Kyle Shanahan thinks Nick Bosa should have been an All-Pro

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On the surface, making or not making the All-Pro team doesn’t mean much, unless of course significant incentives are tied to the designation. At a deeper level, a snub could provide motivation, for example, for any players who will be playing playoff games in the days after the All-Pro team is announced.

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa very well may derive some motivation on Sunday against the Cowboys due to his omission from the All-Pro team.

“I definitely think Bosa should be there,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Friday. “There’s no doubt about that, I don’t think people appreciate how good Bosa is, play-in and play-out. I’ve heard people talk about him for comeback player of the year and every time they say that I can’t believe he hasn’t been mentioned in defensive player of the year. So that was a surprise to me.”

Bosa received five All-Pro votes, putting him at fifth among all edge rushers.

A year after missing most of the season after suffering a Week Two ACL tear, Bosa finished the season with 15.5 sacks, fourth in the league. He had 32 quarterback hits, good for third in the league.

It’s hard to make a stronger case for Bosa as defensive player of the year over T.J. Watt, who tied the single-season sack record of 22.5 in only 15 games. But Bosa is indeed one of the finest pass rushers in football, and Shanahan’s praise will come in handy this offseason, as Bosa likely pursues a second contract similar to if not better than the $27 million per year that his brother Joey has gotten from the Chargers.

More immediately, Bosa can prove voters wrong — and set himself up for a major payday — by wreaking havoc on the Cowboys’ offensive line on Sunday.

9 responses to “Kyle Shanahan thinks Nick Bosa should have been an All-Pro

  1. Bosa’s great. Who knows how great he could have been had SF kept Buckner

    No problem with the All Pro voting, the other guys were deserving.

    Consolation prize of CPOY for Nick is a no-brainer

  2. Shanny will regret those words this off-season when Bosa and his agent toss his “All-Pro” quote around while stiffing the 9ers for mega-millions more in contract negotiations.

  3. I’ve always equated the Bosa brothers with Rob Grinkowski’s career. When healthy,these men give you all-pro pro-bowl production. When you got ‘em,you got ‘em,when you don’t,you don’t. Roll with the punches til they get back.

  4. If you watch these guys actually play football, both Bosa and Deebo Samuel would be top vote getters at their positions. Nobody is a better DE than Bosa, and nobody is a better WR than Samuel. There are some other great players who get voted in and some others getting left off. A lot of the voters only have time to look at stats and read what others are saying. I wouldn’t waste a lot of time worrying. Everyone has an opinion, and they all have different ways of creating that opinion. And Bosa’s contract doesn’t matter. The 49ers have been planning on signing him to a record contract the first day they saw him in pads. Lol. You balance the budget on the other guys, not your HOFers. They already let DeForest Buckner get away. No way Bosa gets away.

  5. Everyone knows that the Bosas each have a nose for where the quarterback is at all times. And each can get nosey into the backfield on any play.

  6. He is incredible– And he should have been Defensive Player Of The Year his rookie year, but nobody wants to vote a rookie for that award.

  7. Bosa is a lot better than his stats show. He often takes a double or triple team, allowing others to get the sack…and he’s fine with that. It just doesn’t show up in the stats.

    As a Niners fan, I think that the way this turned out is good for the Niners. The rejection for all-pro will light a fire in Bosa’s belly…and give im something to prove on Sunday.

  8. Love watching Joey and Nick Bosa play football – they are both terrific. Fingers crossed that my beloved WFT’s Chase Young has a speedy and complete recovery from his knee injury and that he can develop into the level of defensive end attained by his fellow Ohio State alums.

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