Raiders fire Mike Mayock

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Mike Mayock is out as the General Manager of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Mayock was informed today that he will not be retained, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The move doesn’t come as a huge shock, given that Mayock was brought in specifically to work with Jon Gruden, the head coach who was fired during the season. The Raiders have reportedly already started lining up interviews to find a replacement for Mayock.

Mayock, who lasted three years with the Raiders, was previously NFL Network’s draft expert, and it seems more likely that he’ll return to television than that he’ll get another GM job.

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  1. The full tear down begins. This makes me sad, this pretty much means a whole new staff and mostly different roster..All i ask is one more year with Carr please, give it one more shot with him having a better defense and just slightly better oline that can go deep in the dance..

  2. Raiders fire a GM that made the playoffs. Dolphins fire a HC that nearly made the playoffs two years in a row.

    Why are these owners so dumb? “Let’s make sure our teams flounder for the rest of our ownership!”

  3. He’s not great on TV, just more palatable than McShay or Kiper.

  4. Team would have been pretty good with Mack and without AB, huh? And maybe without the 1st round grade on a 3rd round center?

  5. I wish him the best. If he’d done better in the first round, he’d still be the GM. Still, though, he brought us Crosby, Renfrow, Hobbs, Deablo, Koonce, etc. For that I’m very thankful.

  6. Most of his draft picks never made sense. Specifically because he never traded down when he could have still gotten those players.

  7. I liked Mayock. Seemed like he’d be a cool guy to have a beer with. Unfortunately, it is too tough to blame all the draft misses and trade misses on Gruden. Hopefully this means we will bring in a new HC as well. Heck, Mr. Davis, if you are reading this, I am willing to interview for the GM position as I have been a fan for many years and have no doubt my pre-draft draft picks are better than what we have been selecting.

  8. Looks like another total rebuild is in the works. Great. Hopefully the next guy does better. This team has pieces.

  9. The decision to trade for Antonio Brown is probably one of the big reasons he lost his job. The Raiders wasted a lot of time and resources on Brown. That decision wrecked the team that year and probably the next couple of years.

  10. I liked Mike Mayock as a Raider fan. However, you just can’t evaluate players on TV and then effectively take a GM job in the NFL. Personnel people across the NFL spend decades trying to reach the GM job. When you blow first round picks like he did, it’s time to move on. He can now rejoin his buddy Rich Eisen evaluating prospects on the NFL Network.

  11. Btw their is no such thing as a “draft expert” look at all the “experts” track records.

    Bill Tobin was spot on!

  12. After his draft results as GM, it’s hard to imagine he’d be asked to be a draft expert anywhere.

  13. New GM is likely going to want his own HC in, I respect the hell for what that team did on the feild with all distractions they had this season.

    That coach easily deserves another season.

  14. I don’t if he made the draft picks or if Gruden did. Obviously the picks were a mixed bag. Free agent signings were not good. He may have done enough someone will have him in their front office.

  15. The Raiders had a pretty good season considering the NFL seemed to plot against them.
    The Gruden thing, delayed the Browns game, then changed the covid rules so Wentz could play… and then the refs broke the rules to give Cincy a touchdown.

  16. Given his draft record with the Raiders, I can’t see him having much credibility in the same role on TV. Just goes to show what a waste of time it is to listen to all these talking heads leading up to the draft. Most of them miss more than they hit and they all get a pass to come back and do it again the next year. When they actually have to live with their decisions, we see the results.

  17. This is a move designed to be able to get rid of a coach who the players want to keep. New GM, new coach, and nobody catches any heat

  18. Would’ve been nice to see him get a year without Gruden. He definitely could have done a lot better with his first-rounders (especially the Arnette pick), but other than that he’s taken an unfair amount of criticism over his tenure. His record will finish at over .500 and he left the team in much better shape that he inherited it.

  19. Hard to believe there are no Gruden emails without Mayock on them. Mark Davis cutting the cord before the truth comes out. Mayock’s biggest flaw was not maximizing the draft and trading back for picks instead of reaching for players to prove a point.

