Packers are the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Eight teams remain in the hunt for a Super Bowl trophy. Who’s the favorite to win it?

According to the Points Bet sports book, the Packers are the current favorites, at +375. (Bet $100 to win $375.) The Chiefs are next, at +400.

The Bills come in third at +500, following by the Bucs at +550, the Rams at +700, the Titans at +900, the 49ers at +1100, and the Bengals at +1200.

The Titans are an intriguing option at 9-1, given the likely return of running back Derrick Henry this weekend.

Regardless, someone is three wins away from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Who do you think it will be? Make your prediction in the comments.

41 responses to “Packers are the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl

  1. I’m a Packers fan — sold hot dogs in the stands way back when the team played half its home schedule in Milwaukee. But even I know sports betting is a fool’s errand. Save your money.

  2. As a Bucs fan, I am most concerned about the Rams. I think the Bucs beat Green Bay again if they get past the Rams. The Bucs don’t match up well against the Rams. If the Rams beat the Bucs, I don’t think they will win a SB with Stafford.

  3. I’m a total LA homer! Doh! Rams will win it. People on this site will still say Stafford isn’t a winner, even after he wins a Super Bowl. I like Aaron Donald as the Super Bowl MVP.

    It will not surprise me one bit if the Packers are eliminated by the Niners. I expect the Titans to win the AFC. When they have Derrick Henry, they are tough to beat.

  4. The Packers are just as likely to screw this up at Lambeau as they did last year. Rattle Rodgers, get the pouty face going, and they can’t recover. Their special teams are a mess and the defense has faded in the second half of the year. Very beat-able.

    I say that as a Packers fan since 1965. I can see them losing their fifth NFC Championship game in 8 years at Lambeau to Tampa Bay. We shall see.

  5. Who will be the favorite after the Packers lose Saturday night to the 9ers? Very dangerous to look ahead and given the Packers track record in the past two NFCCG games its a no brainer man. Not betting my money on Rodgers who chokes when it really matters. MVP or not 9ers upset the Pack. Why? Totally better running game and that’s how you beat Green Bay. Green Bay lacks the physical toughness when it comes to battles in the trenches. Simple plan lots of motion maybe use Samuel as a decoy and eat the clock. Keep the MVP on the bench shinning his personal trophy stroking his ego and the nines win.

  6. The pack will make the Super Bowl out of the NFC then get rolled by either the chiefs or bills. LeFleur will get out coached on the biggest stage and the Rodgers will want out all over again.

  7. Rodgers needs to get it done. No more playoff excuses. Hosting the niners for the divsional will be a major problem. This isnt the week 3 niners coming to town.

  8. 20 years in and people are still betting against Brady? How many times do you have to touch the hot stove?

  9. What an honor for the most successful franchise in NFL history. It’s so incredibly humbling to be this good.

  10. Well if the Packers lose, Vikings fans will celebrate like THEY just won the SB because they don’t know what thats like so it’s the next best thing.

  11. I have yet to see Green Bay hit their offensive peak. Maybe they don’t need to reach it to win, but their special teams is pretty bad. Their kicking game is suspect. Their run D needs help. Some of the defensive pieces may come back this week to help, and Bahktiari would bolster the O-line. Who knows…everything may fall into place at the right time.

  12. Pack shows off their offense in this one. Gonna give the 49ers a big shiner. Then bring on the next one at Sunny Lambeau Field. GO PACK!

  13. Why am I suddenly imagining Lucy van Pelt holding a football?

    We’ve seen this show before. Year after year, Green Bay always finds a way to screw it up in the playoffs. We don’t know HOW it will happen, but the fact that it WILL happen is not in doubt.

  14. I think I would bet the Packers blow it again…
    The packers have choked in the playoffs far more times than the 1 time making the Super Bowl lately!

  15. So, re-watched Bucs vs Rams. Rams looked very goo in winning 24-34 at home. Bucs are significantly thinner at receiver since then. And,Bucs may have a wounded O line.

    On health and game planning and DL vs OL it is hard to pick against the Rams.

    With TB12 vs Stafford, it is hard to pick against the Bucs.

  16. Homefield throughout the NFC playoffs, players returning from injury as opposed to losing them like many other teams, and a slate of contenders in that they match very favourably so of course they should be the betting favourite.
    And since this is probably their best opportunity they’ve had in about a decade to get a title, it can only be considered a successful season if they win. Because they will have no greater opportunity than this year versus the rest of this decade.

  17. I can’t help but think the Rams host the game in their own stadium–
    and then lose.
    Just a thought…

  18. What an honor for the most successful franchise in NFL history. It’s so incredibly humbling to be this good.

    2 titles in 50 years good? That’s like me bragging about the Celtics who have won 2 titles in 35 years.

  19. Green Bay lacks the physical toughness when it comes to battles in the trenches.

    Jones and Dillon combined for 1600 rushing yards. They started 9 different O-lineman and kept Rodgers upright, 3rd lowest sack total of Rodgers career in years he didn’t miss time to injury… not a ‘physically tough’ group? C’mon.

    The run defense isn’t great. Won’t bother to deny that.

    But what happens if the Packers get out to an early lead and can play to their strength,
    rushing the passer? You think Jimmy G has the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to bring them back?

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