Derrick Henry: “We’ll see how this week goes”

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans
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Titans running back Derrick Henry has been practicing with the team since Week 18. And he’s at least impressed his teammates with his practice performance.

But the star running back didn’t quite commit to playing against the Bengals on Saturday when asked about his availability in a Wednesday press conference.

“We’ll see how this week goes,” Henry said, via Ben Arthur of the Tennessean.

Henry hasn’t played since suffering a foot injury that required surgery back in the Titans’ Week Eight victory over the Colts in October. The running back still finished No. 9 in rushing with 937 yards.

Henry told reporters that he feels good and still has a steel plate in his foot, but declined to talk about any potential workload.

“You definitely appreciate this game a lot more when you’re away from it, being with your teammates, just having that camaraderie, and going to work every day and going out and playing on Sundays each and every week — definitely missed that,” Henry said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s website. “I’m just happy to be back. Appreciative of everybody that helped me to be able to come back and contribute during the playoffs. And I’m just happy to be back playing football.”

The Titans still have to activate Henry off injured reserve to the 53-man roster. But they appear likely to do so before Saturday’s game against the Bengals.

17 responses to “Derrick Henry: “We’ll see how this week goes”

  1. If Henry plays and IF he returns to form, they can negate the Burrow/Chase connection by keeping them on the sidelines. If that doesn’t happen, Bengals win.

  2. Hopefully he’s just playing coy to keep the Bengals guessing. Need to see the big guy back out there!

  3. Hope he makes it back to full strength for Saturday.
    You’re not a fan of football if you don’t want to see the best players on each team taking the field.

  4. I’d love to see the smug faces wiped off the dumb heads of the Bengals but, I might want them to beat the Titans first.

    Bills vs 49ers and SanFran can take it.

  5. Yeah, either he is being honest with “See how it goes”, which doesn’t sound great or he is playing coy and will wear the Bengals down.

  6. I hope that Henry’s foot is completely healed. He’s a big guy and he puts a ton of stress on his feet when he runs.

  7. If he’s healthy enough to play he will. Everyone would hate to see him get re-injured. Good luck to him.

  8. If the Titans maintain ball control I forsee Henry with about 17 carries and Foreman, Hilliard another 10 each.

    Titans in a close game.

  9. In other words: If King Henry breaks into the 2nd level of the defense, those DBs will need to rapidly make a business decision in terms of what they are willing to risk. You get the sense King Henry is angry. Very very angry. I’m just glad it’s not my job to attempt to tackle that man running at full speed.

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