Raiders announce Mike Mayock’s departure

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The Raiders announced the firing of General Manager Mike Mayock.

“We have relieved Mike Mayock of his duties as General Manager of the Las Vegas Raiders,” team said in a statement. “We thank Mike for his contributions over the last three years in helping to form the foundation for the franchise to build upon in its future.”

The Raiders’ announcement came after news of interview requests for his replacement.

Then-coach Jon Gruden announced Mayock’s hiring on Dec. 31, 2018. Mayock, who previously worked as a draft analyst for NFL Network, replaced Reggie McKenzie.

Gruden had final say in personnel, so it’s hard to gauge Mayock’s part in the team’s six first-round choices during his tenure. The Raiders selected Clelin Ferrell, Josh Jacobs, Johnathan Abram, Henry Ruggs, Damon Arnette and Alex Leatherwood.

Gruden resigned on Oct. 11, and interim coach Rich Bisaccia led the team to the postseason. It was not enough to save Mayock.

The Raiders went 25-24 with Mayock as their General Manager.

30 responses to “Raiders announce Mike Mayock’s departure

  1. Good get a proper GM bring in a new coach and let him build the staff.
    We do not have an Identity with this team.

  2. Mayock was pretty good on NFL Network. Seemed authentic and therefore better than Gruden who plays a caricature of himself in life and on TV. Gruden is a clown!

  3. New York Giants on the phone probably right now! Then Mayock could hire Zimmer and turn around the NYG quickly.

  4. I’d keep the coach. Sign him to 3 yr. Contract. He obviously had the team playing for him. They fire him, this team will digress.

  5. Only 3 years too late!

    Now he can go back to spending 6 months researching and doing mock drafts just to get 3/32 right like he usually does.

  6. Hopefully we will soon learn whether Alex Laetherwood was a Gruden choice forced on Mayock or his own doing.

  7. My draft picks were better than Mayock’s yet I wouldn’t think I would ever qualify for that position. He was just a great self-promoter with a few friends in the right places. Best of Luck…

  8. I think Mayock hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves to some extent. Before he and Gruden arrived the Raiders were in really poor shape. In just three years they have built a solid foundation of players and made the playoffs. Has it been perfect? No. But we will know that the draft if really one big gamble. Just look at how many top 10 picks have been busts in the last 10 years…nothing is a given in the NFL.

  9. Those statements always crack me up. We thank him for his contributions over the last 3 years. If he really contributed something you wouldn’t be firing him.

  10. Actually was surprised he lasted until the end of their season. I was expecting him to stand up for his buddy, Jon Gruden, and walk away from the team 8 weeks ago. His None-departure indicated to me he was trying to separate & relegate himself as his own man/GM. Everyone knew that was not the case, so I’m not surprised he was relieved of his duties.

  11. Yes, Gruden had final call but if people don’t believe Mayock did the grunt work and convinced Gruden on a lot of the picks/FA they are very naive. Arnette, Ferrell and Jacobs were his picks. It’s basically documented.

  12. At least Mayock stood by his own draft evaluations. All of the other talent evaluators wait for Kiper’s big board and mocks, and shuffle the positions slightly. I rank Kiper and Mayock pretty even.

  13. I don’t believe those were Mike Mayock’s preferred
    picks. That being said he was there to support Gruden. A fresh start is in order.

  14. I was willing to geive Mayock another shot at it without Gruden tampering things, who knows who really picked those first round busts. Oh well, now they’re both gone!

  15. Mayock was basically Grudens secretary since Gruden had final say on the roster so all these people upset at him being let go must believe the coffee he made was the difference maker. The team was known more for the quality of talent they let go than who they brought in.

  16. “Get off me”~Mayock’s classic call concerning beast mode’s incredible td run against the Saints is what he will most be remembered for.

  17. If we keep Carr, have him put some of his salary into a pocket awareness coach, he fumbled 13 times this year, 14 ints, very bad red zone numbers, I like Carr dont get me wrong, but the team comes first……change my mind

  18. heLLpaso says:
    January 17, 2022 at 8:13 pm
    Yes, Gruden had final call but if people don’t believe Mayock did the grunt work and convinced Gruden on a lot of the picks/FA they are very naive. Arnette, Ferrell and Jacobs were his picks. It’s basically documented.each other!
    Do you honestly believe gruden would actually think another man’s opinion is better than his own? Now THAT is naive.

  19. Mayock did all the background work and evaluations on college talent and free agents. Gruden used that data to make the draft picks and select free agents. I’ve followed Mayock for years and years for my own draft board which has won me a few contests. He might not be a GM but he sure could be a good player personnel advisor addition for some team and GM.
    $100 Bill Belichick adds him. Bill is losing Eliot Wolf who currently is in the same position.

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