Jaguars rolling more than $25 million into 2022 cap, Giants carrying just $13K

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The salary cap for the 2022 NFL season is expected to jump to around $208 million, which is a jump of over $25 million from last season for all of the teams in the league.

Some  teams will be working with an even bigger jump. Teams can roll over unused salary cap space from one season to the next and the Jaguars are going to be adding the most of any team in the league.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that the Jags are rolling more than $25.7 million into next year’s cap. The Eagles are next up with more than $16.4 million and the Broncos, Browns, and Seahawks will all carry over more than $10 million.

Those amounts will be adjusted after accounting for incentives and bonuses that players achieved during the season. That will also be the case for teams on the other end of the spectrum, although there’s not much to claw back from the Giants.

They are set to carry just $13,986 over into next season’s cap, which isn’t a lot for the team’s next General Manager to work with in their first season on the job.

7 responses to “Jaguars rolling more than $25 million into 2022 cap, Giants carrying just $13K

  1. Having $50M to sign free agents might be a good thing. Unfortunately for the Jags, Baalke is in charge of that.

  2. Wow…the Giants have that little cap space…didn’t think they had that much talent on that team.

  3. It’s no surprise. After all, a roster as stacked as the Giants’ doesn’t come cheap.

  4. Money is nice IF YOU SPEND IT WISELY..But build a true contender takes smart draft picks in rounds 1-3 and to get “lucky” and hit on some long shots in rounds 4-7.. How many great players were drafted late in the draft. You need good scouting Dept, good overall front office, coaching. And lots of luck!

  5. The Jags need to spend some of that money on a Co-owner since Khan won’t sell the team.

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