Jimmy Garoppolo on his key interception: “I didn’t grip it the right way”

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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49ers fans know the drill by now, even if they fight hard to ignore it.

Jimmy Garoppolo is just good enough to help the team win. And he’s just bad enough to make the team lose.

Both sides of that coin emerged on Sunday, with Garoppolo making a pair of misfires after the 49ers built a 23-7 lead. Before the interception that opened the door for the near-miss that 49ers experienced, Garoppolo overthrew a wide-ass open Brandon Aiyuk for what would have been a long gain and could have set the stage for a backbreaking 26-7 or 30-7 score.

Then came a Dallas field goal that cut the margin to 13. Then came the moment when Dr. Jimmy inevitably became Mr. Hide-Your-Kids-Hide-Your-Wife.

I didn’t grip it the right way,” Garoppolo told Peter King of Football Morning in America of the interception that resulted in the score being trimmed to 23-17. “Not trying to make excuses, but things happen like that. Really not too much more to it than that.”

Things happen like that too often for Garoppolo. It’s so often that it’s not just predictable but expected. Everything is going well for the 49ers. Then, when you least expect it, expect it. Or, when you most expect it, expect it.

Either way, expect it.

That’s exactly what the 49ers need to expect, and to account for, in advance of Saturday night’s game at Lambeau Field. San Francisco is arguably the better overall team. But they’ll win only if they can find a way to keep their quarterback from losing the game.

Go ahead, 49ers fans. Get upset that we’re speaking the hard truths you’d rather ignore. You’ve seen it. You’ve lived it. And you’re expecting to live it and see it again.

Anyone who knows anything about pro football is. Indeed, if it doesn’t happen at some point between now and Super Bowl LVI, it will be truly unexpected.

8 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo on his key interception: “I didn’t grip it the right way”

  1. Jimmy G’S PLAYOFF RECORD: 4-1 (LOSS IN SUPERBOWL) Record against the Packers in playoffs: 1-0. Seems like he’s good enough to win when it counts.

  2. The 49ers should have drafted Mac Jones. He can run that offense on a rookie contract and he is more durable than Jimmy G.

  3. Garoppolo is playing with a torn ligament in his throwing hand, which everyone seems to have forgotten about from a week ago. He’s having to adjust how he grips the ball. Niners needs to be careful with what they ask him to do.

  4. Why would Niner fans be mad? We all to good and well that keeping Jimmy from making those head scratching interceptions is a key to winning. That and the fact he misses on average one wide open player per game. Just like his missed Juice wide open against the Titans… that was a game changing miss.

  5. I root for Jimmy. He gets a lot of unnecessary flack and not enough credit for how well he runs that offense. But it is undeniable that he will produce a terrible play at the wrong time. That game was a blowout without the terrible INT and bad miss. But anyone can see he is still better than Dak and 2/3 of the QBs in the league.

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