Dak Prescott apologizes for his comments about fans throwing objects at officials


On Sunday, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott did the wrong thing, condoning fans throwing objects at game officials. On Tuesday, Dak did the right thing, apologizing for his remarks.

“I deeply regret the comments I made regarding the officials after the game on Sunday,” Prescott said on Twitter. “I was caught up in the emotion of a disappointing loss and my words were uncalled for and unfair. . . . I hold the NFL Officials in the highest regard and have always respected their professionalism and the difficulty of their jobs. The safety of everyone who attends a game or participates on the field of a sporting event is a very serious matter. . . . That was a mistake on my behalf, and I am sorry.”

Dak’s apology comes in the wake of a strong statement from the NBA Referees Association criticizing his words.

Good move by Dak to walk back what he said and to apologize. No one should throw items at anyone during sporting events, for any reason. Dak spoke out in frustration. Two days later, he cleaned up the mess.

104 responses to “Dak Prescott apologizes for his comments about fans throwing objects at officials

  1. The officials are terrible and inconsistent at best. It’s part of the game, but it shouldn’t be.

    The NFL needs to create rules that allow for one thing above all else – getting it right. The Refs are human and you’re asking (well paid) part time workers to watch the best athletes in the world fight over inches traveling (sometimes) over 20MPH. It’s a hard gig. Cut the refs some slack and place the blame right where it belongs – Rodger Goodell.

  2. “No one should throw items at anyone during sporting events, for any reason.” …except, you know, …the football.

  3. You know that comment came straight from Dak’s agent and/or the team. Dak is still glad the fan’s threw stuff at the refs.

  4. We think the officiating is pristine

    FanDuel & Draft Kings, official gambling partners of the NFL

  5. If a coach says anything about the officiating of a game, he can usually expect a fine. Should be the same for Dak. He should also be assigned to personally escorting the officials off the field after every one of his games next season.

  6. oY VEY the old sorry not sorry quotes come out again. His handlers put this out not him he didn’t write one word of it.

  7. In other words, he was threatened with a huge fine, or his PR guy told him he could lose endorsements due to all the bad publicity he was receiving.

  8. Dak, good luck with Roughing the Passer calls next season. Better find some better rib pads.

  9. Dallas fans can take comfort that Hey, at least they didn’t draft Carson!
    Right, guys? Right? Still winning the Dak vs. Carson debate is a #DallasW!

  10. lol – you don’t have much choice when your employer tells you to make a public apology….

  11. I think every professional athlete who has ever apologized for anything, has used the same apology writer.

  12. Yep
    especailly after that one hustled to clean up your mistake of not handing him the ball
    sorry your teammates got in the way of him doing his job

  13. Too little, too late.

    I always thought- meh, average QB and Jerry way overpaid, but he seems like a class act.

    Now that the class is gone, what am I left with?

  14. Dak spoke with great conviction, re pelting the officials. Twice he acknowledged the fans did the right thing.
    What a loser…literally.

  15. Why can’t people stand up for what they truly believe these days? Dak,you were annoyed and made your comment,right or wrong…don’t backtrack after you get some flak.

  16. This is an empty apology. He’s not sorry. If he were sorry he would have apologized yesterday and not waited until his comments were roundly condemned. He didn’t, not even after Stephen Jones said what he said. Only after the NBA refs made their statement did he realize he needed to release his fake apology.

  17. If you think the refs are to blame in the SFO-DAL game, you’re either wearing a tinfoil hat or just an imbecile.

  18. Translation: If I don’t make nice nice with the NFL officials, I’ll never see another defensive pass interference, roughing the passer, or any other “helpful” call come our way.

  19. Dak season!

    Referee season!

    Dak season!

    Referee season!

    Referee season!

    I say it is Dak season and defensive linemen blast away!

  20. Next season, Cowboys offensive holding penalties will go up by 100%, while roughing the passes penalties called in their favor will go down by 100%.

  21. Dak blames the refs for his and his team’s shortcomings. Didn’t get the job done, blame yourself

  22. Dak knew those endorsements were going to get a little thinner. He folded lije a wet tent in the playoffs again, then he made a stupid, classless comment afterwards.

  23. No Cowboy fan here but Dak has always been a class act up until this. He made a mistake and owned up to it. Good for him.

