Tom Brady notches 35th postseason win, 85th postseason touchdown pass

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - Eagles at Buccaneers
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Tom Brady keeps re-writing the NFL playoff record book.

The Buccaneers’ win over the Eagles on Sunday was the 35th postseason win of Brady’s career. That’s not just an NFL record, it dwarfs second-place Joe Montana, who won 16 postseason games as a starting quarterback.

Brady also threw two touchdown passes, giving him 85 in the postseason in his career. Again, no one else is close: Montana and Aaron Rodgers are tied for second, with 45 career touchdown passes in the postseason.

Overall, Brady has completed 1,135 of 1,801 passes in the playoffs, for 12,720 yards, with 85 touchdowns and 38 interceptions. His playoff numbers are so far ahead of the rest of the NFL that the records may prove to be unbreakable.

11 responses to “Tom Brady notches 35th postseason win, 85th postseason touchdown pass

  1. He also has the interceptions record 🙂

    But I think he is OK with that one…the others kind of make up for that one!

    Now…if only someone would find his spaceship!!!

  2. This is Brady’s 22nd season. Setting aside 2000 when he was carrying a clipboard and 2008 when he went out for the season in game one, he has been a starting quarterback for 20 years. In the previous 19, he has been to 10 Super Bowls, which means that even if the Buccaneers do not get to Super Bowl LVI, he will have been to half the Super Bowls available to him. Insane.

  3. Just waiting for the “well, if you play long enough you can do anything” crowd to chime in.

  4. gopackgo13 says:
    January 17, 2022 at 7:40 am
    Captain dink-and-dunk at it again yesterday…
    You take what the defense gives you. Called playing smart

  5. Captain dink-and-dunk at it again yesterday…

    Rodgers has a 10-9 record against the NFC in the playoffs. Brady has been in the NFC for two seasons and has a 10-3 record against the NFC in the playoffs.

  6. Saw a stat yesterday that Brady has 17 postseason wins since he turned 37 years old. Montana has the second most wins with 16.

    So Brady has more postseason wins than any qb from the age his career should have fallen off the cliff and been on a decline.

  7. Not only will many of Brady’s playoff marks never be topped some of ’em won’t even be approached. He’s got a good shot to top 13,000 postseason passing yards next Sunday. 2nd all-time? Peyton Manning with around 7300. Ridiculous.

  8. Average Yards Per Pass Thrown 2021:

    Aron Rodgers 7.7
    Pat Mahomes 7.5
    Tom Brady 7.4
    Josh Allen 7.0

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