Aaron Donald: I think Kyler Murray wasn’t comfortable at all

NFL: JAN 17 NFC Wild Card - Cardinals at Rams
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Quarterback Kyler Murray lamented the fact that the Cardinals weren’t “competitive” in Monday night’s loss to the Rams.

But a significant part of why that happened was Los Angeles’ relentless defensive performance.

Murray was sacked twice and hit five times. But he was rarely able to get his feet set and deliver accurate passes — especially early.

“I feel like we were just dominant out there,” Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald said. “I think the quarterback wasn’t comfortable at all. I think he tried to get out of the pocket a couple of times — we were able to run him down or do something to the point where he threw the ball, made a bad throw.

“We did what was were supposed to do. That was the game plan and we stuck to it and we had some success doing it.”

Donald was asked when he could sense that Murray was rattled. In starting the game with four consecutive three-and-outs, Los Angeles’ defense didn’t let Arizona get into any kind of rhythm.

“Once guys were getting close to him, you could see he fluttered,” Donald said. “He tried to get out of the pocket a couple of times. We kind of kept him contained to the point where he couldn’t and he had to make a couple of bad throws. Or he slid down. So I think we just did a good job bottling him up.”

The Rams will have a different kind of challenge at quarterback in the Divisional round with Tom Brady. But Donald and the rest of the L.A. defense likely built some confidence in keeping Murray at bay.

9 responses to “Aaron Donald: I think Kyler Murray wasn’t comfortable at all

  1. It was like watching lions hunt, that little gazelle was bouncing left and right but there was just no hope

  2. Called it last week when everyone was laughing about the Rams signing Weddle. With the way AD owns Kyler, I could be playing DB and it wouldn’t matter.

  3. They are not the same team they were a few weeks ago. Injuries affects all teams most of the time when you do not have depth. Once their WR went down it was a steady decline from there.

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