Brian Daboll, Leslie Frazier set to interview with Bears, Dolphins Sunday

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will be working together to try to beat the Patriots on Saturday night, but they’ll be competing with each other on Sunday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that both men are set for a pair of head coaching interviews after the team completes its Wild Card round game. The Bears and Dolphins are the teams that will be meeting with the two Buffalo coordinators.

Daboll was Miami’s offensive coordinator in 2017 and he also worked with Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa when he was Alabama’s offensive coordinator in 2017.

Bills assistant G.M. Joe Schoen is also set to interview with the Bears on Sunday. He’s interviewed with the Giants as well.

9 responses to “Brian Daboll, Leslie Frazier set to interview with Bears, Dolphins Sunday

  1. As a Bills fan, this really upsets me. I hate the fact that coaches are thinking about interviewing when then should be prepping for the game. I don’t care what anyone says – if you’ve got an interview for a HC job you’ll being doing some amount of prep the week before.

    Why can’t the NFL just make teams wait until after the Super Bowl?

  2. I don’t understand how its fair for a team to play an entire year and then with their most important games coming their coaches are interviewing for other jobs, which requires preparation. And why are teams interviewing coaches when they don’t have a GM?

  3. Curious as to why the Owners elected to allow this type of distraction for playoff coaches. Don’t think it’s one of their better ideas.

  4. These guys should be prepping not interviewing for new jobs. The NFL should make it a rule you cant do that until your team is done for the year. Why rush it?? plenty of time after the season

  5. As much as I wanna care it doesn’t matter whoever gets the job will be gone in 3 year’s anyways

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