Referee Alex Kemp: Umpire spotted ball properly on final play in Dallas

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys thought they’d have time to run one more play at the end of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 23-17 loss to the 49ers, but time expired as Dak Prescott spiked the ball at the end of a 16-yard run.

Prescott didn’t hand the ball to the umpire, which forced the Cowboys to wait as he collided with players and moved to spot the ball for the final snap. After the game, referee Alex Kemp told pool reporter Todd Archer of that the umpire did his job correctly as the final seconds ticked off the clock in Dallas.

“No, the umpire was simply spotting the ball properly,” Kemp said. “He collided with the players as he was setting the ball because he was moving it to the proper spot.”

Kemp said the official was “absolutely” in a reasonable distance from the end of the play and that there was no consultation with the league office in New York about how the final seconds should be officiated.

18 responses to “Referee Alex Kemp: Umpire spotted ball properly on final play in Dallas

  1. How did he know where the “proper spot” was when he was trailing the play by 30+ yards and it took him 6 seconds to even get to the ball after the play concluded? He obviously just guessed.

  2. The bottom line, the Cowboys should handed the ball to the official and not placed it on the ground. Dak also should have gave himself up about three yards sooner and would have had a little more time on the clock.

  3. The Ref was ok. Dak was the moron that handed the ball to his teammate instead of the Ref. Thank god we have more years of Dak to watch due to his ridiculous contract.

  4. There always seems to be some controversial officiating incident during the playoffs that pressures the league to tweak some rule(s). In this case, perhaps they need to stop the clock to allow an official to spot the ball when there are less than 10 seconds on the clock and the team with the ball has no timeouts. In this case, even if Dak wanted to hand the ball to the ref, the ref was trailing the play and had to squeeze through several players to spot the ball. That cost the Cowboys at lease 5 seconds.

  5. What the proper spot was is irrelevant. It’s his job and he must set it. Plenty of plays every year are delayed to get the proper spot. The delay was added because Dak didn’t know the ref needed to spot it before it could be snapped. The play absolutely could’ve still been made if the umpire got in quicker but also if Dak slid more quickly or the OL didn’t block the umpire’s path. But it’s not the ump’s responsibility to do things any more quickly than any other play.

  6. When Jerry was asked after the game about Daks execution , he said he was in favor of it.

  7. Qb draw!?!? Dakota should have called something else. Or at least made a beeline for the sideline.

  8. Make an idiot play call, hand the ball to your own center, give yourself no margin for error and then blame the ref that they couldn’t give you another play? That’s beyond embarrassing.

  9. It irritates me as a Seahawks fan that Dak’s only playoff win was against the Seahawks. But there was that Tony Romo botched field goal where Dallas lost in the 2006 season playoffs. I found a 5-year old article discussing that play, so it is still in people’s mind 🙂

  10. Like what the heck is going on with some football fans this weekend.

    Some of them forgot the most simple of rules, like whistles blow plays dead, and referees need to spot the ball, not the players.

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