  24. Never apologize even if you should. No one will forgive him anyway. That’s not in America’s dna anymore.

  25. As fans we can call out the bad behavior. We should also accept the apologies. I’m on to Cincinnati at Tennessee.

  26. Great! Now lets hear the refs/league apologize for the obvious blown calls(such as the infamous no call in new orleans). Right,like that will ever happen. Better yet, do something to prevent future occurrence of it.

  27. Apologizing via tweet is lame. He should issue an on-camera apology to the refs and then another to the league, players, and fans. His Twitter statement reads like it was written by his agent and publicist. It isn’t an apology to anyone in specific. All it does is say that his team agent is making him issue a statement because he’s taking heat.

    If the league doesn’t take any action, it’s hypocritical.

  28. Watch Orlovsky on Twitter it was 100% on the coaching in the final seconds players just moseying to the line Dak not handing the ball to the ref to begin with And we tried to set it themselves

  29. Dak is a good man! Everyperson that I know has, at sometime said words that were not appropriate! And, they were only words. Let’s mmove on!

  30. Should have never made those comments, but I appreciate that he gave an apology without any deflection or excuses. That is all too common today. So kudos to him for that.

  31. On another note Jalen hurts and Dak Prescott had the same exact #’s plus an extra INT for Jalen but one is making 40 plus million with a stacked wide receiver core in the playoffs at home

  32. Title should has been written as “After receiving lecturing from his agent, and counseling from the financial advisor, Dak Prescott apologizes for his comments about fans throwing objects at officials”

  33. The reason this is news is because he was forced to say this. This statement is crafted by lawyers or agents and does not come from his heart. This is messaging. Referees know this. Unfortunately for Dak, he cannot take back what he said. He meant it and doubled and tripled down on it. This statement is pure PR and we all know it. Let’s see if this affects the physical nature of the quarterback position for the Dallas Cowboys next year.

  34. The Cowboys had NOTHING to complain about when it came to how the officiating was during their game, yet still managed to make the game about the referees.

    The way they performed, the horrid choices made by coaches, I can understand why, they would rather have the media talking about referees 40 yard dash, vs. how they should literally dismantle Cowboys because they are just picking on a awful division right now.

  35. Translation: I’m hoping that the gigantic fine I would otherwise get hit with will be reduced by this apology that I was forced to give but don’t really believe.

  36. When will these players stop blaming the refs and take ownership of their poor play. I can’t imagine what it must be like to officiate an NFL game. The speed must be incredible like putting it on fast pitch at the batting cages and not hitting a thing. People ride the refs way too much.

  37. he should also apologize for having 0 awareness of the game situation
    news flash: he ain’t that good

  38. At a minimum, he should be fined for his comments. To set the proper example, the NFL should really give him a one game suspension to start next year.

  39. I’m still amazed that Cowboys players, coaches, fans are calling out the refs. I watched the whole game and there were no questionable calls. It’s a mini miracle that the cowboys were even in this game. If not for Jimmy G’s misfires they’d have been crushed. The last call was exactly right. Despite “practicing” this play many times and the guy pulling the trigger being a pro for many years, they did not know to hand the ball to the refs?? If they screw up they should have owned up to it.

    It should not have surprised anyone that they got beat. Most analysts were saying that it’s a bad matchup. I think their so called talent is very overrated. Does anyone want Elliott anymore? How about $20M man Cooper. That OL is decrepit. Dak only excels playing against NFC East. Lamb may be the only talent and he disappeared.

    For all the fawning over Diggs, do people know he gave up more yards than *any* CB. So when he was not intercepting he was getting toasted. Parsons looks good but Lawrence has hardly had any sacks. Where’s the talent?

    McCarthy rode Rodgers coattails to a title. Case could be made he’s the reason why Rodgers does not have more. Boy wonder got schooled by Shanahan/McDaniel.

    To make matters worse, Cowboys are not in a good shape cap wise next year. Why is Jones so enamored with this team. They *may* win NFC Least again but there’s a possibility that Philly will catchup. They have 3 first rounders next year.

  40. “I also deeply regret running a QB sneak with 14 seconds left, no time outs, and our season in the line.”

  41. Took him two days to figure out what he said was incredibly wrong.
    I guess the football field isn’t the only place where he takes a long time to process information…

  42. Dak, you blew it. You handed ball to your center, not the Umpire, then you got in the Umpire’s way who was hustling to help your team get the ball marked after idiot play. You would not have won any way. Just stop

  43. Man, refs make us all upset and happy at times but this is just part of the game. Its called human beings. They’ll never be perfect but we can appreciate the NFL always trying to get things right.
    Yeah those were dumb comments and really irresponsible of Dak. I was actually shocked when he said that. Glad he apologized.

