Manningcast caps first year with accidental “S” bomb from Peyton

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The first year of the Manningcast on ESPN featured plenty of social-media buzz, not-great ratings, and a handful of moments that were largely unprecedented from the broadcasters of an NFL game.

The 10-episode run ended with Peyton Manning uttering in the midst of an issue with his audio, “Can’t hear shit.” Everyone who was watching did.

“Nevermind,” Eli Manning said after his throw to Peyton drew the accidental “S” bomb.

Prior weeks included Eli flashing a double-barreled middle finger, and guest Marshawn Lynch going with multiple “S” bombs before a walk-off “F” bomb.

The FCC has no jurisdiction over cable broadcasts. For the prior incidents, there were half-hearted efforts to apologize. Last night, it wasn’t even mentioned.

In today’s world, no one really cares about periodic profanity. Real life is rated R. I first heard the “F” word as a first-grader at a Catholic school. And, as Simms says whenever he inadvertently lets one fly in the presence of a child, “Kid’s gotta learn sometime.”

To the extent anyone hasn’t learned those words elsewhere, Peyton, Eli, and Marshawn did their part during the 2021 season.

9 responses to “Manningcast caps first year with accidental “S” bomb from Peyton

  1. I liked the Manningcast at the beginning. First for the football analysis to hear how they process the game. The guests were fun.

    Lately, I find myself matching Eli’s blank stare when they are on. Last night I only tuned in for 10 min and went back to the regular broadcast.

  2. The early shows were better. It devolved to too many guests talking about anything but football. The Manning’ breaking down the action was good TV but it became a distraction.

  3. I’m sorry, but as much as I liked Peyton as a player, the last thing I want to hear is either of the Manning brats. They need to disappear.

  4. This show is great to me…. I only watch the manningcast now. Can be a little awkward when they are trying to talk at the same time but they have great chemistry and Eli is freaking hilarious

  5. I think we’ve all heard these words but that doesn’t mean everybody wants to hear them all the time. I expect to hear it if I go to a PG-13 movie. I don’t expect to hear it while watching a football game on TV.

  6. You have to admit, its a whole new insight on the game. Also shows the human side of people we admire or despise and what there like when not playing football. We all love the game, very few make it in college playing ball, the pro’s, even less. Nice to see a different side of the game. I would rather watch the Mannings get roasted by there guests than a whiny Boomer Eaison snivel about non calls. And for the record, Marshawn said WTF about a half second after the rest of the nation did watching that play.

  7. The fact that its more entertaining than the trio in the booth says a lot more about how bad the booth is than the quality of the Manningcast……

  8. Mannings on TV remind me of the dimwitted Bartles & James Commercials of years past!

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