49ers hold on for dramatic 23-17 upset of Cowboys

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The 49ers took a 23-7 lead into the fourth quarter. They let the Cowboys back in, but then slammed the door in the home team’s face.

The Cowboys scored 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, but the 49ers held on for a 23-17 upset. It was way more dramatic than the 49ers would have liked and way less satisfying of an ending than the Cowboys wanted. Dallas hasn’t played in the NFC Championship Game since 1995, their fifth Super Bowl title, and won’t play in it again this postseason.

The 49ers advance to play the Packers next week, but they could be without some key defensive players. Edge rusher Nick Bosa (concussion) and linebacker Fred Warner (ankle) left and did not return Sunday.

The 49ers survived without them Sunday.

Dallas had one opportunity at its own 16 with 2:42 left. The Cowboys reached the San Francisco 46 before Kevin Givens and Charles Omenihu sacked Prescott for a 1-yard loss. Prescott then threw three consecutive incompletions, the final one deep to Cedrick Wilson while under pressure.

The Cowboys, despite having three timeouts, got the ball back with only 32 seconds left. Randy Gregory was called for defensive holding on a running play with 1:31 left, giving the 49ers a first down. The 49ers faced a fourth-and-inches with 40 seconds left and lined up for what would have been a quarterback sneak, but they never got set and were called for a false start.

The 49ers punted, and the Cowboys got the ball back at their own 20 with 32 seconds left.

With 14 seconds left, Prescott ran for 17 yards to the San Francisco 24 to try to set up a final play. But the Cowboys couldn’t get the ball spiked before time expired.

Some fans pelted the field with debris after referee Alex Kemp announced the game was over without another snap.

The Cowboys’ No. 1-ranked offense generated 307 yards with 56 coming on the final drive. Prescott went 23-of-43 for 254 yards with a touchdown and an interception. CeeDee Lamb caught only one pass for 10 yards, while Amari Cooper caught six for 64, including a 20-yard touchdown. Dalton Schultz was the leading receiver with seven catches for 89 yards.

Jimmy Garoppolo went 16-of-25 for 172 yards and an interception to Anthony Brown that got the Cowboys back in the game in the fourth quarter. Elijah Mitchell ran for 96 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries.

Deebo Samuel had 10 carries for 72 yards and a touchdown and caught three passes for 38 yards.

162 responses to “49ers hold on for dramatic 23-17 upset of Cowboys

  1. This game turned into the gridiron version of baseball’s “I got it, you take it.”
    The Niners had the game in hand, then tried their very best to give it away. Fortunately for them, Dallas’ lack of situational unawareness and a propensity for making one boneheaded play and unforced mistake after another served as the ultimate safety net.
    Close fourth quarter, exciting finish, bad football.

  2. Easy to look good against Philly’s practice squad last week. But the playoffs are different. Well done Dallas.

  3. Will someone please hire Kellen Moore so we don’t have to put up with this play calling anymore?

  4. Another over-hyped Dallas season in the books. Bad QB play, penalties, and a team that looked flat and poorly coached. Seems about right.

    I guess beating up on garbage teams wasn’t championship caliber play after all.

  5. When Dallas loses, America and Patriotism wins.

    Heartbreaking fashion makes it even sweeter

  6. Will Jones elevate Moore or Quinn rather than risk losing both of them? He should name John Fassell the head coach, he turned this game with the gutsy fake punt.

  7. “I’d like to thank coach McCarthy for his effort and dedication, and wish him well in his next enterprise.”

  8. What kind of play was that? You call a rushing play with only about 8 seconds left after the rush with no timeouts and no way to stop the clock? It doesn’t make any sense. Not a single play went to the end zone. You need a touchdown so call a play that goes into the end zone. Kellen Moore is getting a lot of attention for a  potential head coaching job but if that was his play call then I’m not so sure if you should be in charge of an entire team. 

  9. Hey look. McCarthy and Stefanski have the same amount of playoff wins this year.

    And so does Dak and Mayfield (injured). I love it.

  10. C’mon Jerruh, we all waiting to hear how the refs beat you and the 9ers just aren’t as good. I got my popcorn ready!

  11. What the heck was that QB-keeper all about? Dak’s idea or “genius” Kellen Moore’s play-call?

  12. Ranks right up there with the Miracle in the Meadowlands for idiotic final plays. Why not just take 2 shots into the end zone?

