Cardinals get touchdown, two-point conversion to make score 28-8

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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At long last, the Cardinals have some points.

The team is now down by 20 after a touchdown and two-point conversion made the score 28-8 with 4:11 left in the third quarter.

Arizona crossed midfield for the first time on the possession and got some free yards with an unnecessary roughness penalty called on Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

On second-and-goal from the L.A. 2-yard line, running back James Conner took a handoff up the middle for the score.

Things continued to be chippy with the two teams after a successful two-point conversion, which was a completed pass from quarterback Kyler Murray to receiver Antoine Wesley. But this time the Cardinals were flagged, as offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum was hit with an unnecessary roughness penalty that was enforced on the ensuing kickoff.


6 responses to “Cardinals get touchdown, two-point conversion to make score 28-8

  1. Four Score and 45 minutes ago the Cardinals in trying to become a more perfect football team attempted to play in a playoff game. Unfortunately it’s not going well…

  2. Thank the NFL for watering down the playoffs. Expect many blowouts during wild card weekend going forward!

  3. Gotta be able to run and stop the run in January.

    The Cards were outmatched before the opening whistle.

  4. This MNF playoff game is a bad idea. No buzz leading into the game and then a blow out to match. Let’s go back to six playoff teams in each conference and the top two seeds getting byes.

  5. I, for one, am very glad that the remaining teams have actual QBs. You can’t just run around and win like NCAA.

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