Buccaneers dominating Eagles, 17-0 at halftime

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The first half of Sunday’s first playoff game has not been competitive.

The Buccaneers took a 17-0 lead over the Eagles into halftime.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has completed 11 of 19 passes for just 88 yards, and late in the first half when he appeared to be gaining a little momentum, he followed it up with an interception.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is 20-for-25 for 159 yards, and Buccaneers running backs Ke'Shawn Vaughn and Gio Bernard each have a rushing touchdown.

It’s hard to imagine the Eagles being able to come back from this deficit. The Bucs appear poised to cruise into the divisional round of the playoffs.

33 responses to “Buccaneers dominating Eagles, 17-0 at halftime

  1. Bucs defense totally owning the Eagles that half. And some people thought the Eagles were going to run on this team? Now down 17, Hurts needs to throw to win. Good luck.

  2. Let me help you with this… The Refs are dominating the Eagles and lead 17-0 at the half.

  3. The Bucs would be leading regardless but the Refs have called a few questionable timely penalties that kept a bucs drive alive and killed eagles drives.

    Jalen Hurts. WRs open all day but Hurts isn’t seeing them. WR screens are going to just be 3 and outs.

    Defense. Once again playing that shell defense that makes Brady dink and dunk which is making Brady happy.

  4. A ticky tack holding call on Kelce, a no-call on a late hit when Hurts was clearly headed out of bounds, a no-call on Tampa lining up in the neutral zone, Quez Watkins called for holding on a clean block within 5 yards of the LOS…

    No doubt the Eagles aren’t playing well enough to win, but the refs aren’t exactly distinguishing themselves in this one either.

  5. So Hurts can’t find an open receiver but has no problem throwing high into triple coverage.

  6. BENCH HURTS! He’s not seeing the field. What do the eagles have to lose?!
    The refs have been all Bucs.
    J. Reagor, the 1st round pick that simply does not contribute.

  7. People actually thought the Eagles were going to win this game? That’s crazy talk!

  8. Hurts isn’t a starting Qb in this league… no touch on the throwing,too hard,too soft.. would be good off the bench for a quarter or 2,Minschew is better…. Hurts is reminding me of Teabow!

  9. Was that two point conversion a catch? The ball clearly moved in his hands when it hit the ground. But they have changed the rules so many times I am not sure what a catch is.

  10. isnt this always the case with Tide QB’s? they cannot get to their 2nd or 3rd reads. I dont see how Hurts is the answer

  11. If the Eagles were a playoff caliber team, I’m Batman.
    They did not beat a team with a winning record all year. It’s why these bottom rung wild card entrees into the playoffs are a joke.
    The Patriots and Eagles made their games unwatchable.
    If teams like the Eagles and Patriots are going to make the playoffs, then just let everybody in.

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