Jimmy Garoppolo says he will feel his injuries but is confident of playing

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Jimmy Garoppolo was asked Tuesday whether his thumb or his shoulder hurt worse.

Yes,” he answered to laughter.

The 49ers quarterback entered Sunday’s game with a torn ligament in his right thumb. He left with a slight sprain of his throwing shoulder.

Garoppolo injured his shoulder in the second quarter of the win over Dallas while trying to protect his thumb as he hit the ground.

“Got thrown down, went to put my hand out, and sort of had it in my head if my thumb hit I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Garoppolo said. “So, yeah, tried to catch it with my elbow a little bit and just jammed the shoulder up. Yeah, that was about it.”

In the second half, Garoppolo completed only 5 of 11 passes for 39 yards with an interception that allowed the Cowboys back in the game. The 49ers held on for a 23-17 victory.

“If you’re a quarterback, it affects every throw,” Garoppolo said. “It definitely had some impact, but if I’m out there and being put in that spot, I’ve still got to make the plays that I normally make. No excuses or anything like that. The injury is what it is. We’re all dealing with stuff now.”

The 49ers are practicing tonight, and Kyle Shanahan said in the afternoon that Garoppolo would have a limited practice. Garoppolo was limited on the first practice day last week before two full practices.

He said he expects to start Saturday against the Packers.

“Yeah, we’ll feel it out throughout the week,” Garoppolo said. “Just feeling good right now.”

29 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo says he will feel his injuries but is confident of playing

  1. Deal with it Jimmy.

    It’s not as if aaron doesn’t have to deal with Covid toe or something

  2. Other than getting injured so often, you have to admire JimmyG for fighting thru his injuries.

  3. it surprises when hearing a fan complain about a player not playing well….. in so many cases (like with the interception) there is a substantial injury affecting play.

  4. Hate to say it but Jimmy will be feeling his injuries a lot more after the game than before.

  5. Don’t push it. The Eagles will need you to be healthy when you’re playing for them in September.

  6. Int Jimmy G will be good for three picks this weekend, since he only had one against the Cowboys…

  7. I’m very confident that the 49ers will give the Packers all they can handle and then some.

  8. Jimmy’s just exaggerating his shoulder issue. The mind games are in play right now for Saturday night.

  9. As a Packer fan, this makes me nervous. 2019 NFCCG, Jimmy G only had to throw 8 times because the 49ers just ran it down our throats and no one could stop them. Was kind of hoping their game plan included 30+ passes from Jimmy G this time!

  10. Sure sounds like if Lance was ready he should be playing. Great to be tough and play though injuries but is 80% of Jimmy G really the 9ers best option?

  11. Oh believe me Jimmy, on Saturday night you gonna feel some real pain baby, the Packers defense is bringing the pain on Saturday night you feel me??????

  12. Get ready Jimmy, at game time Saturday night in GB, it will be around 5 degrees with a 10 mph wind … -10 wind chill. When it’s that cold, EVERY part of your body will hurt when you get hit. It’s a whole new ball game playing when it’s that cold with wind.

  13. I don’t think Kyle has learned his lesson from the Atlanta Superbowl. He knows he has a hurt QB. The play that Jimmy threw that pick should have been a run. If they run 3 more times and punt that game is OVER and the Cowboys wouldn’t have had a shot.

  14. The 15 degree temps this Saturday night magnify injuries and will stiffen his thumb and shoulder.

  15. Packers might be a little rusty. Losing to Detroit in the last game and then a bye. Not sure that’s the way to go into divisional round of the playoffs.

  16. So Lance isn’t better than even a banged-up Jimmy G? Yet the 49ers spent 3 first rounders on him? Lol

  17. “So Lance isn’t better than even a banged-up Jimmy G?”

    If you ever watched football, you would know that even great rookie QBs take a season or so to start playing in top form. Lance may well be the future, but not is not the time for him to play.

    Having said that, If Bosa is out, the Niners don’t have much of a chance. Garoppolo was already throwing with a torn thumb ligament. I can’t imagine what the cold will do to that injury.

  18. malarchy says:
    January 19, 2022 at 12:50 am
    Sure sounds like if Lance was ready he should be playing. Great to be tough and play though injuries but is 80% of Jimmy G really the 9ers best option?

    16 2 Rate This
    80% of Jimmy is better than Lance. Lance could barely handle the Houston Texans.

  19. If the Pack jumps out to an early lead, the only way they lose is if they go into prevent mode. How many times have they gotten a substantial lead early in the game, went conservative, and let the other team climb back into the game.

  20. Gonna be an interesting game. For sure least we forget, its the same temp for both teams and even the Packers dont practice outside.

  21. Cant wait for the game. If Jimmy lights up the packers secondary then I was correct, they suck

  22. jjackwagon says:
    January 19, 2022 at 1:29 pm
    The Pats are really wishing they had him back about now.


    No… just no.

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