Budda Baker taken off the field with a stretcher, has movement and feeling in all extremities

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Cardinals safety Budda Baker sustained a possible serious injury late in the third quarter of Monday’s game against the Rams.

Baker was trying to tackle running back Cam Akers on a run to the red zone. Akers lowered his shoulder as he approached Baker, and Akers and Baker collided helmet-to-helmet.

Baker was initially motionless while on the field. He was eventually placed on a backboard and taken off the field with a stretcher after several minutes.

The Cardinals announced that Baker had sustained a concussion and is out. The team noted Baker had movement and feeling in all extremities as he left the field.

Los Angeles finished that drive with a Matt Gay 37-yard field goal to go up 31-8 in the fourth quarter.

UPDATE 11:05 p.m. ET: The Cardinals have provided an update to say that Baker was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. He was alert and communicative during his transport and never lost feeling or movement in his extremities, according to medical staff.

12 responses to “Budda Baker taken off the field with a stretcher, has movement and feeling in all extremities

  1. Over 10 minutes after he had departed the field after many minutes to stabilize him for transport there was no ambulance yet they were wait for one. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Having an ambulance for the entire game on site is a must as the stadiums themselves are convoluted and logistically tough to get in and out of. You can’t be waiting for one to get over there in time you must have full emergency personnel on site INCLUDING transport. If Mr Baker had been in a worse condition who knows how this might’ve ended. This was shambolic and should be pointed out in addition the result of the game.

  2. So predictable the no-call on Akers taunting an injured player.

    Thanks NFL for calling the playoffs different than how you called it all season. Happens every single year.

  3. The classless taunting by Akers is EXACTLY why taunting MUST be eradicated from this league. I’m sure he had no real malice in his heart, but damn what an ugly thing to do… and what a horrible look and example for the league and the game to set. TAUNTING MUST GO! NOW!

  4. This injury wouldn’t have happened if Baker hadn’t led with his shoulder. Wrap him up and take him to the ground. Keep your head up. That’s not my opinion… it’s how they teach you to tackle the first day you put on pads. I hope Buddha’s ok… but the NFL keeps talking about reducing head injuries. This one didn’t need to happen.

  5. I was really surprised at the lack of taunting calls after seeing the refs be so ticky tacky all year long. I remember a dude got flagged for pointing at another player on the ground this year but Cam Akers does this and twice Von Miller immediately got up and danced over top of a downed player he’d just tackled.

  6. Full face visors instead of facemasks.

    See how many guys put their heads in harms way then. Ban the guys that do.

  7. He’s a lucky guy if he survives this unscathed. Leading with your head is never a good idea. More then a few players have learned the hard lesson of that. I think the rams running back had the right idea of taunting a little, he knew it was a nasty hit to his head too.
    At least he has a lonnnnnnng off season to fret about the game and the season.

  8. Akers was taunting but he was mad. When he was already down on the ground another Cardinal (#7 I think) came along and clubbed his head. Was I seeing something that was not there or was that a dirty head shot?

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