  13. Comical ending.
    Jimmy G owes defense nice presents for bailing him out with stops after he hurt team.

  14. Seems the broadcasters saw most everything in terms of how it impacted Dallas….

    After a while, it gets old.

  15. 14 seconds… check
    0 time outs… check
    We’ve gotten 35 yards in 20 seconds getting out of bounds with ease… check
    What’s the call coach ?

    Run the QB sneak Dak…


  16. Did he fire Mcarthy yet for that last play call? Think he leaves the stadium tonight with his job? If Jones was smart, he’d fly in Flores and hire him tonight

  17. I do believe the Cowboys will be better next year if they ashcan McCarthy, let Kellen Moore be some other team’s problem and promote Quinn to HC because that last play proved there are some stupid people on this team.

  18. 49ers gave the Dallas offense a bunch of extra chances but the Cowboys couldn’t get it done. Too bad that JimmyG threw the bad interception or it would’ve been an easy win.

  19. I can’t wait to hear McCarthy complain about the officiating. It’s not their fault his team is stupid and commits so many stupid penalties.

    The last minute or so of the game was a comedy of errors. Not letting the tackle get set before snapping the ball on 4th down was costly. Prescott running the clock out was inexcusable. Even Tony Romo–Cowboy homer–admitted the game was over. Both of the QBs made crucial mistakes that nearly cost the 49ers the game and did cost the Cowboys the game.

  20. Gregory was clearly going to the ground butt first but they called defensive holding….he was GOING TO THE GROUND BUTT FIRST!!!….if anything he was bracing himself for impact!!!!! Officiating was a joke!!!!!

  21. First time ever Mike McCarthy outsmarted himself, lol.

    Daks gonna Dak.

    How bout dem Cowboys!!!!!

  22. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a game end with the official bursting through the O Line. The better team won but great drama at the end.

  23. Can’t blame the ref for what happened at the end. Cowboys were supposed to get him the ball, and they didn’t. Not in time, anyway.

  24. So much for running up the score against the Eagles scrubs in Week 18 so your offense can feel good. The Cowboys offense wasn’t much better than the Eagles today and that play at the end of the game, pure comedy.

    Also, 14 penalties? ouch.

    While it sucks how bad the Eagles were, they were playing with house money. For a team that openly crows about how it is going to the Superbowl every year, another year without even a single playoff win has to sting. This was your year, again, right?

  25. Uh oh, the 49ers won, and that’s bad news for the Packers. The Packer refs will need to be in top form for the Packers to have any hope of pulling-out a win. Go Packer refs go, and take a few well-deserved Lambeau leaps!

  26. Dak….you’re crackin’me up. I guess he’s lost when he’s not padding his stats against 2nd stringers. Jalen Hurts outplayed Dak Prescott today.

  27. Why on earth would you do a QB sneak with zero timeouts and 14 seconds left? Quite possibly the worst play call I have ever seen.

  28. After watching this mess, who thinks Dan Quinn or Kellen Moore are significantly less likely to be head coaches next year?

  29. Also is great to see Jerrah World being openly mocked. The stadium is an embarrassment with the blinding sun spot and the ridiculous screen blocking a punt.

  30. What was with all the Cowboy fans waving the white surrender flags? And kudos to CBS for showing all those crying Dallas fans in the 2nd half. There’s no crying in football…Weak fans = weak team…Green Bay will have their hands full with the 49ers…

  31. God bless America

    Dallas loses while listening to an ex Dallas Qb commenting and framing every play in a Dallas fans eyes.

    Their cupcake fanbase still thinks they are Americas team still I’m sure

  32. Anybody notice this- before the Niners last punt, the clock was at 0:38, then they ran the play. The penalty happens so they have to punt. Before the punt, the clock was at 0:40. Was that something I missed?

  33. Congratulations to SF. They match up with GB & it will be a good game. The NFC West is likely to have one, if not two teams in the NFC Conference Championship.

  34. Nantz and Romo are an embarrassment, it sounded like a preseason broadcast as the game drew closer. Schaudenfreude for all of us that have had enough of the Cowboys being shoved down our throats for the past few months.

  35. Freaking ridiculous.. The lack of discipline regarding penalties is crazy.. all year it’s the same thing… Makes me sick to my stomach to be a life long Cowboys fan and have to watch year after year be beat down..

  36. I can’t say that Dallas didn’t deserve to lose this one, but what everyone’s going to be talking about is the officiating, and rightfully so.

