Antonio Brown tries to walk back his Tom Brady comments

Antonio Brown Single Release Party
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During his extended appearance on The Full Send Podcast, former Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown had some candid things to say about his friendship with Tom Brady.

Speaking to one of the roving reporters, Brown tried to walk back what he had said about Brady.

“I love Tom,” Brown said. “That’s my guy. Don’t get it twisted. A lot of words were took out of substance. Tom is one of my true friends in the midst of adversity that was there for me, so don’t get it twisted about nothing with Tom Brady.”

During his podcast interview, Brown sang a different song about his relationship with Brady.

“To me, a friend is someone who’s got your back,” Brown said. “Not everybody in sports is going to be your friend. Tom Brady’s my friend why? Because I’m a good football player. He needs me to play football.”

Brown reiterated that he needs surgery on his ankle, even though he also said the injury is “getting better.”

As a free agent, he can sign with any team at any time. And if only one team suffers an injury to a key receiver (or a COVID positive a couple of days before game time), maybe a less-than-100-percent Antonio Brown gets a phone call.

Stranger things have happened. This weekend.

22 responses to “Antonio Brown tries to walk back his Tom Brady comments

  1. One bridge he shouldn’t have burned. Everybody knows how much Brady did for Brown, everybody saw how badly he turned on Brady.

  2. AB doesn’t play football anymore so really no need for any more stories about him . He’s just a guy without a job.

  3. AB didn’t tell no lie. Does anyone actually believe Brady and AB would be friends outside football? It is what it is.

  4. If it couldnt work out playing on a SB team with a HOF QB where can it work for Brown? Im not a Bucs fan but for a player Tampa would be considered one of the premier places to be right now. Many players would have loved to be in Browns spot catching balls from Tom Brady trying to repeat as champions. And the way he did the Steelers and Raiders, he was so undeserving to be in that position to begin with.

  5. Trying to get back in Tom’s good graces so he’ll let him back on the team next year.

  6. He quit on his team mid game and disgraced himself. Bringing him back into the league would be a slap in the face to all those who built this league. Jack Youngblood played in the SB with a fractured leg

  7. Watching today’s game, I don’t think Tom Brady needs AB….it’s the other way around.

  8. It really is sad. AB now realises what he’s done and is trying to walk it back. Way too late for that, boy. That ship has sailed…

  9. What bridge hasn’t AB burned? He reminds me of Odell Beckham Jr, only worse. Unfortunately for AB this is probably the end of his career. Just a large talented big mouth who’s mouth did more taking than his physical play! Good Riddance! Be gone with your big mouth!

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