Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo got excited, didn’t let Trent Williams get set on fourth-and-1 penalty

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys lost on Sunday, and all the talk today is about the ways they botched the ending of the game. But if the Cowboys had succeeded on their final drive, the talk would be the ways the 49ers botched the ending of the game. Because San Francisco’s decision-making and execution was far from perfect.

Among the 49ers’ mistakes was a false start called on offensive tackle Trent Williams that negated what would have been a game-clinching quarterback sneak by Jimmy Garoppolo in the final minute. But while Williams was the player called for the penalty, Garoppolo was at fault for not giving Williams a chance to get set after he motioned from the left side of the line to the right.

“We just shifted to an unbalanced,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said, via “It was on the silent count and it was quarterback sneak all the way, but Jimmy got really excited because of the look. Didn’t let Trent get set. He’s got to let him get set. It ended up not being a problem though, would have been a struggle to answer that one if it was.”

Garoppolo admitted Shanahan’s critique was correct.

“Kyle said that?” Garoppolo said. “Yeah, I mean that’s pretty much what happened.”

It was a big mistake at a big moment in the game, overshadowed only by bigger mistakes made by the Cowboys at a bigger moment in the game.

20 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo got excited, didn’t let Trent Williams get set on fourth-and-1 penalty

  1. It’s okay because Dak got excited and completely choked the last seconds of the game away and any chance of winning and is now blaming anyone but himself.

  2. Jimmy G nearly cost them the game. Kyle should have drafted Mac Jones. He can run that offense on a rookie contract.

  3. A great NFL coach once said….”Winning isn’t everything, but it’s the ONLY THING that matters.

    As long as we won it’s all good. Chew the mistakes up, spit it out, and we’re on to Green Bay.

    Hopefully we make it to Tampa so we can see The Patriots Bowl – Jimmy G vs TB12.

  4. I love how the Niners can be honest with themselves. They admit mistakes and try to correct them.

    Jimmy played great and just had to have that one bone-headed interception.

  5. Jimmy makes his mistakes– but overall he runs that offense very well. Anyone could see that he is a better QB than Dak. In these playoffs, we see all but one or two guys better than Dak.

  6. Could be worse. My favorite part was Dallas fake punting and then leaving the punt team on the field only to be called for a delay of game lmao

    Classic Cowboys!

  7. I’m pretty sure Jimmy G’s thumb was an issue during the game. Have to make some allowance for that. He’s a good quarterback. We’ll see how much better in Green Bay.

  8. Obviously Kyle hasn’t learned that the really successful coaches and players blame the officials for everything.

  9. Hope Bosa and Warner are completely recovered and able to play vs Green Bay. Should make for an exciting match up.

  10. Jimmy takes a lot of crap, but there are a lot of teams who wish they had a guy like Jimmy G behind center. Go ask fans from Carolina or the giants or Washington or new orleans just to name a few…. Give me jimmy G over Dak, murray or cousins or the guy on the Rams.

  11. jimmy can’t do anything without kyle jumping all over it. he probably gets told off for having the hiccups

  12. Attention to detail seems to be one of Jimmy’s biggest problems, and is the main reason he won’t lead a team to the Super Bowl.

  13. From Sideline view of the play they showed on tv, looks like the right guard left early too.

  14. Jimmy is a very good QB, not a great one but one that can lead and the team believes in him. That is more than most franchises have. When Jimmy finally does leave he will be singing you gone a miss me when I am gone.

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