Bruce Arians slaps helmet, throws elbow at Andrew Adams

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Sunday’s game between the Eagles and the Buccaneers included a moment during which Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians went after defensive back Andrew Adams, physically.

It came after a muffed punt by Philadelphia receiver Jalen Reagor. Arians, in order to keep Adams from drawing a flag for pulling an opponent off the pile, slapped Adams in the helmet and followed with an elbow.

Arians wasn’t asked about the inicident during his post-game press conference. He’s usually available on Mondays.

It is, as they say, what it is. While a far cry from Woody Hayes punching Charlie Bauman in the throat, a head coach laid hands on a player. For Urban Meyer, a disputed claim of a kick recently greased the skids for his firing.

The point for now isn’t to say what could or should happen. Arians did something you rarely if ever see on camera from an NFL head coach.

UPDATE 5:32 p.m. ET: Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times separately asked Arians about the incident, after his press conference. Arians confirmed that he was trying to keep Adams from drawing a foul for pulling an Eagles player off the pile.

14 responses to “Bruce Arians slaps helmet, throws elbow at Andrew Adams

  1. he makes a fool of himself every week now without fail. time to bid adieu to this clown and give the HC spot to leftwich.

  2. He should have hit him harder. If a guy can’t focus for 60 minutes, he needs to wake up. Bruce was trying to wake him up.

  3. This a sport where we see things like what is acceptable get blurred from time to time. Yes they are grown ups yes it’s a playoff game yes there’s a lot of money involved.
    All that said there are also lines to be observed and not crossed. You dont make physical deliberate contact with an official. You don’t if your on the sideline influence in field play. You also do not strike a player if you’re a coach or supper staff. There is raised blood and high tension of course and that can excuse the players sometimes I think in the heat of the moment. A coach gets no such allowance. You can’t do this. BA acts at times like he’s ready to for his next job as greeter at Jimmy Buffets island but he get no excuse here of a belly full of rum or hey we were horsing around. Guy should be fined heavily within the bounds of that structure. And also observationally the man got his ring last year and yet I think less of him now after this year then I did before last years run to the SB. He’s a degree of joke to me now.

  4. Grasping.

    Let’s discuss Aikman crying about not calling his Boys game.


  5. Give arians some gloves and elbow pads to avoid hurting himself if necessary. Just keep doing whatever to keep going to the playoffs. Signed
    The Management.

  6. My God, how sissified has the NFL gotten? He slapped a player’s helmet to get his attention so he didn’t commit a bone-headed penalty. Big deal.

    What’s next, you can’t bench a sucky player because you might hurt his feelings???

  7. Good Job Coach, keep them focused. Not sure why anyone would get upset about coaching. Maybe more teams should take notes.

  8. I didn’t see the game, but doesn’t that also mean Arians went onto the playing field?

  9. If a player did it on the field he’d be fined and maybe suspended. I don’t personally care about it because it’s football. But it has to be consistent.

  10. Considering how few mental mistakes the Bucs make compared to some other teams this weekend, Arians must be doing something right.

  11. He broke the sideline rule to do it. Coaches aren’t allowed on the field before, during, or after a play. Not a peep out of anyone about that.

  12. This is the second time in 3 weeks that Arians shows he’s on the edge.

    I still think Arians has some responsibility for Brown’s showboating walk-off. Clearly, telling Brown to “get the ef out of here” precipitated Brown’s response.

    Are all coaches this emotional? Or does Arians really, really want to repeat?

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