DeVonta Smith on rookie year: I’m not satisfied, feel like I can be a whole lot better

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - Eagles at Buccaneers
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Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith set the franchise record for receiving yards by a rookie this season, but he wants to do more.

Smith said today that as he looks back on his rookie year, he sees things he could have done better, and things he expects to improve upon.

“There’s some stuff I left out there,” Smith said. “I’m still not satisfied. Still feel like I can be a whole lot better than I was.”

Smith led the Eagles with 64 catches for 916 yards and five touchdowns, and they’re expecting him to be the No. 1 wide receiver in Philadelphia for years to come. But he wants more.

12 responses to “DeVonta Smith on rookie year: I’m not satisfied, feel like I can be a whole lot better

  1. He’ll add some weight to his frame in the offseason and do lots of studying. The kid is a student of the game and will come back harder next year. That being said, Jalen needs to throw it his way a LOT more often.

  2. Just need a decisive QB with arm strength. Hope Slim can hang in there another 12 months.

  3. You would be a whole lot better.. if you had anyone other than Jalen Hurts responsible for throwing you the ball.

  4. Not his fault. He was either open or had a good one on one several times in the game. If Philly doesn’t move on from Lamar Jackson 2.0 then there’s not much hope.

  5. Could be a whole lot better with another qb throwing him the ball. Trade for Jimmy G!

  6. Smitty aka slim reaper needs a QB in order to help him reach his goals and fulfill his potential.

  7. I love this kid’s attitude, he took responsibility for his play other than blaming his QB as some are doing after a really good season for the Eagles. Look they were not going to beat the Bucs with this team, but the three first-round picks and free agency will greatly improve the Eagles. Jalen Hurts will grow from this experience, Hurt has intangible that can’t be coached into a QB. This was his first full season as a starting QB and he grew every game and there is no clear-cut franchise QB in this year’s draft. I like Watson but I don’t trust Watson because there is something wrong with the 22 lawsuits.

  8. The kid weighs 170 pounds soaking wet. But what he lacks in size he makes up for with average speed. He doesn’t break away from anyone. He had 5 tds and averaged like 55 yards per game. There is a reason why chase and waddle went before him…..size and speed. Kid will be a decent player but has a Low ceiling regardless of his qb. Anything else is just eagle fan overhyping another philly athlete.

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