Cowboys-49ers draws 41.5 million viewers, most for a wild card game in seven years

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Sunday’s game in Dallas drew a massive TV audience.

The 49ers’ win over the Cowboys generated a total of 41.5 million viewers, which made it the most-watched NFL wild card game in seven years.

The last NFL wild card game that drew more viewers was the Lions-Cowboys game in 2015. The Cowboys typically draw the biggest TV audiences of any NFL team.

The Cowboys-49ers audience consisted of 40.2 million viewers on CBS and 1.3 million on Nickelodeon, which aired a separate broadcast geared toward children.

According to @SportsTVRatings, the audiences for the other games from the weekend were 30.4 million for Eagles-Buccaneers, 28.9 million for Steelers-Chiefs, 27.7 million for Raiders-Bengals and 26.4 million for Patriots-Bills. The final audience for Monday night’s Cardinals-Rams game is not available.

14 responses to “Cowboys-49ers draws 41.5 million viewers, most for a wild card game in seven years

  1. Roger Goodell probably wishes that the Cowboys got to win that game. Cowboys Bucs would have done numbers this week.

  2. Just so pleased that sooooo many boys’ fans were able to watch them lose, again, in the first round of the playoffs. The nfc east is unfair because you have 3 of the 4 teams owned by boobs who will never win as long as they continue as owners. The Maras are lost, Snyder is a ghost and Jerra is Jerra. Philly should win the division every year with these clowns owning their div. rivals.

  3. My second most favorite team has always been any team that’s beating up on the Cowboys, so I’m one of the many millions who were thrilled with how that game ended. But now I’m presented with a problem. Should I now start rooting FOR the Cowboys, given that they are better at beating themselves than any other team could possibly be?

  4. It was a perect storm: Two teams with a long and storied playoff history, one of which America revels in watching lose, playing on a snowy Sunday afternoon where much of the country had nothing to do but sit in front of the TV.
    Early ineptitude and late-game bungling by the Cowboys merely sweetened the pot.
    Advantage NFL.

  5. All the conspiracy buffs who are always talking about who “the league and their refs” are making sure will be in the SB need to explain why the league wouldn’t want the team that draws the biggest ratings to be in the biggest game. I’ll wait.

  6. 41 Million of those viewers tuned in to watch Jerry throw his glass of scotch against the wall as the final seconds slipped away and Dallas once again came up short…

  7. And 40 million of them was to watch them lose. Keep spinning this Americas team crap, no one believes it.

  8. So much for Mark Cuban’s prophecy about the NFL dying due to greed. NFL just keeps rollin’.

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