Jerry Jones on coaching change: That is not on the table

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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For the 10th time since 1995, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ team exits the postseason without even a return trip to the NFC Championship Game. Jones was asked immediately after the 23-17 home loss to the 49ers when he was as disappointed about a loss as he seemed Sunday.

“I can’t remember,” Jones said.

Jones thought he had the team to contend this season.

“We had about as good a putting-it-together and good fortune with some of the decisions we’ve made,” Jones said. “We had it come together about as good as you could do it, and we had it come together with about as healthy as you can be.”

Jones leaves yet another season disappointed, and at 79, it’s fair to ask how much patience Jones has left.

Coach Mike McCarthy, in his second season, has come under fire by media and fans for some of his in-game decision-making, his clock management and his team’s situational preparedness. With offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn doing interviews for head coaching jobs, Jones was asked about a potential coaching change with McCarthy.

“I don’t even want to discuss anything like that at this particular time. No discussion about anything,” Jones said.

He was more direct on a follow up about McCarthy having his team “unprepared.”

“I’m not going to discuss coaching, preparation, any of those things. That is not on the table,” Jones said of a coaching change.

For his part, McCarthy said he is unconcerned about his future in Dallas.

“I don’t have any concerns,” McCarthy said. “I’m proud to be standing here today. I’m proud of my football team.”

The question after Sunday is: What did Moore do to deserve the job more than McCarthy?

80 responses to “Jerry Jones on coaching change: That is not on the table

  1. The entire team is way overrated, Prescott, Zeke, Cooper, Lamb, Parsons, Diggs, McCarthy, Quinn, Moore

  2. I watched the same call with reporters. I had a different opinion. What wasn’t on the table was him discussing it in that moment with the emotion from the loss. I think they will evaluate quickly and make a real decision in the coming days because they could lose their coordinators.

  3. Aww darn, I was hoping McCarthy would be available for the Vikings so they could lose a bunch of playoffs to the Packers.

  4. The bigger news tonight is Michigan firing their president and how it may impact Harbaugh. Maybe Jones wants to make a real splash.

  5. I hope Aaron Rodgers gets a royalty on all of McCarthy’s earnings because this guy would have been out of the league a decade ago without him.

  6. How can you say you’re proud of your football team after committing 14 penalties the most in Cowboys playoff history?

  7. I think Jerry is going to axe McCarthy. It was a terrible hire. Just admit it and move on. Trade that bum Cee Dee Lamb too. Overrated.

  8. “ I don’t even want to discuss anything like that at this particular time. No discussion about anything,”

    Not until Monday morning, right Jerruh???

    McCarthy Is history.

  9. The only reason the Niners won was because Jimmy G stunk. He dirt ball luckily nullified the fumble

    Having said that Dak is worth back up money for sure

    Did Zeke play?

  10. McCarthy is bad. But if you are cowboys fans better not hope for boy wonder. He was thoroughly outcoached. Is he HC material?

    Also for those who have been saying that the weak link in the niners D is their secondary, think again. They held Lamb to one catch and I don’t think Cooper did much either. The rookie Thomas is coming up nicely.

  11. A few months from now, Jerry Jones on the coaching change, “The train has left the station.”

  12. McCarthy clearly never got control of team discipline throughout the year, nor clock management for that matter. Not sure what McCarthy has done successfully at all this year, as he really has little say on offense, defense, or special teams. With all that time to focus on the basics of football he screws up at seemingly every opportunity. Watching him coach as a Cowbboys fan gives me a newfound respect for Rodgers being able to win a super bowl with this excuse for a coach.

  13. The end of this game was poorly coached on both sides. Why play back so far you give up 10-15 yards AND let them get to the sideline? What kind of call is a QB draw at the oppents 40 WITH 14 seconds and zero time outs? I don’t have a dog in the fight but the officials also crapped themselves in the last few minutes. They gave Dallas 2 or 3 extra seconds. Dak should’ve slid 5 yards earlier, and if he’d went straight to the official with the ball maybe they get one more shot. All in all Dallas really made more mistakes and some at crucial times.