  44. Dak showed who he is – both on the field and in his comments. His advertising sponsors should drop him like a hot pan.

  45. He said what he was feeling at the moment and he meant it 100%. Rather we as fans like it or not he should own it. This goes for any player, I mean after all don’t we all like to hear the truth? Apologizing later on just makes you look weak! And nobody like weak, and the people you are apologizing for don’t care, they still consider you the bad guy.

  46. I wonder how many endorsement contracts he lost for his ill advised words? And now he is a hero for a forced apology? All respect gone.

  47. mjtn52 says:
    January 18, 2022 at 8:52 pm
    You know that comment came straight from Dak’s agent and/or the team. Dak is still glad the fan’s threw stuff at the refs.

    curtis20 says:
    January 18, 2022 at 9:00 pm
    oY VEY the old sorry not sorry quotes come out again. His handlers put this out not him he didn’t write one word of it.

    I do not understand why people are so concerned about whether a statement is wordsmithed by an attorney, agent, or “handler”. If someone has an important issue to address, it only makes sense to have a professional phrase those words in a correct and concise way as possible. Any statement has to be approved by the client.

  48. Did he really clean up the mess though? This is like that thing in a court trial where the judge tells the jury to disregard what they just heard. The fan base already heard what he said and got the message. The QB approves.

  49. Dak definitely did not write those words. He should’ve had a news conference instead of tweeting the statement. It definitely would have had more effect because not everyone in the world tweets, and this statement wasn’t all that believable.

  50. Give him credit for not throwing out the “My words were taken out of context” excuse, and trying to blame it on the media.
    Seems like he owns what he did.
    I can fully understand the “heat of the moment” reason.

  51. Only after the NBA ref’s come out with a statement. It will be open season on Dak next year & fun to watch the refs keep the yellow flags in their pockets when hits start coming. Disrespecting your protectors is not the smartest move. And if the fans in Dallas throw more stuff at the ref’s ,oh boy look out.

  52. The NFL should suspend Dak for a few games next year to send a message that this kind of statement will not be tolerated.

  53. Ah yes the good old Twitter apology. Doesn’t have to be your own words, doesn’t have to be meant, doesn’t even have to be (and almost certainly wasn’t) written by you. Gotta love it.

  54. What an idiot. Dak better hope his O-Line protects him well next year because the refs aren’t going to give him any roughing the passer benefit.

  55. Dallas fan, Dax, the coaching staff still think it was the officials fault for their loss! It’s on them!

  56. 48 hours later after being criticized by everyone including the NBA Refs? Not a chance this was written by anyone other than his PR firm.

    Dak Screwed up. McCarthy screwed up. And on this particular play the refs DID NOT screw up.

    If anything the Cowboys should be kissing the feet of the refs after they took away a 49ers First down which would’ve ended the game and moved the ball back 3 inches so that the Cowboys season wasn’t over at that point.

    If the 49ers would’ve lost they would’ve had a more legitimate complaint than the Cowboys.

  57. His comments after the game just show his immaturity extends off the field as well . I don’t think Prescott is a bad guy but I do question if he has maturity and leadership capabilities to win championships. His inability to handle adversity was on full display this past weekend and at this point in his career there’s nothing to indicate he’s ever going to figure it out .

  58. I felt Dallas was in sorry shape with McCarthy. Now, combined with Prescott, they’re doomed. Good luck with that.

  59. look, the officials have been awful, but you simply can’t say stuff like that and then walk it back later.

    officials have been assaulted and even killed before in YOUTH sports. It doesn’t take much for a mob mentality to take over in a situation like a football game when emotions are running high and alcohol is involved.

    frankly,the nfl should suspend dak for the season opener next year.

  60. It’s hard to put the toothpaste back into the tube, isn’t it, Dak. Nice apology though. Kudos to whoever wrote it for him…. But you all showed us all the “real” Dak, guy. At least someone had you “do the right thing” by publishing this nice apology. Good for them. Wink wink….

  61. Nothing but spin from Dak here. Had a day to reflect and said the same thing again. Turn up the media heat and a tune only played by smart PR comes next the following day. As I guy whose looked at refs after hits saying hey why no flag this is just a little more pathetic in my opinion.

  62. I’ll give it to Dak – impressive for anyone to man up and apologize. He was wrong and has now admitted it. Time to move on.

