Jalen Hurts: There’s a lot of value in everything that’s happened this year

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Eagles’ season came to a painful end in Tampa on Sunday and quarterback Jalen Hurts had a rough day, but he wasn’t dwelling on what went wrong when he spoke to reporters in Philadelphia on Monday.

Hurts said he felt that his second season as a starter was already underway and that he will be “finding anything and everything that can be teachable in a moment and growing from it” as he works on his game this offseason. He said he felt the team “kind of got our feet wet” this season and that the organization is on the same page when it comes to using what they learned to get better.

“I think I’ve done a lot of great things this year, a lot of things to learn from personally,” Hurts said, via Evan Macy of PhillyVoice.com. “I think the most important thing for me, as you ask that question, is the relationships I built with my teammates, the time we put in . . . the relationships with my coaches, I think there’s a lot of value in everything that’s happening this year.”

Having Hurts in his first full season as a starter and Nick Sirianni in his first season as a head coach gives reason to feel that this year can set a foundation for better things to come. The Eagles also have three first round picks that can help bolster their roster as they bid for a longer stay in the postseason the next time around.

12 responses to “Jalen Hurts: There’s a lot of value in everything that’s happened this year

  1. He’s not the future at QB. They need to invest in one this draft. The NFC East is fool’s gold … teams look better than they are because they have 6 games against very substandard teams.

  2. Seen enough of Hurts. He’s a decent qb but his passing skills will never be elite. Unless he has a special team around him he will never win. He’s probably the bottom ten of starting qbs in the nfl and I don’t see his ceiling getting much higher. Philly with their draft capital should really try to get a guy who can be the franchise.

  3. Gadget QBs rarely win in the playoffs. Time to move on from Jalen and bring in an accurate pocket passer.

  4. Refusing or unable to throw a forward pass for the first 20 minutes of game time really makes me question Hurts. DB playing 12 yards off of Smith the entire game and no audibles to the quick slant or comeback for the easy 7-8 yards? Middle of the field unguarded by the defense and we’re throwing WR screens?

    Even when the Eagles fell behind and the eagles reluctantly decided to pass he’d lock on to one person who was covered while someone else would beat his coverage and would be wide open for a long TD.

    The game was disheartening, not because the Bucs stopped the run but because everyone could see how wide open the Eagles WRs on national TV and whether by design or inability, they were ignored. It was a damning game for both Sirianni (for not adjusting) and Hurts (for not being good enough when they did decide to pass).

    If Hurts still can’t hit quick slants or crossing routes next year, he needs to go. It doesn’t matter what else you can do if you can’t throw the ball accurately and on time.

  5. The Eagles snuck into the playoffs thanks to the watered down format this year, but they still have plenty to be proud of. It was a rebuilding year but they made good strides for such a young team. They also have multiple first round draft picks this year and a coaching staff that had a full year to jell. Good things will come from this team in years to come.

  6. Eagles are in a weird spot. They played well at times this year, but their games against playoff caliber teams showed they’re clearly a step behind (losses to tampa x2, dallas, 49ers, titans, etc.)

    They should give Hurts one last year, but need a #2 option in case he has games like he did this past weekend. I’d keep Minshew but he’s likely gone. I’d say draft a QB in the first round but they just have too many bigger needs at every defensive position, WR, and adding debt to the OL. There’s no point in adding another young QB in the first round when you literally need half the starting positions addressed

    Also the schedules going to be tougher next year.

  7. The Eagles exceeded pre-season expectations….but those were not very high. All in all Hurts proved to be an upgrade over Carson Wentz as unlike the Colts, at least Hurts got his team into the postseason

  8. Hurts is only 23 years old and has only started one season. He has a long way to go but I think he has shown enough in his first year to keep him at least one more season to see whether he improves. Certainly needs to do have better vision and accuracy to make it in the NFL. He is also working with new first year coaches as well. They all need to learn and improve.

  9. I fail to grasp how this year will matter jack next year – you are the same running back who thought he could throw in college. You haven’t improved at all in the pros with this being your second year in the league (applying the Taylor Heinicke rule – your first full year as a starter means you aren’t a rookie).

    I don’t see how this team gets any better. This is the normal way of flying high while flying low.

  10. “I fail to grasp how this year will matter jack next year – you are the same running back who thought he could throw in college. You haven’t improved at all in the pros with this being your second year in the league”

    You are simply wrong:

    2020 22 PHI 2 15 4 1-3-0 77 148 52 1061 6 4.1 4 2.7 45 81 7.2 6.8 13.8 70.7 77.6 33.8 13 59 8.1 6.22 5.85 4
    2021 23 PHI QB 1 15 15 8-7-0 265 432 61.3 3144 16 3.7 9 2.1 143 91 7.3 7.1 11.9 209.6 87.2 48.7 26 150 5.7 6.54 6.35 2 2 17
    Career 30 19 9-10-0 342 580 59 4205 22 3.8 13 2.2 188 91 7.3 7.0 12.3 140.2 84.7 39 209 6.3 6.46 6.22 2 2 21
    2 comebacks, 2 game-winning drives – full summary

    He improved a lot this year. Give him a veteran receiver like Calvin Ridley, and a better defense and I see 11 wins next year

  11. As much as people want to kill him, sometimes it’s hard to evaluate Hurts as a fan because you don’t know what the coaching staff wanted him to do on a given play.

    What I’d really like to see them do this offseason is focus on speeding up his reads and getting the ball quickly more often to keep the chains moving and reserve his play-extending and rushing ability for the right situations. Bailing on the pocket and playing backyard football is fine once in a while if the play breaks down, no one is open, or if that’s what the play was designed to do.

    But the Eagles offensive playcalling often reminds me of a 10-year-old playing Madden online and spamming a particular rollout play. Is it because the coach fell in love with his ability to extend plays and got greedy, because it’s all Hurts is capable of executing, or because the Eagles have a bunch of tiny finesse receivers who can’t/shouldn’t consistently go over the middle?

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