  14. Just curious, how many other GM/Owners are standing in front of cameras after a post season loss?

  15. This has a “curse of the bambino” vibe wih Jimmie Johnson to it…. Red Sox fan feels your pain jerry… it only took 90 years or so…

  16. If McCarthy is the guy trusted with the task of getting the next trophy for the case in Jerry’s office he has no need to do any renovations no further space will be required. The league is in the time of parity where soooo many teams seem to have a path to the ultimate prize. Razor thin margins in some cases making the difference. McCarthy is a negative not a positive in these calculations about what separates and who shall triumph. IMO

  17. Moore is NOT ready as a head coach. Quinn I think knows he has it made as DC in dallas. He’s not as good a head coach. & he’ll have less pressure. McCarthy is mediocre. Tbh, I’m not sure what his function is? Tell u one thing, u don’t let Moore call a qb draw at the end. How is that called, then HC let’s it b called, then Dak goes thru with the call! Huge breakdown. That doesn’t occur with great personnel.

  18. Dallas’ failures saved Jimmy G. Interception & Shanahan not going for 4 &1 twice (kicking field goals?!). S.f. Was in a position to lose cos of those 3 plays. Dallas just made more mistakes. S.F. Ezly coulda lost & SHOULD have.

  19. If you don’t win it all you should be fired. 2nd year on the job, win the division and fire the coach. That will bread stability in a franchise.

  20. Prescott does not have the IT factor. When you get down you have to respond back right away in all games especially elimination playoff games. He just couldn’t turn it on.
    To call a QB draw with 15 seconds left and no time outs is one of the worst coaching moves I’ve seen in 40 years. Just crazy for a pro coach to do that

  21. Great move Jerry! Now give some players new contracts who are outside of their prime and keep those same high hopes LOL

  22. wait, isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same things the same way with the same people and expecting a different result?

    could it be why the Cowsills are the annual one-and-done joke in the NFL for the last quarter century?

    Jerrah, you get the William Clay Ford Edsel award for the most inept bunging meddling owner of the year, AGAIN;

  23. “Jerruh” loves his yes men way too much. Still trying to prove to the world that they won the SB’s because of him. Welllllllllll we all know that’s not true but oh well. I don’t care for Aaron Rodgers but now Cowboys fans know why he wanted McCarthy gone…. He’s horrid as a HC but as I said he loves him some puppet so fans are stuck with yet another one of “Jerruh’s” bad decisions.

  24. Sure he isn’t great in the playoffs but if you need to drop 50 on a bunch of third stringers, I can’t think of a better coach than McCarthy.

  25. The Cowboy ownership would love to fire McCarthy. The Jones family started to
    realize last year that McCarthy sold them a bill of goods. The initial problem arose
    with the disastrous choice of Nolan as a defensive coordinator. He was awful.
    Even after it was apparent Nolan was a problem McCarthy still wanted him back as
    the d-coordinator. McCarthys work ethic sucks and his overall coaching is way below
    other staffs.
    Moore and Quinn ran this years ship and the Cowboys could lose one or the other which weaken
    the staff. Leadership is also a huge problem Prescott is a leader but the
    the loss of Witten and Lee hurt the locker room and lead to leaders like
    Jaylon Smith ( another disaster ). The offensive line is a mess. Smith is a talented
    player when healthy which is never. Collins has been out of shape and has become
    one of the biggest weaknesses. The Center is too small and gets pushed right into
    Prescott’s lap on big plays. Martin and still the most consistent but Father Time is catching
    Up. With the Eagles 3 first round picks the Cowboys will lose the conference to the Eagles
    and the WFT.
    Dallas has no one to blame but itself. They signed Prescott 3 years too late and his contract
    Limits free agent acquisition. The Amari Cooper contract was 2 years late.
    The Dallas offense has talent at Wr and running back but the o-line is was too inconsistent.
    The only bright spot has been the scouting department with 2 very solid drafts in the last
    2 years. However, the way out means spending draft capital on the o-line while the defense
    still needs more players. This team has missed it small window and is in danger of not being able
    To Compete because of large contracts …Cooper, Prescott contracts will take away the ability to make
    moves to improve the team. When you acquire a player like Cooper you don’t give a number 1 up without
    signing him. Cooper and Prescott’s contracts are a sign of management mistakes. They need to move on from
    Cooper, yes he had a big year but he never seems to be a huge factor in big games. His statistics are deceiving
    he rarely shows up against tough physical teams.
    The Cowboys will continue to be mediocre as long as Jerry screws up QB contracts
    ( Romo and Prescott ) and continue to wait until a valuable player is on the verge
    of free agency to decide he is a must sign.

