.

  20. Not a Bills fan but this was so sweet. Two years after Brady’s departure all events keep showing Belichick to be massively overrated as a talent evaluator and a coach. While Mac may turn out to be a pretty good QB but he has a low ceiling. He’ll not lose the game for Pats but he won’t be the reason for their wins either. Having picked him in the first round means Pats will forever be in 2nd to 4th place in AFC E looking up to the Bills.

  21. Best part of the game was near the end.. King Allen did the “McCorkle” shuffle!!!!!!!. Now a Allen Fan!!!!!

  22. This is the kind of humiliating defeat that will hang over the Patriots next year. Nobody on the Patriots sideline has looked like a genius for the last month or so and even less so today.

    The further they move away from the Brady years the more the mystique disappears.

  23. Bills played well and deserved the win. The int by Hyde in the end zone was an early death blow to the Pats and Allen was a beast, although he better protect himself or his season could end early. Jones is young but given time and NFL experience, he’ll get better and will be a force to be reckoned with.

  24. Unfortunately Mac hit a wall, defense couldn’t get off the field, and the Bills dominated. Can’t say I’m surprised but I’m hopeful for the future. Go Pats!

  25. “The Bills scored touchdowns the first seven times they had the ball against a Patriots offense that had no clue how to stop a Bills attack led by quarterback Josh Allen.”

    I really question Belichick’s decision here not to try to use the defense to stop Josh Allen.

  26. I was at the game and it was absolutely glorious. The Patriots owned us for 20 years. Credit to them for that, they earned it, but now it’s our time. And revenge is a dish best served cold. Allen will win at least one superbowl in this decade, possibly several.

  27. As bad as the whole game was from the Patriots standpoint, the play I thought that was the worst was their mid 4th quarter punt that Micah Hyde let hit the turf, then picked it up and ran it back into Patriots territory. I assume it was the normally reliable Justin Bethel who slowed down on his approach and put himself in a poor position to contain. Even Slater let himself get played out of position.

    Special Teams needs work. Folk was great and Bailey was fine, but the blocking had execution failures all season and the coverage failed along with the late season losses.

  28. Simms mentioned people don’t understand what they’re seeing in Josh Allen. Agreed. I think he is the greatest football player to ever play the QB position. I did not say the greatest QB. Essentially we are watching Lebron James play QB. The NFL has the best athlete in the world and his name is Josh Allen

  29. On that night, in that stadium, they’d have dominated any team in the NFL. I can’t recall a whooping like that in the Belichick era. Congratulations Bills, and Josh Allen just got over a massive hump.

  30. Back before the 2018 draft, I said that Josh Allen was the top QB of the draft and everyone thought that it was a joke. Outside of Lamar, it’s not a debate.

  31. Simply embarrassing. What a pathetic defensive performance by NE. Appears that the AFC has a new top dog. So much for BB taking away what the opposition does best.

  32. It’s great to see Buffalo run up the score on Belichick just as he did to the Jets and Jaguars while still passing in the fourth quarter. He’s not a great coach, but was lucky to have the best quarterback on his team for 20 years. So much for the Bill vs Brady debate

  33. I think the Patriots peaked at the exact moment JC Jackson announced that the Patriots “have the most elite defense” somewhere around week nine.

    Last night was embarrassing. It was hard to watch.

    But congrats to the Bills fans. The Bills defense was ready. Coaching was effective. And Josh Allen continues to look like the best player-of any position- in football.

  34. A predictable outcome, the Pats have flattered to deceive as has Mac Jones, all season they’ve relied on the defence and I said months ago, you can’t keep winning just relying on your defence! The Pats were poor offensively all season and Mac Jones falls apart in the red zone and clutch situations.

  35. Buffalo imposed their will right from the kickoff of this game. The Patriots had no chance. Hats off to the Bills is about all that you can say.

  36. Kind of saw this one coming. NE just isn’t a good team yet. But they’re closer than I thought they’d be in the preseason. The kid at QB is the real deal (and worth sinking some money into a real slot receiver, somebody who can get open quickly). Lots to build on. Meanwhile, Buffalo, don’t “savor this one for a while.” You’ve got more work to do.

  37. I wrote here that, as a Pats fan, I would swap Mac Jones with Josh Allen in a heart beat. People attacked me as a know-nothing mo.ron . I think Mac Jones is above average. Happy to have him.
    Mac Jones played a full college season and playoff, the combine, draft auditions, then pre-season competition against Can Newton. By the 12th game (college season length), Mac Jones, without a NFL body, just simply ran out of gas. His perfectionist mentality did not help. He will last longer next season.

  38. Mac did well on his first season, better than Josh Allen’s first two. The Patriots will rebound.

  39. Mac did well on his first season, better than Josh Allen’s first two. The Patriots will rebound.

    He’s never getting to Allen’s level…

  40. The Bills sure looked “Super”. If they can continue to play with the intensity they did last night, I don’t see anyone beating them. The Patriots still had a great season and I believe Mac Jones will continue to get better. It’s tough for a rookie quarterback to have a playoff game on the road against the #1 ranked defense. Enjoy Bills Mafia!!

  41. The Bills sure looked “Super”. If they can continue to play with the intensity they did last night, I don’t see anyone beating them. The Patriots still had a great season and I believe Mac Jones will continue to get better. It’s tough for a rookie quarterback to have to win a playoff game on the road against the #1 ranked defense. Enjoy Bills Mafia!!

  42. Either the Bills are that GOOD or the Pats were that bad last night!
    I will assume the Bills are for real at this point!

