Report: “All systems are go” in Seattle for Pete Carroll and John Schneider in Seattle

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
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The fact that a week has passed since the end of the regular season without the Seahawks firing coach Pete Carroll and/or G.M. John Schneider suggests that, as it appeared a week ago, they will be safe.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that, indeed, they’ll be back. Mortensen says that Carroll and Schneider met on Thursday with owner Jody Allen, and that “all systems are go” for Carroll and Schneider.

Mortensen added quarterback Russell Wilson to that mix, pointing out that he has two years left under contract. While that may be the team’s perspective, whether Wilson tries to finagle a trade is a different issue.

Obviously, an effort was made toward that end a year ago, after a 12-4 season. Unless he’s willing to consider 2021 an aberration fueled by his messed-up finger from Week Five, Wilson could once again start considering whether another franchise gives him a chance to secure the three additional Super Bowl rings he covets.

19 responses to “Report: “All systems are go” in Seattle for Pete Carroll and John Schneider in Seattle

  1. I can’t believe Seattle is still living in the past with these 2. It’s time
    to move on.

  2. When in trouble, keep doing the same thing and hope for better results. Always a sound strategy.

  3. Wilson wants an MVP trophy most of all. He is concerned with his legacy. He may say all of the right things when the cameras are on but, if you listen long enough, you hear is biggest motivation…his legacy. He has a Super Bowl, I’m sure he’d like another, or 3 but it won’t matter as much to him if he is the QB on a ball-control, run-first team. He wants what Brady and Rodgers have.

  4. Greatest 1 year dynasty in the history of sports

    Nah. That will be yours. Today.

  5. It might be the right move but they’re going to have to draft and develop another QB. Wilson is on back 9.

  6. Seattle has competed well over the last 10 years…the NFC West is very tough…their defense needs to get faster….

  7. Damn, what a disappointment

    Schneider has been useless since Scot McCloughan left, Carroll is a reliable disaster on gamedays – time management, 4th downs, challenges, not to mention a general philosophy of that game that belongs in the Stone Age

  8. Schneider and Carroll have been holding back Wilson for many years, never providing the kind of OL any QB needs to succeed

    Hopefully, Wilson will get a trade, and he’ll finally get the recognition he deserves.

  9. Expect changes. Just, Don’t expect anything related to coaching changes or Trade related to Russell.

  10. Wilson for Taylor Heinke straight up. On second thought, the Seahawks might need to throw in a pick or two.

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