Ja’Marr Chase: I don’t think I can be stopped

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase was PFT’s top offensive rookie in the regular season and he showed on Saturday that he isn’t going to have any problem handling the postseason.

Chase caught nine passes for 116 yards and ran three times for 23 yards in Cincinnati’s 26-19 home win over the Raiders. Chase’s first six touches all went for first downs and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow consistently looked his way when the Bengals needed to make a play.

The Raiders didn’t have the right approach to stopping Chase and the wideout said after the game that he isn’t expecting anyone else to find the formula either.

“I don’t think I can be stopped,” Chase said in his postgame press conference.

Evidence is mounting in support of Chase’s position and we’ll find out on Sunday which team will be the next to try to prove him wrong.

25 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase: I don’t think I can be stopped

  1. All his damage was against corners the Raiders literally picked up off the street. He’s a stud but come, he basically did nothing for 2 months outside of 1 game earlier. Again, he’s a beast but it’s proven he isn’t dominating game in and game out.

  2. He can’t, and Tennessee’s secondary will find that out next week.

    Bengals 27, Titans 17.

  3. Not until they start calling opi on you, kinda like how the other LSU WR can push off every play,

  4. Easy kid. Don’t write checks that your team can’t cash. You didn’t win a game. The Bengals did. If anything be thankful you got Joe tossing you dimes.

  5. I just lost every bit of respect I had for him!

    Wait until next season when all the other teams have game tape on him and can properly game plan for him! A lot of players do good their first year only to be average once the other teams can draw up a game plan to stop them.

  6. LOL! Are you guys serious! Wait til next season when they have tape on him??? They have 17 games of tape!!!

    Give the kid credit. He’s legit. Full stop.

  7. Relax dude! Chase had a massive game against the chiefs, sure. But he went against Charvarius Ward who is one of the worst CBS in the NFL.

  8. He and his team did well, they look legit. It’s going to be fun to see how they match up against the Titans, now that they have Henry back.

    The Bills and Chiefs are looking good too. It’ll be interesting to see who takes the AFC this year, it looks to be anybody’s year.

  9. JaMarr Chase pushes off a lot to get separation. The refs need to hone in and call these obvious OPI.

  10. I don’t understand some of these comments about Chase. He had 81 receptions, 1455 yards and 13 touchdowns as a rookie! He’s already elite and will probably get better. Having game tape on him isn’t going to matter much, especially when you have Burrow throwing you the rock. The Bengals have some exciting players and are fun to watch.

  11. He‘s playing like a seasoned veteran with the legs of a young stud. How he kept defenders away from him to create space for his catches was impressive. There are many corners in the league that have enough speed, physicality and savvy to defend him without getting flagged or beaten all the time.
    I‘m impressed.

  12. As long as the refs let him keep pushing defensive backs down while the balls in the air he probably can’t. Officiating in that game was freaking terrible

  13. Is it an LSU thing that wide receivers can only get open when they push off?

    I was super happy to see the Bengals win (although they won’t next week), but Chase and Justin Jefferson push off seemingly on every play.

  14. When you shove a DB on your break you will be wide open.

    When the refs flag OPI you won’t be.

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