  63. Ok. Reduce his suspension from four games to two. If the league ignores this one, they’re saying two things: it’s perfectly fine for players and coaches to criticize officials, and it’s perfectly fine for players to applaud fan violence. No doubt Jerry is already using his influence (and his cash?) to make this go away.

  64. Let me start by saying Dak should have done this (and likely sooner than when he did).

    That said, if the same amount of effort and energy went in to fixing the game so the officials weren’t controlling key aspects of the game with trivial and ticky tack calls, Dak and others wouldn’t have to be rushing to the defense of refs being put in a hopelessly bad situation. Let’s not pretend the game isn’t broken either. Whenever the following happens fans wait with baited breath on the coin flip chance of the laundry coming out:

    * Hands to the face by the defense (not sure the evolution of this but it’s clear it was put in place by somebody who never played defense)

    * Any form of a pass longer than 20 yards

    * The 3 inch safe zone to hit a QB in any situation

    * Why can’t the NFL just make the pick play legal at this point

  65. I’d respect him a lot more if he said IN HIS OWN WORDS “you know what, I was pissed off in the moment and said something I shouldn’t have said. Sorry about that” instead of this insincere CYA say-what-the-team-PR-lawyers-say-I-should-say mess.

  66. Please. Save it. Apologizing after already doubling down is pathetic. Especially when he was appalled at his original notion of this being directed at players.

  67. This is like when Mom made you apologize when you were a kid. You did it because you had to, not because you really felt it. Still, you learned something about proper behavior, at least I hope so, and maybe so will Dak.

  68. Dak is a fraud. He showed his true colors on Sunday both during the game and in the press conference

  69. I think what the average player and fan want is some sense of accountability for officials. They’re protected against criticism in the game (unsportsmanlike penalties), in the press (hide behind a pool official or a mealy-mouth league VP, who actively lies), and in their jobs (union prevents them from being demoted / fired). The worst thing that will come from a bad call in any professional league? They don’t get to officiate the playoffs, but next year they’re still back on the field.

    Now that the NFL gets a cut from gambling revenues, it’s even worse because now it’s not just ineptness, it’s corruption to ensure that gambling revenues go the way the league wants them to go. I’m sure most owners would be absolutely fine losing 15 games a year, every year, if the money coming to them is maximized.

    The only way you’ll relieve all this pressure is to get a merit-based system for officials, one that allows them to be fired for performance problems (something their union will never allow); coupled with independent oversight that’s detached from the league (perhaps a requirement for keeping anti-trust status?).

  70. Why do people act as if the Cowboys would have not had time expire that they would have won the game? They still would have needed to complete a 30 yard TD on a final play. That’s a very low percentage pass at best.

  71. Dak and Dallas fans need someone else to blame for their failures don’t they? I guess the refs are why they have 1 playoff win in 6 years with Dak. I guess the refs are why Dallas has 4 playoff wins since 1996 and last made it past the Divisional rd in 1995.

  72. bostonbeans says:
    January 18, 2022 at 9:19 pm
    Dak won’t be getting many roughing thee passer calls going his way. Zebras remember
    I never even thought about that yet. Hopefully you’re right.

  73. If you hook Dak up to a lie detector he’d admit he thinks the game ended because the Ref messed up. That’s a HUGE problem going forward if the guy can’t see how he messed that up.

  74. flasherz says:
    January 19, 2022 at 9:40 am
    I think what the average player and fan want is some sense of accountability for officials. They’re protected against criticism in the game (unsportsmanlike penalties), in the press (hide behind a pool official or a mealy-mouth league VP, who actively lies), and in their jobs (union prevents them from being demoted / fired). The worst thing that will come from a bad call in any professional league? They don’t get to officiate the playoffs, but next year they’re still back on the field.

    You’re not wrong, but it’s totally irrelevant to what happened here. Official had to plow through the O-line to even get to that ball, that’s on Dak and the players.

  75. Dak’s words andMcCarthy’s words are proof they they can’t admit their own faults. A team can never succeed if they refuse to admit their faults. THey can never get better……and all of this starts with the head coach.

    McCarthy needs to go.

  76. It’s just a game. The intensity of the fans, most certainly fueled by sports betting, so outcomes have financial consequences, just make it less fun for folks like me.

  77. He should be apologizing for his horrid play and stealing $75 mil from the organization this year.

  78. I would so love anyone criticizing officiating of any sport to give it a try. Contact your local youth sports league for a taste, or even better TRAVEL teams!

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