Budda Baker says “I am doing good” after collision with Cam Akers


Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker left Monday night’s Wild Card game against the Los Angeles Rams secured to a stretcher after a violent collision with running back Cam Akers.

The left side of Baker’s head to the brunt of Akers’ impact as he slammed off the turf and remained down on the field for several minutes. He was treated on the field, secured to a backboard and stretched to a waiting ambulance to be taken to the hospital. The Cardinals said that Baker sustained a concussion but had full feeling in his extremities and was fully alert and communicative.

“Thank you all for the prayers. I am doing good 🙏🏾,” Baker wrote on his Twitter account early Tuesday morning.

Akers, who got off the ground following the impact and gestured in Baker’s direction, also sent out a tweet wishing the best for Baker and said he was unaware he’d been injured in the collision.

Prays up to Budda 🙏🏾. I didn’t know he was hurt after the play but I have nothing but respect for him,” Akers wrote.

4 responses to “Budda Baker says “I am doing good” after collision with Cam Akers

  1. With the league making a huge deal about taunting and posturing earlier in the season, how did Akers not get a taunting penalty after he actually taunted Baker who was laying prone on the ground after that play.

  2. Akers should have been penalized and fined for taunting. That was disgusting, I turned the game off after I saw him do that.

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