  43. Congrats to the Bills. They came out and played with intensity and executed for all 48 minutes. The Patriots were simply outmatched. These two teams are at different points in their maturation processes, as the Bills are trying to go from “really good” to “great,” and the Patriots spent this year trying build up from “mediocre” to “pretty good.” The Bills are certainly on their way to achieving that transition, and even if Pats fans might have a hard time realizing it, they are trending in the right direction as well.

    As a Patriots fan I would have loved to have seen an upset, but this current squad was not a SB team– not by a long shot. When the season started I hoped they could at least finish above .500 and maybe sniff around for a playoff spot. They took both those steps, and now they’ve got a direction and base to build on moving forward. If this is an “off year,” for them, I’ll happily take it.

  44. Proud of the team for giving us fans an exciting season. They just didnt have it the Bill’s were the better ball club last night hats off see you again real soon.

  45. Packers fans got a look into the post Rodgers future with that game. It will happen to them too.

  46. I’m a Chiefs fan with no dog in this fight, and I am certainly no Pats fan, having said that you might consider how incredible their dominance of the league has been for 20 plus years. Never having a high draft pick yet still, even this year staying relevant. Last night may have been the most dominate performance I’ve ever seen and frankly if my Chiefs can get by Pittsburg they certainly should be the underdog against the Bills. But Bills fans you might want to show you can sustain this for a few years before proclaiming yourselves the greatest team ever and the Pats a joke. But damn that performance was utterly amazing!

  47. They just need a lineman or 2, a couple linebackers, a couple DBs…… I’m sure genius Bill will just whip that right up

  48. How the mighty have fallen. Just a few weeks ago the Pats were # 2 in the power rankings. I didn’t believe it then.

  49. Not exactly how a team hopes to end their season but what a beautiful sight,the Pats and coach B getting couldnt happen to a better bunch.

  50. doomsdaydefensetx says:
    January 15, 2022 at 11:17 pm
    Shocked by Jones performance
    Shocked by the rookie QB, but not the defense? 0 sacks, 0 TFL, O Ints… I suppose BB was caught playing checkers while the Bills were playing chess (flip the script on what Pat fans have always said).

  51. Mac Jones has no fingerprints on this defeat. He was playing QB for a team that suffered the worst defensive performance in football history. Really we can’t honestly evaluate his performance last night.

    Admittedly there are the intangibles. Brady’s leadership obviously bleeds over into every position on the field and players don’t want to let down the General MacArthur of QBs. I think Mac is going to work out fine but it will take a few years to happen.

  52. IT’s always a mistake to judge a team by one game, but what an epic beatdown.

    The Bills look unstoppable…but were the Bills that good, or were the Pats that horrible? The Pats defense looked as if they wanted the BIlls to have open players.

  53. As a longtime Patriot fan, I find myself in a strange place. Given previous Patriot rivals like Denver, Indy and the Ravens, I hoped they would all lose quickly after beating the Patriots in the playoffs. But even with the Bills being in the division, I can now root for them, at least until they face the Bucs in the SB.

  54. jg2040 says:
    January 15, 2022 at 11:57 pm

    Remember when the Patriots went on their 7 game winning streak and most people in this site was calling Mac Jones the next coming of Tom Brady. Winning in the playoffs is a lot different than beating the Giants, Jets and Carolina.

    Exactly! When the Dolphins won 7 straight it was “easy Schedule”, same for the Patsies. Except they got pounded by the Bills and the Dolphins swept them. Its’ over for the Pats. They bought every FA they could and have Mac Jones (Stidham 2.0) and still couldn’t win without Brady. Congrats to Buffalo!

  55. When one team plays great….and the opponent stinks up the field, you end up with a score like 47-17.

    IT was like watching a NFL team play a high school team.

  56. A couple of observations from a non-AFCE fan. First, I’ve never seen a Belichick defense look so bad, unprepared, and quite frankly indifferent on the field. Not sure if that’s on the players, the odd Steve Belichick/ Mayo pairing, or Bill himself. He’s the GOAT coach so it’s hard to criticize him, but that performance last night was flat out embarrassing. Second, the Patriots are going to be a solid football team. Mac Jones is very good. How good, who knows. But their offense is balanced and Mac will only get better. They need DBs and ILBs because they are slow at those positions. Last, if anyone remotely thinks Lamar Jackson is better than Josh Allen, you are insane. Josh Allen is a total stud who can throw the ball. He’s every bit as athletic as Lamar, but is a pass-first QB with accuracy. He just happens to be an incredible athlete too so putting that combination together is borderline unstoppable for a defensive scheme. It makes Lamar look like a high school RB who takes every snap and is asked to try to throw the ball a few times just to try to confuse the other team. Allen is 10x the QB Lamar is.

  57. I’ll admit as a patriots fan this was the worst loss I’ve seen in a long time but I’ll also admit is that the bills definitely deserve to win that game last night. they beat us in all three phases of the game and the patriots had no answers on how to stop them. I think it’s time the patriots clean house completely p, overhaul that defense and get faster LBs. that seven game win streak they went on seems like a distant memory now.Mac Jones is not the problem it’s the coaching staff that failed to make the adjustments that they needed to stop the bills. I’ve seen a lot in the last 20-25 years and I wouldn’t mind the Buffalo Bills representing the AFC in the Super Bowl because they deserve it, they waited a long time and now it looks like the fans are going to be rewarded so enjoy it buffalo you earned it

  58. One thing Belichick will not tolerate is bad coaching. The defensive coordinator will be fired tomorrow. Goodbye and good luck Steve Belichick! Oh wait.

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