  26. maviddy says:
    January 16, 2022 at 11:43 pm
    McCarthy clearly never got control of team discipline throughout the year, nor clock management for that matter. Not sure what McCarthy has done successfully at all this year, as he really has little say on offense, defense, or special teams. With all that time to focus on the basics of football he screws up at seemingly every opportunity. Watching him coach as a Cowbboys fan gives me a newfound respect for Rodgers being able to win a super bowl with this excuse for a coach


    He got Dak a regular season award in Week 18. He and Dak were so proud of that. Nowhere to go but down hill after you achieve your goals.

  27. The Cowboys won 12 games this year. They only won 3 games vs 2 playoff Teams (Philly & New England). Both of those teams were absolutely crushed in the first round of the playoffs.

  28. Dallas now has that first place schedule next year. Can’t see a playoff game in their immediate future

  29. As a Packers fan since 1961 I chuckled watching the game. This was so typical of Mike McCarthy’s teams in Green Bay. They have the core of a really good team but repeatedly kept shooting themselves in the foot and making other stupid mistakes. The devil is in the details as they say, like being set before a snap.

  30. You may want to re-think a coaching change. In the NFC only two teams have not reached the NFCCG since 1995.The Detroit Lions and you.

  31. Mike McCarthy couldn’t even win with Aaron Rodgers. How did he get such a high profile job?

  32. Until Jerry is six feet under, nothing will change. It’ll be the same undisciplined country club Cowboys until then.

  33. Maybe the Cowboys are not all that talented after all. Where was Cooper? Where was Lamb? Where was Zeke, and Pollard, and Dak? Where was Parsons, Diggs and Lawrence? Great players don’t beat up on the likes of the Giants and Washington, then disappear against a good team in the play-offs, and blame the coaching. Great players show up in the play-offs and the Cowboy players didn’t show up. The Cowboys are what they always have been – an over-hyped team.

  34. At the end of the game their was 38 seconds left. The cowboys snapped the ball and it was blown dead due to a false start. Suddenly their was 40 seconds on the clock. They gave you a gift and you still screwed it up! That game was set up for a hail mary. With the time left you could have tried twice barring an interception or done one more out. A qb run is as bad a call as a qb sneak from your own 9 on 3rd down!

  35. captainslapnuts says:
    January 17, 2022 at 8:38 am
    Who could the Cowboys get who’s better than McCarthy?


    Sounds like the same conversation the Colts are having about Wentz. Both have huge flaws that get covered up during the regular season but when it comes to crunch time, they fold.

  36. captainslapnuts says:
    January 17, 2022 at 8:38 am
    Who could the Cowboys get who’s better than McCarthy?

    The local dog catcher

  37. You dont get rid of a coach who got you to the playoffs with a good record. I see the Raiders coach getting the permanent job for the same reason, you got to the playoffs.
    I was shocked that Mc had time outs left at the end of the game. He never did in Green Bay. Rodgers always had to come from behind without them.

  38. Jerrah is still in mourning,give him a little while to recover and he will find himself firing Mike Mcarthy for being just an average nfl coach whos team has no discipline which cost him the game against the 49ers.Dak is no Aaron Rodgers and a Super Bowl isnt in the cards.

