Brian Callahan: Head coaching interview takes nothing away from game preparation

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan is getting his unit ready to face the Titans on Saturday and he also has a bit of personal business to take care of on Thursday.

Callahan will be interviewing for the Broncos head coaching job and said on Wednesday that getting ready for that won’t infringe on his ability to have the Bengals offense ready to go in Nashville. Callahan said interviews “are things that you slowly prepare for over time and you get a chance to collect your thoughts on your time,” which he said is late at night or early in the morning in order to avoid interfering with his job with the Bengals.

As Callahan noted, that job and the team’s success are the biggest reasons why he’s in position to get an interview.

“You get individual benefits from the collective success,” Callahan said, via Ben Baby of “That’s certainly where I’m at right now. It’s an honor to be included in a process like that. But I would never take anything away from my preparation for a game of this magnitude.”

Callahan’s first NFL job was in Denver and he might want his next one to be in the same place, but the present is in Cincinnati and more Bengals success will be a good thing for Callahan in the short and near terms.

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  1. How is that possible? Did he do any prep for the interview? How many hours did he devote to it? My guess is that the answer is not zero.

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