Mike Tomlin: We took a step back offensively, but optimistic about Matt Canada

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The Steelers are moving forward with the belief that they’ll have a new starting quarterback next season, but it doesn’t sound like they’re planning to make a change with their offensive coordinator.

Matt Canada took over that role for the 2021 season and the team finished 21st in points scored during the regular season. In a Tuesday press conference, head coach Mike Tomlin said that he did not want to express “satisfaction with any component” of the unit’s work while also saying that he believes Canada can push things in a better direction in his second season.

“I’m optimistic about Matt and what he’s capable of doing,” Tomlin said, via Brian Batko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I acknowledge that we took a step back. There are some obvious, tangible reasons why that occurred. I’m not going to get into all of that. I’m not going to seek comfort in that. We’ve got to be better. We intend to be. And that’s going to require a lot of planning and work, players and coaches.”

While Tomin didn’t want to get into the reasons why he felt the team took a step backward, it doesn’t feel like a stretch to think personnel factored into that assessment. That makes finding a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger who can push the offense forward all the more important as the Steelers turn the page on that chapter of their franchise’s history.

8 responses to “Mike Tomlin: We took a step back offensively, but optimistic about Matt Canada

  1. I have a wacky idea, how about going after Matt Ryan? Atlanta is in full rebuild mode so maybe they’ll let him go. Ryan is a solid QB and he has to be looking for a change at this point.

  2. Tomlin will never take accountability for he and he alone of the offense, defense going backwards. He continues to make sure no coaches get ahead if his name. The coaches on his staff had 18 games to improve play of players and in the final play off game they still looked like preseason play. Canada new and improved offense was never seen as they continued to use Ben as the bad part. Ben won seven games by bringing them back in fourth quarter or overtime. Even against KC when Ben was allowed to play they moved the ball and at least scored. To bad ownership has allowed this team under Tomlin have no identity, no physicality

  3. You are kidding me, right? Canada has got to go, Steelers need a real NFL OC not some college clown!

  4. Watching the Steelers this year. I saw an o line in rebuild mode. As a Bengal fan, I can relate. I saw their run game decline. I know Ben lost a step, but it’s not all on him, hes a smart Savey QB with no weapons. I saw receivers who can’t win one on one. I saw a defense take a step back. Tomlin and company have much work to do.

  5. I’m optimistic until I’m not optimistic. Canada has another year but Tomlin is notorious for dumping assistant coaches as scapegoats. (And I’m a Steelers fan) Cue Southpark song — Blame Canada!

  6. How quickly fans of a team winning first playoff game in 31 YEARS have become football guru{‘s..try winning a Super Bowl and maybe somebody will listen to you.

  7. Tomlin has been able to ride Ben’s coat-tails during his time with the Steelers. Now we’ll see what he can do without a HoF QB. Given how little he did with a HoF QB I don’t except that will be much.

  8. A step backwards. What’s it gonna be next yr. Shape up or ship out Mike! Your supposed to make strides.

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