    Twice in this game–including on the very last play–an official physically prevented the Cowboys from snapping the ball, and then punished the Cowboys for not snapping the ball in time.

    It’s a ridiculous scenario, and it was disgraceful way for a very close game to end.

  37. When the 49ers get solid QB play they’re tough to deal with. They’re coached as well as any team in the league.

  38. I’m a Giants fan and we just got rid of our gm because he was bad. The Cowboys gm refuses to step down and can’t be fired. Priceless!


  40. Not sure why people are calling it an upset. Almost any analyst said before the game that this is a bad matchup for Jerry and his shiny toys. They can’t run and when they face a team with a real D they’ll fold. They just did.
    It’s a miracle they were even in it. If Jimmy G completes that easy throw to wide open Aiyuk it’s 30-7 and the rout is on. Then Jimmy gets more generous and throws an easy int.

    Dallas is vastly overrated and the public needs to stop this love affair with their shiny toys. They can’t run. Not even sure why people think they had more talent than the niners. Would anyone take Lamb over Deebo or Aiyuk over Cooper. Elliot is finished and Mitchell is a rising start. Then we can talk about Kittle vs whoever plays TE for them. I’m not sure I’d pick Dak over Jimmy either.

  41. Someone tell good ole Dak, he was wrong when he told Brady I’ll see you in the playoff…
    Brady still in it but you gone!

  42. calizcowboyz says:
    January 16, 2022 at 4:16 pm
    Eagles Glad you rested your starters 🤣 😆 wait…. Do you even have ONE starter on the roster? Your jokes Barely over 500 and playing in the playoffs.

    This is from the Eagles thread. I’ll just leave it here, I’m sure he’ll be along any minute.

    Another NFL season, another year of Cowboys failure.

  43. The Networks cut to Jerry Jones more than any other owner with the possibility exception of Bob Kraft.

    They showed him again when it looked like a comeback but they didn’t show the agony of defeat.

    They show the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the faces of players, coaches and fans but never defeat in the face of owners. The one exception was the Falcons owner who came down to the field not expecting the Patriots to complete the rarest of super bowl comebacks.


  45. This is so great the salty tears of the fraud cowgirls every year. Fire the coach tonight and hire Kellen Moore. What was that last 2 minutes of football??? that falls on the coach, not prepared at all.

  46. The Cowboys defense settled in and played a pretty decent game. They really got no support from the offense, which is a trend.

  47. Just about time for Jerrys Annual firing up of the Excuse Machine….. should be verrrry entertaining….

    aaaaaaaaaand go!!

  48. merde4brains says:

    Go Packer refs go, and take a few well-deserved Lambeau leaps!
    Way to live in the moment.

  49. Not even the late appearance of dallas’s 12th man in the last 2minutes could lead Dallas to the win.

  50. Where’s Calizcowboyz ? Another one and done , the only thing missing was the camera shot of the Jones’ in the owner’s box at the end .

  51. Please some team take Quinn and Moore and Jones fire Mike McCarthy. Just hire Harbaugh and step back.

  52. How ’bout dem Cowboys!!!!
    Another year gone by and another year with no playoff win for the Cowboys.
    Jerry Jones has solidified his reputation as the owner whose ego was so big he got rid of the guy (Jimmy Johnson) whose teams won 4 Super Bowls (the win by Barry Switzer was all Johnson’s players) and haven’t won anything since.
    Guess what Cowboys fans — you aren’t winning anything until Jerry Jones gives up control of this team.

  53. The Boys is the Boys. Dak has 1 playoff win in 6 years. This is what happens when you play a REAL team, not Philly’s 3rd teamers. 26 years and counting w/o a SB. MM can’t win the big ones. I could go on but enough said.

  54. I feel bad for cowboys fans. All they have left is a crappy Lakers team and a iffy Yankees season coming up.

  55. If Gack had slid ten yards earlier, they probably could have spiked it and taken a last shot to the endzone.

  56. The 49ers already had the game won on their last drive. It doesn’t matter where his knee goes down, it matters where the ball is. That was a first down. The game should have been over.

  57. Vince Ryan says:
    January 16, 2022 at 8:09 pm
    Hahahahaha!!! They won their super bowl last week!


    They are going to hang a banner …

    Seriously, that was pathetic how desperate they were to get Dak a regular season record.

