Tom Brady vs. Jalen Hurts is the largest age difference ever for playoff starting QBs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Las Vegas Raiders
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When Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts take the field on Sunday, they will have the largest age difference ever between starting quarterbacks in an NFL postseason game.

Brady turned 44 on August 3 and Hurts turned 23 on August 7, so the age difference between them is almost exactly 21 years. That’s by far the biggest age difference ever between playoff quarterbacks.

The previous record was set by Brady and Patrick Mahomes, who is 18 years younger than Brady. The Brady-Mahomes matchup has happened twice in the postseason, in the Super Bowl last year and the AFC Championship Game three years ago.

The record for the largest age difference between regular-season starting quarterbacks was set two weeks ago, when Brady and the Buccaneers faced Zach Wilson and the Jets. Wilson was born on Brady’s 22nd birthday. The second-largest age gap between starting quarterbacks in the regular season was set this year by Brady and Justin Fields, the third-largest is Brady and Mac Jones and the fourth-largest is Brady and Hurts.

18 responses to “Tom Brady vs. Jalen Hurts is the largest age difference ever for playoff starting QBs

  1. Hurts mobility will win this game. Brady will not be able to escape the Philly pass rush. Will be similar to Vick beating the Packers, everybody stunned.

  2. Lol, phill pass rush didn’t seem to have a effect last game. You eagles fans are silly. Sunday it will be Cry Eagles Cry!

  3. Philly pass rush…against one of the best o-lines in the league (3 pro bowl nods) and the #1 run defense with all the starting front 4 back for the first time in a month…lol…good luck Philly.

  4. These types of articles are funny, of course Brady will be the largest age gap. Are you going to make the a NFL record also? Many records will always fall when you play in the league 7 or 8 years longer then most ever think about playing. His personal trainer sure has mixed up some concoction of potion to enable that to happen. Doesn’t hurt that the NFL has tailored many penalties around Brady as well. But hey, isn’t that just grand…

  5. Predictions are useless, but if I was betting, I’d have to take the Bucs. As an Eagles fan, I’m certainly rooting for a different outcome. If the coaches plan the right game and we make some plays, we can win. The key to beating Tommy is to pressure relentlessly. On offense, this team needs to run it down their throats and sprinkle in some creativity. If ALL of that happens we can win. But it all has to happen.

  6. The Bucs is depleted, defense and offense. It’s more than likely that they will be one and done. They are very vulnerable right now. If the Bucs’ defense were full strength they will win even if the offense is depleted, but not both. We saw Brady drag the stumbling Patriots to the 2013 AFC championship game, and finally lost to the Broncos. Their offense was so denuded that they hired receiver Austin Collie twice to fill the gap. To me that’s Brady’s finest moment. It showed his mettle. He’s a lot older now but maybe the fire inside will still scorch the opponent. He has nothing more to prove, but seeing Brady’s drive to win is a treat. His time in the NFL is getting shorter and more precious. We will never see another of his kind in our lifetimes. So enjoy watching him now.

  7. Doesn’t hurt that the NFL has tailored many penalties around Brady as well. But hey, isn’t that just grand…

    Care to name these many penalties?

  8. LOL Wow! Jalen Hurts was age 3 for the “Tuck” Bowl (Brady’s first playoff game!)

  9. Doesn’t hurt that the NFL has tailored many penalties around Brady as well. But hey, isn’t that just grand…

    Eagles fans are already making excuses

  10. Love the fact that Brady could legally drink when most of these youngsters were born….

  11. Supposed to be REALLY windy at kickoff, which helps the non-passing eaglets, but they’ll still lose by double digits

  12. It’s off topic but Arians and JPP are likely retiring. There’s a deal in place to elevate Bowles not Leftwich. JPP would like 2 helmets at his press conference.

  13. Not an Eagles fan BTW… The penalties I’m speaking of are simple and if you do not recognize them then your love for Brady is blinded. Brady is 1000 percent off limits, you are not able to touch him or close to his legs or his head even if not intentional. Those new rules were put in place for him. Brady just looks or asks for a pass interference penalty he gets it. He even has the refs helping him up when he ends up on the ground. If he had to play in the days when PI was not an every day thing or hitting the QB was fair game he would of been long gone from playing. It’s ok to disagree as everyone has a right to their own opinion. Brady tosses more long passes with the hope of a late in the game PI then any QB in the game. I do not fault him for it because that is part of the game now. And make no mistake I think he is the best to ever play the position but the game has changed and many things tailored for him. If that is not something you can see for yourself then so be it.
    Eagles will surprise the Bucs and win by 3 points in OT

  14. Eagles will lose by at least 40 points and Eagles fans will complain about Bucs playing their starters into the 3rd quarter.

  15. Now you’re just coming off as someone ‘tired of watching Brady’ which is fine, I get it, but you’re just making stuff up. Although you caveat your ‘points’ with your opinion, that’s all they are, opinions, no facts. Here are some facts. Brady IS old, as we’ve heard a million times, so he DID play when you could hammer the QB. Are we talking 70’s, no, of course not, but I’m guessing you’re not comparing him to 70’s either. When Polian lobbied to change PI rules so CBs couldn’t mug WRs back in mid 2000’s it became more a passing league. And for someone who attempted the most passes one would think he would have the most ‘phantom’ roughing the passer calls right? Of course wrong. In the last 10 years he just cracks the top 10 in roughing the passer calls at #9. Behind guys like Matt Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Stafford, Rodgers, Tannehill and so on. ‘Diving at the knees’ was something of emphasis when Carson Palmer blew his knee out BEFORE Brady had his blown out the very next year. Call it the Carson Palmer rule if you want. Point is, none of your opinions are points, you see and hear what you wanna hear with no facts behind it.

  16. Missing his two top weapons,with a run defense exposed the last 8 weeks and facing the too rushing offense in the nfl led by the top offensive line in the nfl and a tough physical qb this guaranteed win by Tampa isn’t.

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