For Monday and Tuesday, no active players landed on COVID-19 reserve

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In the final weeks of the regular season, the pandemic resulted in hundreds of players landing on the COVID-19 reserve list. As the final eight teams prepare to play in the divisional round, the week has begun with (checks notes) zero active players testing positive.

On Monday, no players from the remaining eight teams were placed on COVID-19 reserve. On Tuesday, no active players received the designation. Only one practice-squad player, Bills defensive tackle Eli Ankou, was placed on COVID-19 reserve today.

So what’s happening? Yes, the recent Omicron outbreak is subsiding. Also, players who tested positive over the past 90 days aren’t being tested.

It would nevertheless be foolish to assume that players aren’t doing everything they can to conceal any symptoms they may have. Likewise, it’s unlikely that teams are scrutinizing key players for any reason to think that they may have COVID.

Regardless, the pandemic has moved to the back burner. It won’t become a daily issue again unless and until the Packers make it to the Super Bowl and the daily testing window opens again for unvaccinated quarterback Aaron Rodgers, two days after the NFC Championship.

13 responses to “For Monday and Tuesday, no active players landed on COVID-19 reserve

  1. Good! We wouldn’t want players out there passing mild cold symptoms to one another

  2. If the Packers make the Super Bowl Florio is going to be punching air every day that goes by where Rodgers doesn’t test positive

  3. Commish said “just say no to Covid during playoffs”. We are to believe Covid doesn’t infect players during the playoffs…lol!

  4. Covid is rampant in the NHL right now….but $omehow the NFL has no case$. $shocking how they were able to avoid that.

  5. Weird, all across the Midwest there are school closings again and people sick everywhere. But everything is fine in NFL locker rooms…. What a joke! When the games matter, testing results are all negative. Of course we’re just supposed to believe what we’re told so carry-on. Nothing to see here.

  6. The whole system is fixed there are lot’s of Covid infected players out there the whole country is infected but not the NFL…LOL….right .

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