NFL response to Jon Gruden’s lawsuit is due tomorrow

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The battle will be joined on Wednesday.

According to Daniel Kaplan of, the NFL is due to file a response to former Raiders coach Jon Gruden’s lawsuit on Wednesday. Gruden accuses the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell of leaking his emails to former Washington executive Bruce Allen in an effort to force Gruden’s ouster.

As previously explained, the NFL will likely file a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that Gruden must submit the controversy to arbitration under his Raiders contract or any other document to which the league plausibly can point. The NFL also may claim that Gruden’s settlement with the Raiders precludes litigation against the league, depending on the language of the waiver of claims that Gruden signed to get a portion of the balance of his pay from the team. (Presumably, Gruden’s lawyers wrote the documents in a way that preserved his legal rights against the NFL, even though the Raiders are part of the NFL.)

Gruden’s lawsuit was filed on November 11. The response would have been due, by rule, in the middle of December.

It has been speculated that the league’s lawyers and Gruden’s lawyers mutually agreed to extend the deadline for responding. It’s possible that, for example, the two sides agreed that the response would be due four days after the conclusion of the Raiders’ 2021 campaign, in order to avoid creating yet another distraction in a season rife with them.

21 responses to “NFL response to Jon Gruden’s lawsuit is due tomorrow

  1. Would it be possible to get a ruling on Deshaun Watson as well? Its been long enough, either suspend him or let him play.

  2. I can’t think of one time in my life that I didn’t back the league in disputes against players or coaches, etc. Generally, the league has done a great job of sticking to the letter of the law, or spirit of the agreement. Don’t get me wrong, I love the players and coaches, but I try to support those who follow the agreed upon path. But also, I tend to favor things that I think are best for league longevity. I support Jon Gruden 110%. I’ll cut it short, but if Gruden doesn’t walk away with a $billion dollars, justice wasn’t served. Ok, having said all that, I hope they settle something right away because I want Gruden back on the sidelines. If not the Raiders, perhaps another team. That’s unquestionably the best thing for the league. The owners run the Commissioner’s office. Gruden improves the NFL product, and it’s Goodell’s job to look out for them.

  3. Credit where it’s due: even after playoff elimination, raiders still making noise in the postseason on some level

  4. Gruden wrote what he wrote, he said what he said. Gruden had no legal right to an expectation of privacy. Emails to or from a corporate device are not private unless they are covered by a legal privilege.

    If Gruden did not want to face the consequences he should have kept his thoughts to himself.

  5. come on gruds…. you take the nfl management to the cleaners …. they are involved in some sort os a massive coverup ….. and for some reason took it out on john gruden….makes no sense

  6. Horrible comments made a decade ago. People change and if you don’t agree people change you’re part of the larger problem within society today.

  7. @CharlieCharger – Gruden is never coming “back to the sidelines” or the broadcast booth. His goose is cooked.

  8. I don’t support what Gruden said or texted. I also don’t believe people need to be destroyed for words spoken decades ago.

    What I do hope is that Gruden exposes the NFL and what they did during this investigation. It reeks to high heaven. I don’t have to support his gross words to hope this process exposes the shenanigan’s the NFL pulled.

  9. More than the money Gruden just wants to stay relevant. What has he done to demand all the adulation. He won a Superbowl in his first year at Tampa Bay with a team that was already ready to win. He never won again but proclaimed himself a “Football Guru”. Now he’s suing everyone for his own shortcomings. Hmmm? Sound familiar?

  10. If the NFL refused to let Colin back for telling the truth and fighting for equality they have no choice but to keep Jon out for his racist remarks. It’s a way for the NFL to save face

  11. Not a huge Chucky fan but I hope Gruden cleans the NFL’s clock. Selectively leaking private communications is despicable. I’m sure there a are plenty of others in the NFL who’s emails would get them fired. Why only Chucky’s?

  12. footballbaby says:
    January 19, 2022 at 10:39 am
    Selectively leaking private communications is despicable.

    Emails sent to a company account are not private. Emails sent from or received by a company device are not private. Why is this so difficult to understand?

  13. It’s a TRAP! says:
    January 19, 2022 at 9:13 am
    Horrible comments made a decade ago. People change and if you don’t agree people change you’re part of the larger problem within society today.

    What indicators are there that Gruden has changed? Has he apologized or said that his previous comments do not represent his current feelings? Have any of his recent African-American or female coworkers spoken in his defense?

  14. footballbaby says:
    January 19, 2022 at 10:39 am
    I’m sure there a are plenty of others in the NFL who’s emails would get them fired. Why only Chucky’s?

    Why does it matter if someone else has offensive emails? That possibility does not excuse Gruden’s conduct. A murderer is not excused because other people also commit murders.

  15. As a proud member of the Raider Nation I LOVED Jon Gruden. But once his true nature was revealed in those emails I was done. Glad to see his type get phased out of the NFL. I hope he takes nothing from this lawsuit and disappears into the dustbin of NFL history. Lastly, his Super Bowl win with Tampa Bay in 2003 was with a team Tony Dungy built.

  16. i would sue for a billion…. or settle for every player coach and owner to turn over their emails for the last 10 years and they all get the same consequences.
    this is just scapegoating

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