Kyler Murray: “Disappointing” we couldn’t make it competitive

Rams defeat Cardinals 34-11 in the NFC Wild Card Game
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Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt called the team’s season a “massive failure” after Monday night’s 34-11 loss to the Rams was in the books and quarterback Kyler Murray agreed with that assessment when it was his turn to meet with the media.

Murray said that the goal of the team is to win the Super Bowl and they didn’t come as close to that result as it looked like they would when they opened the season with a 7-0 record. They lost four of their final six games to fall out of first place in the NFC West and found themselves down 28-0 on Monday night before they finally got on the scoreboard.

Murray said “I wish I could tell you” why things went south for the team and lamented how short they came up during his first postseason outing.

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t make it a game and come out and play the football we know we’re capable of playing, that’s really the most disappointing part,” Murray said. “Losing is one thing, but when you don’t even make it competitive, it’s another thing. . . . I put a lot on my shoulders, put a lot on myself and to dream of this moment and then be in the playoffs, the first game of the playoffs and then to play the way I did, to play the way we did, it’s, like I said, disappointing.”

Murray didn’t have much to say in response to questions about what the Cardinals should do this offseason, but changes will surely be coming as the team tries to find a formula that brings as much success late in a season as it does in the opening weeks.

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  1. You need a real qb to win in the nfl. One that can read defense. Not a one read and run qb. That college/ high school offense has been figured out. So guys like Murray, Tua, dak, hurts, and lawrence, when you can read a defense, then you can join the party with Rodgers, brady, mahomes, etc.

  2. When DHopkins went out for the year so did the Cardinals chances. Losing AJ Green early in the game today didn’t help.

    It looked like Murray was constantly going for the deep ball that wasn’t there and when it was he couldn’t hit it.

  3. The problem is , clear it’s Murray . Whether it was his injury or teams figured out how to keep him in check he’s been mediocre the latter part of the year . Losing Hopkins was a big blow but he still had enough talent around him to be better then he was . He seemed to lose his confidence after returning from injury . He really wasn’t a threat to run after his return which allowed teams to bring pressure which proved very successful . Bottom line without using his legs Murray is not a good QB . Hoping an offseason to get fully healthy will get Murray back to being the dual threat QB he was at the start of the season . If not it’s going to get ugly in a hurry in Arizona .

  4. Let’s see… the rams have Stafford Donald Ramsey Von Miller OBJ Cupp Akers Michel Whitworth Etc…It’s Basically an all star team. Tough to overcome that with an injured roster and a somewhat limited QB

  5. We? It was QB1 who lobbed that ball from the end zone for a quick pick six. Throwing the ball out of bounds or taking a sack and safety would have been better.

  6. Thinking we learned a lot about Jones,Murray and Prescott over the weekend.Not quite as good as forecasted.None were ready for the bigger stage.,Maybe they overcome that,maybe not.Burrow definitely has a big future and while Hurts didn’t play great,he did not look overwhelmed.
    I would not underestimate the coaching aspect of these performances either.Kingsbury was lost and turned out to be a fraud,McCarthy has grown inept without a HOF QB running things.Jones has hope at least that BB will get things corrected.
    Murray,Prescott,Mayfield,and Tua should be looked at as maybe average QBs that are or will overpaid very soon.Herbert,Allen and Burrow will be great.Lawrence,Fileds,Wilson(jets),HurtsLove,and Lance too early to tell.A lot depends on coaching hires to be made.With Love and Lance,it depends where their future is.
    Do not want to hear the hate on Love.Guy has played 6 quarters of football in 36 months.Has not looked any worse than Fields,Lance Lawrence or Wilson.Is he AR no but no other QB in history is other than TB12.Not saying he will be a great QB but he may have a better chance than some with the GB coaching staff and system.

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