Bears request to interview Reggie McKenzie for G.M.

Raiders fire GM Reggie McKenzie
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Another candidate has emerged in the Bears’ search for their new General Manager.

According to Albert Breer of, Chicago has put in a request with Miami to interview Reggie McKenzie for the position. McKenzie, who was the Raiders’ General Manager from from 2012-2018, is now a Dolphins’ senior personnel executive.

When with the Raiders, McKenzie drafted quarterback Derek Carr, edge rusher Khalil Mack, and receiver Amari Cooper — cornerstones of the team that went 12-4 and earned a Wild Card berth in 2016.

McKenzie was fired in December 2018 toward the end of Jon Gruden’s first year back as head coach. The Dolphins hired him in February 2019.

The Bears fired G.M. Ryan Pace along with head coach Matt Nagy back on Jan. 10.

14 responses to “Bears request to interview Reggie McKenzie for G.M.

  1. McKenzie drafted a bunch of good players, but if I recall, wasn’t great at managing the cap? I could be mistaken.

  2. McKenzie inherited a very lousy cap situation, cleaned it up, drafted pretty good and then got canned.

  3. As a San Diego resident and current Los Angeles Chargers fan, my family extends to Las Vegas and we are all ‘NFL Draftniks’ and cap or no-cap Mr. McKenzie did no favors to the Raiders during his stay there. We understand WHY the Bears are interested in a former G.M. and a respected person of color, but this is like ‘putting out fires with gasoline’; as David Bowie once sang.

  4. McKenzie inherited a roster with negative $34m in cap space; Carson Palmer who refused to play for the raiders; And HUE JACKSON as coach. He had a playoff squad 3 seasons later

  5. @ahhh very shortsighted comment. How
    About the following year? How about 5 horrible drafts? Outside of bulding a good o-line (that got bad in 2 years) and drafting Mack, he did absolutely nothing. So many whiffs. A bottom D every single season. He didn’t even want Carr. He was left with him.

  6. Mack fell to the Raiders because Jacksonville and Buffalo reached for Bortles and Watkins. Carr also fell to the Raiders because Cleveland and Minnesota reached for QB’s.

    Two of the three cornerstones listed fell into his lap.

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