Report: Panthers interviewing Ben McAdoo for offensive coordinator

New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders
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The Panthers’ search for a new offensive coordinator is reportedly going to involve a chat with former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

Joseph Person of reports that the Panthers will interview McAdoo on Tuesday. They’ve already interviewed Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak, Colts wide receivers coach Mike Groh, and Colts running backs coach Scottie Montgomery.

McAdoo was the Giants’ offensive coordinator for two years before going 13-15 as their head coach and getting fired late in the 2017 season. He was the Jaguars quarterbacks coach in 2020 and worked as a Cowboys consultant during the 2021 season.

A report at the end of the regular season indicated Panthers head coach Matt Rhule needed to hire a “rock star” coordinator in order to save his job. Rhule said last week that he hasn’t been told his status with the team depends on who he hires, but McAdoo’s past wardrobe choices to call to mind at least one musical legend.

8 responses to “Report: Panthers interviewing Ben McAdoo for offensive coordinator

  1. Ben McAdoo looks like the guy that steals and eats your lunch out of the office fridge…no one has caught him in the act yet,but we all suspect exactly who it might be.

  2. This tells me Rhule had no plan when he fired Joe Brady. Which means it was an emotional decision. Which means he is in over his head.

  3. Rhule wants to keep doing it his way and to do so needs a fall guy. Why, Ben McAdoo! You old so and so, c’mon down heah to Carolina!

  4. The Clapper is also available. Are we sure Dave Gettleman isn’t secretly still running Carolina?

  5. Of course. I genuinely feel sorry for Panthers fans. They’re stuck with Rhule and possibly McAdoo next season and Sam Darnold at QB. There is no hope.

  6. At this point instead continuing going through the same ole people all the time. I would go out on a limb and hire someone who was a decent QB when they played. Maybe Chad Pennington, Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Brett Farve, or Doug Williams. At least someone new for a change.

  7. Ain’t buying it. Tepper is the owner so he’s the one with final say on hires and fires. If Rhule likes a guy, I would think Tepper has to sign off. He’s a part of this circus too. Too bad we can’t fire a tuba playing owner instead of hiring a rock star O.C.

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