Rich Bisaccia: I’ve got enough problems with my job, can’t do officiating too

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
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Raiders interim head coach Rich Bisaccia told NBC at halftime of Saturday’s game against the Bengals that his team had to move past officials failing to stop play after an inadvertent whistle was blown during a play that resulted in a Bengals touchdown.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was rolling toward the sideline as he delivered a pass to Boyd in the end zone. A whistle could be heard as the ball was in the air and rules call for a down to be replayed if an official blows an erroneous whistle during a play.

Bisaccia didn’t have a different take after the game. He called referee Jerome Boger and the rest of the officials “a good crew” and said that there were “a lot of things that went on in the game both ways.”

“I’ve got enough problems with my job, I can’t do the officiating, too,” Bisaccia said.

Bisaccia pinned blame for the loss on not getting more out of scoring opportunities. The Raiders scored one touchdown and kicked four field goals on a day when they needed more trips to the end zone to leave Cincinnati with a win.

42 responses to “Rich Bisaccia: I’ve got enough problems with my job, can’t do officiating too

  1. Bengals fan here… Raiduhs should hire this man. He will lead you to where you want to go.

  2. You were fortunate Cincy didn’t hammer you by 3 touchdowns or more.

    Credit your defense, take the loss like a man.

  3. Burrow nearly crossed the line of scrimmage. Much closer than going out of bounds. Maybe the ref blew on that.

  4. I like Bisaccia. I think he did a good job given the hand that was dealt him. Also, he can’t complain about that touchdown. That was going to be a touchdown before that ref inexplicably blew the whistle on that play. That official better be done calling playoff games.

  5. That whistle really had no outcome on that play. If you watch ans listen the whistle was exactly a half a second before the catch and already beyond the CB hands. That did not change the outcome of the play either way and that is why it was not done over again.

  6. Officials should have to do post game press conferences to explain missed or blown calls.

  7. Raiders only down by a TD, and the refs throw the flags 3 times on on one drive for offensive holding- on the other hand Bengals never had a single one called for holding. The Renfro reception followed by a fumble was another bogus call.

  8. The Bengals were clearly the better team but the Raiders have a lot of character and did hang in there. The Raiders were able to beat the Chargers because they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. Bengals didn’t do that. They played solid the whole game and did exactly what was needed to secure the win.

  9. He also beat the Chargers with the help of referees so he should shut up. A few bogus PI calls really helped him out.

  10. Give me a break raider whinebags, you guys were given a pass on 12 men on the field in a free shot to our quarterback and the flag was picked up.

  11. Refs having too much influence over the outcomes of games is the reason I watched Survivor reruns on Hulu instead of the NFL playoffs. I don’t know if I’ll phase the NFL out of my life completely but I’m at the point where I don’t care about not seeing games anymore and it’s due to the officiating and the fact that NFL HQ doesn’t care about the officiating errors.

  12. If the Raiders don’t make him their HC I’d love to see the Packers to bring him as their special team coach next year.

  13. The Renfroe overturned catch was actually a catch. When he caught the ball, his right foot was on the ground, he took a step with his left, then his right, then the ball was knocked out. Three feet on the ground is a catch

  14. dougx says:
    January 15, 2022 at 9:21 pm
    The Bengals were clearly the better team but the Raiders have a lot of character
    I think you mean “character” not character.

  15. To people saying the whistle had no outcome: you’re missing the point. A rule’s a rule. If a whistle blows erroneously in mid play, the play stops. Period. That didn’t happen. The rules were breeched.

  16. The NFL officially said an inadvertent whistle not enforced by the Refs isn’t reviewable. I think they got it right. Burrows made an awesome play and I’m glad it stood.

  17. Use to watch every minute of football but the game has lost a tremendous amount of integrity…..

  18. Thank you Coach B for getting the Raiders in the playoffs after all the chaos this season. Never thought it would happen after the loss of Gru and the Ruggs tragic car accident. Hope you stay and build on for another playoff run. Props to Mayock too!…Tough loss against the Bengals but we’ll survive.

  19. Why did a a referee blow the whistle? this aint no too short song, according the the rule book, if a whistle is blown, the down should be replayed, no matter what, even if the DB got beat. Bengals played good but also the Raiders shot themselves in the foot, Bengals got a good duo in Burrow and Chase for years to come, but they wont get those breaks all the time

  20. The fact is the Raiders kicked 4 field goals, you need tds to win playoff games on the road.

  21. Funny to see Derek Carr show why he is, and always will be, a middle of the road QB: 4th and goal & your throw only goes to the 3 yd line? Career knucklehead.

  22. Raiders played with alot of heart, that is a reflection of the head coach and team leaders. There is team chemistry on this team with the players and coaching staff. They are a few pieces away from being very good. A true #1 reciever and some upgrades on the O-line and the offense is set. The defense is a few players away also, a shutdown corner would help. Keep the coach and Carr, build around what is there. One of the reasons the Raiders have been so bad for so long is that they have lacked character and continuity as a team, this team has character, lets leave them together and see what happens. That is what separates the great teams the not so great teams.

  23. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    January 15, 2022 at 10:00 pm
    Use to watch every minute of football but the game has lost a tremendous amount of integrity
    I don’t get why so many people are upset that the refs got together and made the right call.

  24. Cmon… are we expecting Cincy to start paying attention to rules?? Enter Pac Man and Burfict.

  25. I don’t get it, he’s complaining about not benefiting from a mistake the refs made by blowing an inadvertent whistle?

  26. It was a good game, tough loss for the Raiders. I don’t know of ANY team that has overcome the adversity they had to deal with and get into the playoffs. Kudos to the Raiders!

    Meanwhile, NE absolutely got DESTROYED by Buffalo, 47-17.

  27. Raiders lost because they stopped themselves, not because of anything the Bengals did. 4 red zone trips 1 touchdown was the story of the game and was a recurring issue all year. I like Carr, but he is a QB that will shun a player if they get under his skin, to the detriment of the team. This is why you constantly seeing him blaming teammates for clock management issues or avoiding DeSean Jackson like the plague instead of utilizing him as the downfield weapon he is. Trade him for draft picks to a team that values character beyond winning, pick up Deshaun Watson and become a Super Bowl contender next year.

  28. Coach Bisaccia handled the question about the whistle call with class and dignity. They may have themselves a keeper….

  29. Rule 7, Section 2(m) of the NFL’s rulebook states that, “When an official sounds his whistle erroneously while the ball is still in play, the ball becomes dead immediately”

    Meaning, the end results did not matter. Once rhe whistle blows, the play is dead. End of story.

  30. Raiders lost on Carr’s fumble, Barber fielding the kickoff at the 2 instead of letting it go out of bounds, and penalties.

    Raiders beat themselves

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