Rams blowing out Cardinals 21-0 at halftime

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Through the first 30 minutes of Monday’s game, the Rams have completely outperformed the Cardinals and carry a 21-0 lead at halftime.

Arizona has barely shown up at all. The club finished the first quarter with -3 total yards and didn’t record a first down until 7:17 in the second quarter. Quarterback Kyler Murray has looked as lost as ever, going 7-of-17 passing for just 28 yards with a pair of interceptions in the first two quarters.

Arizona finished with just 40 yards and three first downs in the first half. The club is 0-of-6 on third down and averaging just 1.5 yards per play.

Murray’s first interception was a particularly poor decision, as he tried to get rid of the football to avoid a sack in the end zone for a safety. But that errant pass ended up in the arms of cornerback David Long, who returned it for a 3-yard touchdown.

Murray’s second interception came off a tipped pass and didn’t end up doing any harm, as the Rams had to punt.

On the other side, Odell Beckham Jr. has made his presence felt with three catches for 52 yards — including a 31-yard reception and a 4-yard touchdown that opened the scoring.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford also had a 1-yard touchdown on a quarterback sneak early in the second quarter. He’s 6-of-9 passing for 93 yards.

If things don’t change in the second half, there could be some questions about Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s job security. The Cardinals have not looked at all prepared for their third game of the season against a division rival. And Arizona finished the season 1-4 after starting it 10-2.

25 responses to “Rams blowing out Cardinals 21-0 at halftime

  1. The halftime announcers are saying murray needs to get comfortable in the pocket. No, he needs to do what he does best and get out of the pocket. He has had opportunities to run for first downs and instead he is throwing into coverage. It’s now or next year kid, better start trying now

  2. I’ve seen Kyler Murray play very well, but recently h4e’s looked bad.
    What happened to him?
    Whats he going to be in 2022? Good or bad?

  3. Based on my experience this year as a Steeler fan, I assume Kylie Murray needs to retire? I mean I know an aging QB performance when I see one.

  4. Green caught the ball. A big turnaround. Arizona needs to stop the run or they are going home.

  5. The Rams are just a better team than the Cardinals and they showed up to the tourny ready to play some ball yo.

  6. Might be a blessing in disguise.

    All the East coast sets tune out, ratings tank, and the NFL realizes what an absurd idea this was.

  7. Biggest arguments against the expansion to more playoff teams (7 now; I in future) is the dismissal performance of the lower ranked wildcard teams.

  8. Big surprise, Cardinals cardinaling their opportunity… Lions, Browns, Cardinals are teams that just can’t finish well!
    Who is the Cards backup QB?… never mined, he still plays for the Cards… LoL

  9. As a Cardinals fan, 11 wins is better than most seasons but this is embarrassing. Maybe Kyler and Kliff arent the answer for this team after all

  10. tyreehelmetcatch says:
    January 17, 2022 at 10:02 pm
    4 out of the 6 games were blowouts. Year 1 of the 18 week season is not a good look.

    Agree and to add year 1 of adding two teams to the Playoffs isn’t a good look either!

  11. So the two teams(Pitt-Philly) that only made the Playoffs because of the 2 added teams both got BLOWN OUT!

    So far adding two teams to the Playoffs has been a total dud and all it did was give those two #2 teams a super easy pass to round 2 of the Playoffs!

  12. AZ need to regroup, learn from the playoff experience & try to improve for next season. They clearly weren’t ready this weekend.

  13. So the NFL got greedy by adding a game to the regular season and 2 teams to the Playoffs and they get 4 duds out of 5 games, exactly what they deserve!

    What the hell did they think would happen by watering down the Playoffs even more than it was already?

    I’d say only division winners should make the Playoffs, I mean think about it for a minute it’d make the teams play harder for the entire regular season if every game meant something and the Playoffs would be a hell of a lot better by having only the 4 best teams from each conference get in!

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