Stephen Jones: No place for throwing objects at officials

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
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After the infamous Hail Mary game of December 1975, a Vikings fan upset with uncalled offensive pass interference on Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson threw a whiskey bottle that struck game official Armen Terzian in the head. After Sunday’s playoff game between the 49ers and Cowboys, disgruntled Dallas fans threw bottles and other objects at the officials as they left the field.

After the game, quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t express disapproval of the behavior. On Monday, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones did.

“That’s just unfortunate,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Jon Machota of “That’s not the way I see our fans. I think we are a class act. There is just no place for that.”

While not as catchy as the Sam Wyche snowball message from years gone by, Jones is right. Buying a ticket doesn’t give those who attend the game the right to engage in lawless, unsafe acts. Hopefully, the available technologies will be utilized to find those who did it — and to punish them accordingly, even if the end result is that they’re banned for life from attending NFL games.

31 responses to “Stephen Jones: No place for throwing objects at officials

  1. Maybe relay that to your star QB who still won’t admit he botched the final play of the game.

  2. Eye in the sky can and should identify EACH customer throwing a object ,and make them a NON customer Mr. Jones

  3. The Cowboys were the biggest frauds in the playoffs. The 49ers should
    have won by 30.

  4. Most of the penalties were validated on replay. Cowboys were sloppy yesterday. Like every January.

  5. Maybe relay that to your star QB who still won’t admit he botched the final play of the game.

    C’mon, be fair. It was also the final play of Dallas’s season.

  6. It says a lot about a person when he (Dak) credits the fans for throwing debris at the officials. I get the disappointment, but Dallas did it to themselves, and I really thought that he was better than that.

  7. Yet I doubt that the Cowboys do anything to investigate and punish the fans that were throwing objects, nor discipline their QB for condoning the behavior.

  8. Dak and McCarthy look like complete trash for how they have handled themselves

  9. I would sure like to read or hear the quotes of Dak and McCarthy condoning fans throwing things.not voicing disapproval is one thing,agreeing with or encouraging is altogether different. I understand initial frustration at official,it was a bad look,but what it really shows was his stuggle to get to the ball asap to allow play to resume.

  10. While yea I agree, there is no place for fans reacting like this however; there is also no place for officials making terrible calls and missing obvious penalties on certain teams like we have seen to many times this year. The fans deserve to see a game decided on the field by the players not by the officials.

  11. Dak Prescott – 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee.

    All class without the c and the l.

  12. One play doesn’t make or break a game. The fans’ and players’ ire is misplaced with their utter refusal to own up to their failures in leading up to the last drive.

    Even Romo said they didn’t have enough time to run the play and he was right.

  13. Curious how accurate any of those fans throwing items on the field were? Maybe the Cowboys could invite them to Spring mini-camp

  14. If there was an accurate throw in the bunch they may find their new qb. McCarthy obviously had nothing to do with it. If he had, someone would have tried running the bottle down to the field.

  15. Terrible job by Prescott. He lost a ton of credibility and respect with the national fan base and the league office for saying that.

  16. Don’t allow alcohol at the games. But the refs dominated the game. That’s on them. They screwed up. There’s a price to pay when you act so poorly.

  17. Fans still have quite a bit of respect for Prescott. He does do a lot of really good things and one off comment after a game like that doesn’t make him a bad person or take away from all of the charity and goodwill that he does the other 99.999% of the time. Obviously he shouldn’t have said that. All it proves is that he is an imperfect human being just like all of us and he was feeling the same way in that moment that all of the fans were.

  18. Taking off running in that situation was asinine. It’s human nature to blame someone else for embarrassing failures, but they were throwing at the wrong people.

  19. Once again, after a disappointing end to a game that could have ben won, get off the stage! The Cowboys have a PR man named Darylrampel. Let him answers the questions. Dak, no matter what you say, it probably won’t sound good!

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