  58. McCarthy = unemployed
    What a completely train wreck of poor coaching
    Lack of discipline…too many penalties…and really questionable play calling
    Buh bye

  59. Today is my B-day, and I couldn’t ask for a better present than watching the 49ers curb stomp the Cowgirls in Jerrah World. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo should have called the game from down on the sidelines with the rest of the cheerleaders.

  60. I can’t believe how that game ended. I have no words. That has gotta be the dumbest way to end a game I’ve ever seen. If I was a Cowboys fan I would have had a stroke.

  61. Congrats to the Niners and their fans for ridding us of the Cowgirl menace. Loved hearing the “Defense” chant when they were on defense in the second half! Should be a great game against Green Bay

  62. calizcowboyz sitting in his basement yelling at the sky “WE DEM BOYZ” as he watching VHS tapes of 1995 Super Bowl.

  63. Spot on about the extra 2 seconds, I noticed that too. Nantz is worse than Buck for being a Cowboy homer.

  64. One and done again. Another wasted year in Big D. Coach McCarthy sure made a difference didn’t he.

  65. Easiason had the best line. “You have a billion$ to spend on a stadium and you build it facing east and west?”

  66. All that time Prescott spent celebrating 5 TD passes against Eagles practise squad last week should have been spent studying the rule book. Can’t run a play without an official setting the ball.

    Hysterical! He proves, once again, that he’s just another veteran QB who can’t get it done in a big spot.

  67. Well can’t blame this one on gonna have to need three dozen boxes of donuts coach McCarthy on the plane …. as penalties and more than a few dumb mental ones did them in .. but still had a chance right at the end …n surely Jurrahhh will be pounding on the table for a rule change that no fat out of shape olde umpires are allowed to touch the ball in the last minute of play eh ??? … and the unprobible Jimmy G streak just has to end in GB … or will it ??? as dang wouldn’t that be something !!

  68. Zeke was invisible and Dak sucks all that money gone to waste for Jerruh. NEVER should have signed either of them. When Dallas lose we all win in America!

  69. Anybody notice this- before the Niners last punt, the clock was at 0:38, then they ran the play. The penalty happens so they have to punt. Before the punt, the clock was at 0:40. Seeing how the game ended, that could have ended up being very significant. How did that happen?

  70. No team has self destructed and choked like the Dallas Cowboys since the Houston Oilers last played the Buffalo Bills.

  71. thesultanoftwat says:

    Nothing cures an Eagles loss quite like a gut-wrenching Cowgirls loss.

    AMEN !!

  72. bigmoose says:
    January 16, 2022 at 8:18 pm
    Jerry Jones has solidified his reputation as the owner whose ego was so big he got rid of the guy (Jimmy Johnson) whose teams won 4 Super Bowls (the win by Barry Switzer was all Johnson’s players) and haven’t won anything since.
    13 1 Rate This

    I don’t disagree with your opinion of Jerry, but it was 3 SB wins. 92/93 under Jimmy. 95 under Switzer with mostly Jimmy players (plus Deion as F/A).

    If memory serves, in 94 Dallas lost to the Niners in SF, in the NFC Championship.

  73. Niner MVP of the game: Randy Gregory

    All jokes aside, that was a hell of a game. For SF Bay natives this might sum it up – TORTURE.

    At this point we’re playing with house money. So long as we show up and contend with Green Bay I’ll consider this season a success.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  74. Weather forecast next weekend in Green Bay?

    Fri – Mostly sunny – -11°-14°

    Sat – Cloudy – -6°-16°

    Sun – Partly cloudy -12°-19°

    Shiver me timbers.

  75. 49ers should have drafted Mac Jones. Jimmy G tried his best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against Dallas. The 49ers have a SB roster if Jimmy G doesn’t make big mistakes.

  76. Can run that play in college in the last play with the free clock stoppage on a first down. But on a running clock to end your season that was insane IMO.

  77. I normally could careless about the cowboys winning or losing. But the fans this year were unbearable. And I’m so happy they lost tonight. Great coaching as always from big Mike McCarthy. See you guys next year

  78. howielongsflatop75 says:
    Ya’ll still dem Boyz?!

    Of course they are. They have to be . . . nobody else wants to.

  79. Gregory tackled the 49er lineman because he thought it was the back. His vision was obscured because he was engaged with Trent Williams. With the play unfolding at super speed, he grabbed who he thought had the ball.