  20. Inevitable after Gruden left. With Amazon picking up Thursday nights and going after Al Michaels probably will have a studio show he can hook on to.

  21. He’s a great evaluator of talent, can’t wait to hear his expertise again on tv.

    Oh, wait…

  22. I really liked Mayock as the NFL Network draft analyst. No team would ever make Mel Kiper their GM so I have no idea why any team would think Mayock would be a great GM.

  23. Not shocked at all. But he did do better than I thought he would. Heck he didn’t draft as bad as the raiders did in the past.

  24. I always like Mayock as an analyst.

    He always had unique takes on players. Everybody else seemed to just copy Kiper.

  25. Liked him there as GM. Drafted well. Not all were hits, just like any GM. Hope he gets another chance

  26. When the dust settled, the Raiders still made the Playoffs this year.

    Some of those players must have been the right ones…….

  27. 25-24 isn’t getting it done. His first round draft picks have been sort of disappointing as compared to similar positions taken later in the draft. Think 2019 #4 pick Clelin Ferrell (so far a bust), #24 Josh Jacobs (has been solid), #27 Johnathan Abram (mixed), 2020 picks #12 Henry Ruggs (busted – could have had Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, Tee Higgins, Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney, Michael Pittman, Brandon Aiyuk, Jerry Jeudy), #19 Damon Arnette (injured), and 2021’s #17 pick Alex Leatherwood (a work in progress). In general Mayock had some good picks in later rounds (far better than Reggie McKenzie had). Think Hunter Renfrow in the 5th round (only 6 WR from that draft have more yards, 5 with more TDs, and he’s put up more yards than 10 other WR taken ahead of him). 4th round pick Maxx Crosby has been a beast.

  28. Raiders have issues but this wasn’t really a good firing. Man was able to find a lot of talent, more than some other GMs.

  29. The early round draft pick busts were Chucky and his ego. He had final say. Chucky let Mayock handle the late-round picks — where he found gems like All-Pro Maxx Crosby and Hunter Renfrow.

  30. Congrats to the GM and coach for going through 2 major incidents this year and making the playoffs! Great job…you’re FIred! SMH

  31. I’m not sure I understand this. It’s not like he was a total failure. In fact, given all that went on this year they had a darn good year–even making the playoffs. They made some good draft choices and they made some bad ones. The same can be said for virtually every team.

    The team is definitely in better shape than it was three years ago. The question now is will it get better or worse? It’s hard to imagine it’ll get better after doing another reboot. The Raiders will be the Raiders.

  32. It’s hard to say whose first round picks those really were. Was it gruden with final say to take everyone too high? I thought Mayock would get a draft or two without gruden over him but obviously Davis knows more about how everything went down.

  33. I don’t follow the Raiders all that closely but seems to be the roster includes a bunch of good young players that Mayock acquired. Renders, crosby, Moreau, Jacobs, and several other young starters I believe. There are far, far worse GM’s in this league. Maybe the Gruden association required his departure. Otherwise, he seemed pretty legit to me.

  34. Bring back Reggie McKenzie and hire Eric Bienemy as HC. Very doable with a continuity factor.

  35. But Howie Roseman takes Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson, Takes J.J. Artega.Whiteside over D.K.Metcalf, countless horrible contracts and I can go on and on but Howie still has a job in Philly? #Fire Howie

  36. Mike Mayock took a team in turmoil and in 3 years playoffs , even with the Antonio Brown BS & Gruden fiasco made the team competitive and a bad ref call and renfroe slip away from tying a fun playoff game to watch. He did his job. NFL Network needs to hire him back.

  37. “ After his draft results as GM, it’s hard to imagine he’d be asked to be a draft expert anywhere.”
    Charlie Casserly was arguably worse as a GM with the Texans than Mayock was and he’s employed as a TV draft expert. I suspect Mike will be back to arguing with Mel and/or Todd before the next draft happens.

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