Matthew Stafford sneaks in a touchdown, gives Rams 14-0 lead

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Matthew Stafford has been a QB sneak machine for the Rams early on in their Wild Card matchup with the Cardinals. Two of his three have been successful, with his latest a 1-yard touchdown to cap Los Angeles’ third possession.

After receiver Odell Beckham Jr. caught a wide-open pass on third-and-2 to put Los Angeles at Arizona’s 3-yard line, running back Sony Michel got stopped just short of the end zone at the 1.

Stafford’s first attempt at a sneak came up short. His second attempt was initially ruled short, too, but a replay on the Sofi Stadium scoreboard showed Stafford had broken the plane, prompting head coach Sean McVay to throw his challenge flag. McVay was proven right and with the extra point, Los Angeles had a 14-0 lead.

With 10:30 left in the second quarter, the Cardinals have not managed a first down and have -4 total yards. Aaron Donald and Greg Gaines combined for a sack on Arizona’s fourth possession to put the team’s offense behind the chains.

Edge rusher Von Miller also sacked quarterback Kyler Murray in the first quarter.

12 responses to “Matthew Stafford sneaks in a touchdown, gives Rams 14-0 lead

  1. The Cardinals peaked in October. To bad for them the season ends in February, at least for those in the Super Bowl. They look nothing like the team that started 7-0.

  2. Amazing to me how lopsided these games have been. Middle of the 2nd quarter and the Cards barely have 5 yards of offense. The Steelers were flat run over. The Eagles stunk up the place. It’s the playoffs and you hope to see competitive games but instead of Wild Card weekend it’s Take The Trash Out weekend….

  3. Rams’ offense has hit a few plays, but the difference is their defense has red feathers stuck between their teeth. Amazing beatdown.

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