  80. Who is dumb enough to call a QB draw up the gut with no timeouts and 14 seconds left? The game was over as soon as Dak took off running. That was some really bad football – yet somehow tremendously entertaining.

  81. Somewhere Calizcowboyz is declaring the cowboys super bowl champs next year. Hate to say I told you so.

  82. chino62885 says:
    January 16, 2022 at 8:07 pm
    Gregory was clearly going to the ground butt first but they called defensive holding….he was GOING TO THE GROUND BUTT FIRST!!!….if anything he was bracing himself for impact!!!!! Officiating was a joke!!!!!
    You need a hi-def TV……Clearly a hold and typical of an undisciplined team. For those complaining about the ref spotting the ball at the end, please remember that a Cowboys player does not get to spot it on their own…..LOL.

  83. And the league should look into how many punches Gregory threw after piling on a tackle. I saw 3.

  84. I’m upset that they didn’t show Jones’ sad face!! McCarthy better get ready for a firing. They tried to get niners to burn a timeout on the punt formation haha…it cost them yards. Just because Kingsbury was successful doesn’t mean you should try it. Then Yak does not know to hand the ball to the refs. Kyle schooled boy wonder play caller on their side.
    Man oh man, Dallas is a train wreck. Aiyuk even beat Diggs.

  85. As a Niners fan, definitely a bit more anxiety there at the end than I needed. On the bright side, a high of 11 next Sunday in Green Bay.

  86. Very smart by Dallas to intentionally lose to improve their draft position for next yr. They will add more talent, cut zeke, and Cooper, and will be ready for a sb run next yr. And best part about today was all of the doubt left in Philadelphia going into the offseason. Just such disarray for the team that won the luckiest sb in the history of the NFL. Fun.

  87. This game wasn’t close except for Jimmy Garappolo’s baffling interception with the game in hand. He has got to be gone next year.

    Niners can beat the Packers though.

  88. Dramatic only because the NFL decided they wanted it to be. Drives me insane how much the NFL can manipulate these games. Where’s independent oversight of officiating, now that the NFL has vested interest in gambling on its own games?

  89. lunscr says:
    January 16, 2022 at 8:11 pm
    I can’t say that Dallas didn’t deserve to lose this one, but what everyone’s going to be talking about is the officiating, and rightfully so.

    Twice in this game–including on the very last play–an official physically prevented the Cowboys from snapping the ball, and then punished the Cowboys for not snapping the ball in time.

    It’s a ridiculous scenario, and it was disgraceful way for a very close game to end.
    Yeah! We all know that the player that ends up with the ball can just run it up to a new line of scrimmage that they determine and the center can set that ball wherever he likes. Never mind the ref running up to do his job. Here is what is ridiculous; running the ball with no time-outs and 14 seconds left on the clock.

  90. I got my wish to play the #6 seed next week and look forward to giving them a spanking. The Almighty has favored me and I am humbled, and most of all humble although no one is better than I am. Don’t you agree?

  91. Dallas proved to be a very undisciplined team the entire season. They gave up too many penalties this season in key situations. That’s not on the refs that’s on Mike McCarthy. Dali’s simply shot themselves in the foot all game and couldn’t recover. Embarrassing end of the game for them.

  92. McCarthy: Dak read all this and you’ll throw many TDs. Especially with bad teams.
    Dak: What about this section on Situational Footbal?
    McCarthy: Who needs that when we score with all our weapons.
    Dak: When we play good teams?
    Jerry: No one is good, we’re the Cowboys! We can buy players!

  93. yep, you are what your record says you are, Cowsills;

    now the vaunted number 1 offence in the league can take a seat right beside their purported DROY and wait til next year with the Eagles and Patriots and other one and done losers;

    in truth, the Cowsills were never in this game til Jimmy threw his usual late pick..otherwise the Cowsills would’ve lost by three scores;

    when will the Cowsills realise they don’t have a quarterback?

  94. Serious question: The Cowboys faked a punt, threw for a first down, and ran out of bounds in the 4th quarter with 13:55 left, stopping the game clock. The play clock started going down from 40 seconds. At 10 seconds left, the play clock suddenly switched to “25 seconds left” and the game clock started ticking down as well, not stopping until 13:25. This was the weird part of the game when the special teams unit was on the field, wanting the 49ers to take a timeout, but then at some point they switched to the offensive unit. Can someone explain to me why the game clock resumed ticking down before the ball was snapped? Was it because of the switch of players? Or did the clock managers mess this up? Because whoever messed up (clock people, refs, or Cowboys), this cost the Cowboys 30 seconds of the 4th quarter, and for me I believe it was the turning point of the game. Standing up and waiting around using up 30 seconds of the 4th quarter is a huge, huge problem.

