Patrick Mahomes on facing the Bills: “We’re expecting a fight, we’re expecting a battle”

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The Chiefs will host the Bills on Sunday for the second consecutive year in the playoffs, and Patrick Mahomes is expecting a challenge.

The Bills and Chiefs, who both won easily in the wild card round, look like they’ll have the best, most competitive matchup in the divisional round of the playoffs.

“A really good football team that’s gonna play really hard,” Mahomes said of the Bills. “We’re expecting a fight, we’re expecting a battle. They have a great offense, great defense, great special teams. We played them in the AFC Championship Game last year, we know that it’s going to be another fight for us if we want to try to move on to the AFC Championship Game this year.”

The Bills beat the Chiefs 38-20 in Kansas City in the regular season, but the Chiefs are 2.5-point favorites on Sunday.

11 responses to “Patrick Mahomes on facing the Bills: “We’re expecting a fight, we’re expecting a battle”

  1. The Bills played their Super Bowl against the Patriots and won big. I expect an emotional letdown and a Bills loss at KC by 10 or more.

  2. As a Chiefs fan I think it comes down to 1 thing, limiting Allen’s rushing yards. He makes all the throws but he killed the Pats with some huge runs. If he does that Sunday we’re in trouble.

  3. I think we know which Chiefs team we’ll be getting. But which Bills team will we get?

    If it’s the one from Saturday, they’ll be a really tough out.

  4. The ghost of Big Ben was 5 seconds away from putting up 28 points on Kansas City’s defense and I’m pretty sure he had no idea what the playbook was. Buffalo just performed the only flawless offensive performance in NFL History.

    I’ll take Buffalo on account of the defenses each team has.

  5. Pretty scary BUF doing this with T. White out on IR. I realize they’ve had plenty of time to adjust to his absence, but it will be times like this facing high powered offenses where missing an all pro CB will tear its head.

    Bills still have a solid Def corp, pretty good ST and a crazy hot offense so should be a good game

  6. “The Bills played their Super Bowl against the Patriots and won big”

    Pats fans keep saying this. New England isn’t that team anymore. Beating a fringe WC team that you have taken 4 of 5 from, and won the division over 2 years in a row, is not anyone’s “Super Bowl.” The Bills are still playing for theirs. The Patriots can enjoy theirs on DVD now that their season is over.

    As to the Chiefs, what a match-up. Best of the weekend, imo – and could be either team’s biggest challenge. Could be one of those “whoever has the ball last” kinds of games.

  7. I don’t think there is such a thing as an emotional let down in the playoffs. Teams are always up for these games. Its going to be a tough one. I like my Bills though. The Diggs photo explains it all from last year.

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