Nick Caserio on wearing headset during games: You want to make sure you try to get things right

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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During a December press conference, then-Texans head coach David Culley discussed his in-game communications with General Manager Nick Caserio after being asked about Caserio being on a coaching headset on Sundays.

Culley said the conversations covered the team’s approaches to situational football and that “being able to have those things ahead of time allows us and allows our play callers to be able to do the things that they need to do.”

Caserio would also be on a headset when he worked with the Patriots and he said on Sports Radio 610 on Tuesday that there’s “no big mystery” involved in having an analytics or personnel person involved in such communications. He said his title means his participation got “a little bit magnified,” but that the goal “is to provide clarity” about the decisions the team is making in games.

“This year, it was more just listening, observing,” Caserio said. “It there was things that came up during the game that we needed to talk about, situationally, then we would communicate that. My philosophy and goal has always been to just provide information where necessary, be a resource and be as helpful as possible, whatever that constitution is. I’m a very amenable person, very open-minded. But ultimately, you just want to make sure you try to get things right in the course of the game. And candidly, there’s been times when I’ve been wrong and I’ve made a lot of mistakes as well, so we all try to learn from that.”

Culley won’t be on the other end of the headset after getting fired last week, but it doesn’t sound like Caserio’s planning to change the team’s mode of operation with a new head coach in place.

20 responses to “Nick Caserio on wearing headset during games: You want to make sure you try to get things right

  1. I’d say what a terrible thing to put Culley through but I just read that he will rake in $22 million for his efforts.

  2. Sometimes a leader just gotta delegate and trust his subordinate can do the job. To have too many cooks in the kitchen sometimes isn’t the best.

  3. “But ultimately, you just want to make sure you try to get things right in the course of the game.”

    Translation: I’m always right, so do it my way or it’s the highway.

  4. Just curious – did George Young wear headphones when Parcells was coaching the Giants? Or Bobby Beathard when Joe Gibbs won three Lombardis with three different QBs? (still unmatched). Or current day – do you think Mickey Loomis listens in to what Sean Payton is doing? And of course Bill Belichick listens to himself.

    hard to fathom what Caserio thinks he can contribute….

  5. That sound you here is every decent head coaching prospect scratching the Texans off their list.

  6. Had Caserio found the courage to tell Belichick how it is done in the middle of a game on a crucial play, I am certain that Bill would have thrown out of the stadium right there & then.

  7. This is very similar to when Caserio was in New England. Belichick often said that Caserio was on a headset on game day and on the field during practice and on the headset during games. In NE he was the player personnel guy, and the defacto Assistant General Manager. It is not surprising he would continue this practice with the Texans.

  8. I’m not opposed to more people having a voice on game day, honestly. How many times has a coach brain farted and called a time out at the wrong time or similar? If you don’t think someone like Andy Reid could have won even more games than he has if he had had someone telling him more of what was going on macro wise, you’re mistaken. For everything that Reid does right, and it’s a lot. I’m an Eagles fan and love Andy, but the amount of times he’d go home with timeouts leftover at the end of a half or game when there was time to get the ball back or play with more urgency is uncountable.

  9. Explain to me what qualifies Caserio to have a headset on game day. After reading this it would seem that anyone taking the Texans HC job is not very bright….or very desparate.

  10. Had he been working the Cowboys game against the 49ers, and been with Jerrah and the boys, they no doubt would have made better decisions and won that game!

  11. Belichick was probably talking to Caserio, not the other way around. Like “Why the $#&* did we draft N’Keal Harry!”

  12. Caserio’s just kissed the Texans chance of a decent coach goodbye. What are his coaching credentials Can you imagine Belichick, Tomlin or Vrabel putting up with that rubbish?

  13. I’ll coach the Texan for $1 million a year and this clown can talk to me in the headset as much as he’d like. I hope he likes what he hears next….

  14. What’s the old saying? Players play, coaches coach, and general managers should generally manage.

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