NFT of Antonio Brown exit video yields only $20,000

NFL: JAN 02 Buccaneers at Jets
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Some thought it would sell for $1.5 million. That estimate came up only $1.48 million short.

Via Richard N. Velotta of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the NFT of the Antonio Brown MetLife Stadium exit video sold at auction for roughly $20,000.

The specific price was six ethereum, a cryptocurrency currently worth about 20 grand.

The video was shot from the stands, showing Brown removing his pads and storming off the field during a January 2 game against the Jets.

The final price underscores a fundamental truth regarding any and all commodities that become available for sale. Anything is worth whatever someone will pay for it. The most anyone would pay for the NFT of the AB video was $20,000. So that’s what it was and is worth.

29 responses to “NFT of Antonio Brown exit video yields only $20,000

  1. I know it was explained in another post, but I still don’t get what you’d be paying for if you bought it. Did the person that sold it give their phone to the person that bought it? If not the person selling it still has the original

  2. You could have given a college student that money to pay for part of her/his Tuition…….much, much, MUCH better use of the 20k.

  3. Even if the intellectual property rights to the original video were included with this particular NFT, which I don’t believe that’s normally the case, this NFT would be worthless. The video was interesting to see, but everyone has already seen it and it’s too timely. The interest has already declined to almost nothing and the very nature of an auction proves there is nobody else in the world willing to pay more than 20K for it. The buyer bought attention and a feeling of satisfaction, but nothing of monetary value.

  4. thats 20 g’s more than id pay for something i can google and watch for free..i just dont understand this mess

  5. I guess I still don’t get NFT. I don’t know why anyone would pay anything for that video. I’ve already seen multiple angles on the internet for free and wouldn’t pay just to have an “original” copy of what’s already on the internet.

  6. That $20 K is what ONE PERSON valued it at. There is another school of thought that the true value of something is that of the next highest bid. At the second place price, there are still two people bidding and a market exists. The person who paid $20 K may never be able to unload it to someone else — that is the risk for paying above market price.

  7. How about this holy water I got from my tap. Just $10k. Fools buy these NFTs. They’re of no actual value in most cases.

  8. The paradox of NFTs is that the more times you have to explain them to someone, the smarter that person probably is.

  9. But that is just one from the stands, hardly the only video of it. If could get $20,000 for every video that anyone show of it, that might add up.

  10. I can look at a pic of the Mona Lisa on my computer for free. But the real thing still has a lot of value, to some people at least. Not sure there’s any logic to that, but it is worth whatever the market says.

  11. Who would give on cent for watching this black eye on the NFL.. The league should of sent him away long ago. This is just another of many stupid things this character has done.

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