  39. The refs actually fear screwing Dallas and the power Jeffy carries behind the scenes with the NFL.
    They screwed the Niners on the fourth down rush for a first down by saying they didnt get set when the film clearly shows they did. They knew the play couldnt be reviewed either. Funny Tony the Roma didnt point that out, he wasnt all that good yesterday either. “I think this penalty might be on Dallas” Gee Tony you got a 50 50 chance getting that right.

  40. There are many ex head coaches and current asst coaches that will do a better job than MM.he had a younger Rodgers and still only won one SB in GB.

  41. Coordinator changes are rumored to be coming due to one or both of the two getting a head coach position. Would it be that bad to start over?

  42. Even in peewee football we had to hand the football to the ref so he could PROPERLY spot it lol and I’m pretty sure the whole offensive line was lined up of sides when the ref did correctly spot it.

  43. Sorry Jones but the Cowboys aren’t and never were “America’s Team.” Nice try though for the nic YOU created for self-serving cash profits. Most of America hates the arrogant Cowboys. Fact.

  44. Jerry seems like many Dallas fans…lives in the past. Does he not notice that his team since 1996 has just FOUR playoff wins? Consider Houston, their in state rival, has 4 playoff wins since 2011 and didn’t even exist when Dallas won their last SB. Dallas last made it past the divisional rd in 1995, their last SB year. They have 2 playoff wins in the last 10 years. This years team was super talented too. At some point I keep thinking sooner or later they will get another SB with all that talent and I seriously dread that thought being an Eagles fan but what keeps holding them back? They had 13 win teams with Romo and never did anything. Bill Parcells couldn’t win in the postseason there. McCarthey won a SB with the Packers and can’t get it done in Dallas.

  45. The overhyped Cowboys aren’t good as advertised. It’s really unfair to the rest of the NFL fans when their respective teams get less Big TV time because the Cowboys take over those prime time slots.
    I mean they also had them Cowboys open the season with the SB Champs even tho they weren’t one of the best teams a season ago..I mean Co’Mon Man!
    They got what they deserved

  46. They need an ownership change. The Cowboys are the most overrated team in the NFL. They got their teeth kicked in by a team that knows how to compete when you make into in the postseason.

    Cowboys and Raiders were two teams that wasted their playoff spot because they should have never been there in the first place.

  47. The culture at the Cowboys is not a winning culture. They are overhyped all the time. They think they’re better than they actually are. They are undiscipline. They don’t play smart. They’re not tough. They’re not competitive. They will never win. And that starts from the top down.

  48. And there lies the problem, Jerry can’t get out of his own way. How can the Jones not see what everyone else knows? The coach was a horrible hire from the start, caved into a rb when they are a dime a dozen these days, And worst of all, they gave a mid-tier qb elite money. Im a die hard Cowboys fan… its hard to watch your beloved br driven into the mud by a man whos brain is well past its time. Jerry, if you truly loved the Cowboys, you’d let her go and let someone else drive the train.

  49. The biggest issue with the Cowboys this year wear black and white and carry flags. Statistically is is impossible to have the amount of penalties they received throughout the season in comparison to past history and their opponents.

  50. Who could the Cowboys get who’s better than McCarthy?

    Packer fans said this for years.

    The answer is simple; once you KNOW your guy can’t do the job, he has to be replaced.

  51. If you think about it,…. how can you point the finger of blame at McCarthy,… when in fact Kellen Moore was doing the play calling.
    Right ?

  52. It’s becoming crystal clear in the NFL that you must have a QB who can carry and elevate a team. Many may disagree with me, but Dak has yet to show he can do that. Until you have that key player, you’re not winning at the highest level.

  53. I like Dak, but he is in matt stafford territory. There always seems to be a crucial mistake. The int and the botched ending are on him. I root for him, but he is not truely elite.

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