  95. Stop the nonsense that this was on MM. We simply don’t know. Under MM his teams were disciplined. These cowboys players self destructed. If I was a cowboys fan I’d be so po’d with guys like Randy Gregory and his undisciplined teammates for all the pre-snap and senseless penalties that killed any Dallas momentum.

    And why aren’t the referees taught to trail that last play to set the ball for the next snap. That guy was 25 yards behind the play watching like a fan and seemed to then realize he had to sprint to the LoS. Wow.

  96. The play was supposed to be – Dak runs 10 yards, slides then they have a few seconds left for a shorter Hail Mary pass. He ran too far and the time ran out.

  97. What’s up with the broadcast only showing Jerry Jones when the Cowboys have success? The fans want to see his reaction at the end when they lose!

  98. It is official – Dakota is now the dumbest player ever to play any professional sports league. Repeatedly in the contest he was confused and dumbfounded when his receivers were covered and he had to deal with pressure.

    But now Tony Romo has been replaced in the Cowpie Hall of Fame for dumbest play.

    Cowpies were frauds not having beaten anyone of note during the season.

    And now they show they couldn’t all year.

    Dakota. Dumb. Clueless. And replaces Carson Yutz for the Bonehead of 2022.

  99. Dark appears to be the same type of QB that Donovan McNabb was. Showed spots of brilliance (against lesser teams) but is inconsistent far too many times which in the end proves costly. Nice guy though. But may not have what it takes to win it all.

  100. lunscr says:
    January 16, 2022 at 8:11 pm
    I can’t say that Dallas didn’t deserve to lose this one, but what everyone’s going to be talking about is the officiating, and rightfully so.

    Twice in this game–including on the very last play–an official physically prevented the Cowboys from snapping the ball, and then punished the Cowboys for not snapping the ball in time.

    It’s a ridiculous scenario, and it was disgraceful way for a very close game to end.

    It’s in the rule book, an official must touch the ball before it can be snapped. A QB or center cannot spot the ball for themselves. You can argue whether that’s a good rule or not, but regardless it’s one that you have to know if you’re going to call a designed QB sneak with barely 10 seconds remaining in a game, especially when you have no timeouts left. You’re right that people will be talking about this game, but I’d wager that talk will be on how poorly coached the Boys are vs this notion that it was somehow the referees fault.

  101. This feels more like Alex Smith’s last year in Kansas City than Brady in 2015. In both cases they had the QB in waiting on the sideline, but Brady won a championship & Smith didn’t. It feels like the ‘49’ers are going to make the move next season no matter what. Does that sound right. What do SF fans think?

  102. Well it’s just too bad. As a Cowboy’s fan I have to say what I’ve always said. Until “Jerruh” stops pretending to be a GM. Until “Jerruh” quits signing mediocre players to big dollar contracts that handcuff the team [Dak]. This will continue. Lets face it folks what does “jerruh” have to change? Nothing, not one thing. Fans just keep handing their money right over hand over fist to this team and are being led like a horse and carrot. I gave up a LONG time ago thinking this team would ever amount to anything and I just watch the games as entertainment. I have ZERO emotional involvement. Win, good. Lose, Ok my life goes on. You have to see it for what it is…. “Jerruh” doesn’t have to win anything. He knows it, his kids know it… the family knows it. They are millionaires and their product they sell is Hope, and fans keep buying it every single season. So keep handing over your money to him and at the end of every season this is exactly where you’re going to be sitting. You refuse to wake up from your delusional Dallas dream this is what is going to happen. 26+ and counting…… Wake up.

  103. Loved seeing Dak blame the refs after the game.

    Hey guess what dummy? If you slid after 10 yards instead of 15 you’d have been able to stop the clock. Get a clue about what’s going on.

    Better, even if they’d stopped it they’d have had one shot into the end zone. Instead of the QB run play they could have had two attempts at the end zone.

    Complete Dallas mental melt down.

  104. and the ridiculous screen blocking a punt……………they knew that when they built the stadium….but somehow they did not want to change it (or be able to raise the screen on Punts) as it probably affected the view of the screen from the luxury suites………….

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